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Magnetic Moon Gamma 10 (8/4 Sunday)

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    To new subscribers: The Dreamspell way of telling time (13:20) that we are presenting here, reunites us consciously and subconsciously with the cyclical
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       To new subscribers:


      Dreamspell way of telling time (13:20) that we are presenting here, reunites us consciously and subconsciously with the cyclical rhythms of the universe, natural rhythms that, unfortunately, are not reflected by the linear Gregorian calendar way (12:60) of telling time. In these messages, the natural rhythms, as they manifest from pure spirit and will through mind and feeling, are presented.  If you do not have time to read all of the information, scroll down to the five lines between the rows of asterisks.  These five lines attune you to the spiritual energies of the day.

      Note:  In the process of learning anything new, it is helpful to assume, or take the attitude THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE SUBJECT completely.  In this way, the subconscious mind connects with superconscious mind and makes this belief, like all beliefs, a self-fullfilling prophecy. As you read and study, you will probably feel as if you are REMEMBERING this information.


      White Northern Castle of Crossing 
       Court of Death: Refine Warrior
      Power of Descending
      (52 days per Castle, 5 Castles per Galactic Spin)
      Magnetic Bat Moon of Purpose (First Moon)
      We use the power of this Moon to UNIFY.
      Our action is to ATTRACT.
      We ask ourselves "WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?"
      Week Two: Humility Refines Meditation
      Maintain Power of Prophecy
      Harmonic 15:
      Galactic Matrix
      Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Integrity
      (4 days per Harmonic, 65 Harmonics per Galactic Spin)
      Red Skywalker Wavespell
      Power of Space
      (wavespell: time template and synchronization module based on thirteen galactic tones; the basic unit of fourth dimensional time)
      Magnetic Moon 10 (8/4 Sunday)
      6 (ETZNAB) (ets' nab)  Kin 58: White Rhythmic Mirror
      Galactic Tone 6 (uac): Rhythmic
      Organic Balance: Command Equality (administer challenge)
      Creative Power Function: Organize Equality   Action: Balance
      Joint: left shoulder
      Earth Family:  Signal  Chakra: Manipura (solar plexus)
      Clan: Sky (left ring toe)  Planet: Neptune SP
      For a picture of today's Telektonon board, go to
      Rhythmic - Tone of the day
      Tone 6 Rhythmic
      Seal of the Day, Destiny
      White Mirror 

      White Mirror (ETZNAB) Reflects and emphasizes Endlessness.
      The seal of the day is the basis of life destiny, with power of the solar tribe.
      Kin 58 of 260 day cycle(20 wavespells of 13 tones).

      I organize in order to reflect
      Balancing order
      I seal the matrix of endlessness
      With the rhythmic tone of equality
      I am guided by my own power doubled
      I am a galactic activation portal-enter me
      Rhythmic - Tone of the day
      Tone of the day
      Tone 6 Rhythmic, creative power to Organize Equality, action of Balance.
      Daily meditation- Administer Challenge.


      Magnetic Bat Moon  Gamma 10

      First Stage: Awakening and Cultivating Bodhi 
      Primary Sensory Quantum
       (LT)  GAMMA Pacifies. Luminic Thermic Strike Force
      " My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere. I attain the power of peace."  
      Self-Declaration Three, "lineage of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere", refers to the inherent perfection and innate self-liberation of one's being in the here-and-now, moment to moment. From the point of view of the divine perfection of every moment of creation, there has never really been a problem, the realization of which confers peace on oneself, a peace which also has always been a self-existing quality of reality.
       Primary Base, Sensory Quantum established
      3. GAMMA The Ten Dedications of the MYSTERY
      Envision the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere
      Days: 3, 10, 17, 24
      Patron: Pacal Votan
      Chakra: Agyan
      Dedication of Saving All Sentient Beings without an Image of Them
      Indestructible Dedication
      Dedication Equal to all the Buddhas
      Dedication Reaching All Places
      Dedication of Inexhaustible Treasures of Virtue
      Dedication Causing All Roots of Goodness to Endure
      Dedication Equally Adapting to All Beings
      Dedication with Character of True Thusness
      Unattached Unbound Liberated Dedication
      Boundless Dedication Equal to the Cosmos
      Primary Sensory Quantum completely empowered

      RINRI Practice:

      White Rhythmic Mirror is the solar plexus chakra connected to the southern hemisphere of the planetary light body and our solar plexus sends out a connection to the Galactic Center in the White Wizard-Mirror Timelessness Meditation Chromatic. We are activating Red Overtone Serpent in the PSI Chrono Grid and the north teams are sending a red magnetic pulse to the south teams.

      20 Tablets Meditation :

      Codon 10 Lu Practice (traditional: Conduct/Treading)

      In this meditation you are building a cube around yourself, coded with the lines of a hexagram of the I Ching. This is the third day. So, you create the trigram with the third line on the left side of the cube. The lines to visualize are at left.

      Rinri Practice & Meditation:  http://home.earthlink.net/~cosmichand/magnetic.moon2.html

      More on the Rinri Project & Meditation

      See Daily Oracle Starroot's Dreamspell

      Page compiled by Kin3/Blue Electric Night
      Dreamspell and Telektonon and 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation information courtesy of the Foundation for the Law of Time
      Official website for the World 13-Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
      One Time One Earth One People

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