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13 Leo The Angels of Perfection

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    STARRY NIGHT stationery by Lady Isis 13 degrees Leo The Angels of Perfection Also known as The Angels of Horog Beloved, The Path of Perfection is the
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      STARRY NIGHT stationery by Lady Isis

      13 degrees Leo

      The Angels of Perfection

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Horog’


      The Path of Perfection is the creative path of the child of God who follows inner guidance to solve the darkest and most difficult problems using the Power of the Word.

      It is the path of ancient Understanding and Knowledge of the Laws of Creation. In this path application is everything.

      Here lies mastery of the worlds of form, of feeling, of mind, and of spirit through the fourfold application of the meditations of each divine virtue.


      We help the children of God follow the Path of Perfection to bring transformation, justice, grace and mercy to Earth.

      Even though some say there are two general paths to enlightenment, The Path of Love and Holiness, which is the feminine magnetic path of the Saint (Divine emotion], and the Path of Perfection, which is the masculine electric path of the Master, the Path of Divine Will, there is a third path which is a combination of these two. This path is the Path of Wisdom and Knowledge, the path of the Prophet.

      The Path of Love and Holiness is extremely simple. It may be difficult as well,

      But for most seekers it is extremely simple. It is the mystical path of Love Divine.

      It is the path of surrender to the emotion of the Love of the Divine in All Forms.

      It is the Path of Bliss, Ecstasy and Faith.

      The Path of the Master, or the Path of Oneness with Divine Will, is complex because many difficult problems must be solved that require sensitive attunement to inner guidance. Great self discipline is required to maintain a single minded focus of will in using the Laws of Creativity.

      This is the path of The Power of The Word.

      So important is this path, that when a child of God embarks upon it, we make sure that the next teacher, who may be either in the inner planes or in embodiment in the physical world, and inspiration is always there for overcoming every obstacle.

      We assign teachers of the heavenly host that guide dreams, thoughts, and insights. We protect, guide and instruct.

      Nothing is by chance. Everything that happens is by design. Every moment and difficult situation is a classroom; every breath often brings a quantum leap in comprehension and mastery.


      Ask us to assist you as you study the ancient teachings. Ask us to assist you as you study and master the POWER of the Word. Ask us to assist you as you create the future.

      ‘We inform the child of God percisely about the way to perfection in accordance with the laws of creation and help him/her to solve the darkest and most difficult problems in thsconnection.’




      In the realm of the Akasha, which is the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, ‘H’ represents the power of the word. Meditate on the power of the word, using your personal techniques for sensing omnipresence and being everywhere in all things. The application of the power of the word in the akasha principle makes the seeker understand and use the cosmic language for the purpose of grace and mercy. The mastery of the power of the word in the Akasha, or consciousness-penetrating-everything everywhere, enables the seeker to give each letter and its divine virtue dynamic and creative power.

      In the realm of the spirit, focus on will and intention. Meditate on willpower that penetrates all.

      When meditating with ‘H’ in the mental realm, focus on the idea of the power of the word as being the way that Divine Providence works.

      ‘Not only is the seeker able to perceive it with the intellect, he is also able to receive it symbolically, in the form of pictures, by his spiritual senses. By frequent repetion of the exercises with this letter, the ability of purest clairvoyance will be achieved.


      The emotional realm is magnetic and feminine and receives energy from the mental realm. At this stage, feelings of the power of the word are aroused by all that you are experiencing in meditation. Focus so strongly on these feelings that they can be remembered and envoked at will whenever you wish to use the power of ‘H’ in World Service.

      ‘In doing this the seeker attains the faculty of influencing , through the magnetic power of feeling, each fate at will, and also the faculty of fully comprehending, understanding and applying the cosmic language in all of it’s forms as well as all the mantra and tantra practices in their truest forms.’

      At this point one learns the full meaning of the words "it shall be".

      In the physical world, the color of ‘H’ is silvery violet. The tone of letter ‘H’ is the musical note A, attune to it while meditating on 'H'. The letter ’H’ is a manifestation of the element of fire, which is analogous to will, so visualize and feel it as silvery violet warmth and heat. Imagine the head region as an immense universe and see a small silvery violet sun in the head region that radiates immense power whenever you use this letter. The head region is the part of the body that corresponds to the fire element of will.

      This letter and color was the means that the right arm of every human being was created. Meditate on this letter permeating the right arm.


      Imagine feeling this warm silvery violet air filled with the conscious power of the word filling all of the universes inwardly and outwardly through the pores of the skin with the breath.


      O…The letter O represents divine justice and harmony. Divine justice on a mental level gives a high level of justice, so that a person is ‘completely filled with the legality of Divine Providence.’ By becoming one with the virtue of justice, the power of creativity of the word is always used according to ‘the absolute legality of harmony’.

      If pronounced umlaut O, OE…This letter represents divine cognition brought about through love divine.


      Umlaut O [OE]

      Umlaut O is dark orange, has the musical note of D-sharp, is the element of akashic-earth which has the sensation of weight penetrating everything. The ovaries and testicles are formed from this virtue of the profound cognition brought about by Love Divine. In healing, heal the left ovary first and then the right one.


      ‘Akasha: In the principle of consciousness penetrating all, the umlaut O oscillation evokes the most profound cognition which can only be brought about by love divine. ‘

      ‘By the help of this a person gets to know all the possibilities of transformation of the spirit, all the systems and ways serving this end, and all knowledge concerning transformation in all other fields. He/she is informed about everything that, deriving from the act of creation, had to pass through all the mode of transformation to be reunited.’

      A person must attain all the faculties that are offered by this profound cognition made possible by Love Divine, in the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, and must make use of all possibilities, in order to get convinced that they cannot be described by words, by must be experienced, lived through.’

      ‘I have mentioned the letters unlaut A and unlaut O as the last ones in this series of exercises, because by the help of their virtues one is able to comprehend, from the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, the crown of all wisdom in the micro- and macrocosms, from the act of creation to the present state of evolution, and even to the final development.’


      ‘Mental: Evoked in the intellect, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by love divine gives the understanding of the transformation of ideas, virtues, etc. by the quabbalistically pronounced word, which is a very great and comprehensive field.’


      ‘Astral/ emotional level: In the feelings, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by love divine develops the faculty of perfect astral projection and the mastery of all occult and magical phenomena that have reference to transformation, so that a person may, for instance, assume any desired vibration in the emotional body without being recognized by other beings and with only Divine Providence seeing through him/her. Apart from this, a person is able to transform any emotional oscillation into the oscillation he wants and to do the same with any element.’


      ‘Material: When mastered in the physical body, the profound cognition brought about by love divine leads to perfect knowledge of quabbalistic alchemy in the material world.’

      ‘A person is taught the true preparation and charging of the philosopher’s stone in the physical sense. He/she can influence, at will, any oscillation—atomic, oscillation, electronic oscillation- by quabbalah, and he/she is able to transform it into the oscillation desired by him/her. ‘

      ‘Therefore he/she perfectly masters the laws of transmutation and is able to transform any metal into gold, any stone into a precious stone, etc. if desired. By the help of this virtue a person is furnished with many other faculties of which he/she cannot even dream now and which non-initiates would regard as absolutely impossible. ‘



      R…The letter R symbolizes freedom and independence. On a mental level this gives an eminent mind, and a feeling of freedom of will and absolute security that is in complete accord with Divine Providence. A child of God follows sure inner guidance in creating grace, justice, and mercy in the world. On an emotional and physical level, the virtue of freedom and independence ‘awakens ingenuity and a rational widening of intellect, so that any knowledge can be comprehended quickly’.


      O…Divine justice in the physical world ‘evokes situations which bring about absolute success and happiness in every respect. The child of God mastering this virtue learns to understand, and eventually control completely, the working and functioning of the electromagnetic fluid, which is the will and the emotions, in the human body and material world, and in their relation to the higher spheres. Endowed with this ability, a child of God becomes perfect master of astrophysics and metaphysics.’

      The sound of this letter is the divine virtue that concerns everything analogous to the basic qualities of the spirit with regard to harmony, fatefulness and legality.

      The sound of letter O is the sound of the initiation into the original principle of divine justice.

      By meditating on this virtue, ‘Mentally you will be able to give expression to the absolute legality of harmony in all four basic qualities of the elements. You will have a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any interference by Divine Providence for the sake of justice. You will never be able to condemn anyone unjustly. This will bring about the abilities to create any change in the emotional situations that you find yourself in and to have absolute success and happiness on all levels.’

      The ability to control emotions is the ability to control magnetism, which is the ability to attract. It is also the ability to manifest anything on the physical level.

      This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight. It formed the throat and windpipe.



      G… The sound of this letter is the sound of the virtue of divine grace and mercy. In the physical world this virtue represents ‘all phases of riches and wealth, of happiness and satisfaction.

      By this virtue Divine Providence has created abundance and, like the Creator, a child of God may also bring about, for him or her self or other people, abundance in everything, should that be desired.

      On an emotional level this virtue gives the feeling of happiness, of complete satisfaction. Situations may be created by means of the elements and the will and feelings causing success and wealth in the world that is for the highest good of all concerned.

      In the mind, this virtue gives the experience of peacefulness, and the faculty of giving true divine blessing.


      The color of this virtue is deep grass green with a feeling of coolness, musical note F, and the left eye is formed from this virtue.


      The melody of our name is A, C, C, C, and F.




      We are all one.
      When one is harmed, all are harmed.
      When one is helped, all are helped.
      Therefore, in the name of who I AM; [I am one with all beings, all masters, saints, and prophets, with angels and all enlightened beings throughout time and space and beyond, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and all loving],
      I ask that ONLY that which is THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED
      Happen here.
      I give thanks that this is done.
      So be it.


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