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Revised Radial Plasmas Meditations

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    Note: In the process of learning, we recommend that you assume, or take the attitude THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE SUBJECT completely. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2002
      Note:  In the process of learning, we recommend that you assume, or take the attitude THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE SUBJECT completely.  In this way, the subconscious mind connects with superconscious mind in order to make this, like all beliefs, a self-fullfilling prophecy.
      Kin 3/Blue Electric Night--Polly and All Other Kin,
      Today: Magnetic Limi 6, White Lunar Wizard/Kin 54, I misquoted for today's plasma, Limi.  It is  "....purified at the North Pole" not the South Pole  which is where Alpha is "released" in our daily meditations. This is of major importance as we work to assist in the stabilization of Pacha Mama(Mother Earth) during the ongoing biosphere-noosphere transition.
      I have also added the chakras for the first three Radial Plasmas that were omitted in the meditations previously sent out.
      The Svadhisthana(second chakra) is orange as everyone knows but ever since our computer problems, we do not yet have that color reloaded in our Word program, so please make the correction for yourselves on this latest revision.
      My sincere apologies to everyone.....I have completed all the major and minor changes that I could find. If anyone realizes that others exist, would you kindly notify us?
      Please find the revised Plasma Meditations below. 
      As Salaam Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)
      Kin 88/Yellow Planetary Star
      The Seven Daily Self-Declarations of Padmasambhava
      Combined with the seven daily affirmations of the Seven Radial Plasmas, the Seven Daily Self-Declarations of Padmasambhava integrate the mind into the continuous electromagnetic plasmically self-creative process of the universe. This is the essence of the daily practice of making sacred the process of investigating and knowing reality.
      Explanation of key terms: Padmasambhava, the "second Buddha", whose name means the "Lotus-Born", was discovered miraculously born from a lotus in the middle of the Milk Ocean (= Galaxy) Lake in the kingdom of Oddiyana, in the northwest part of ancient India, eight years after the passing away or parinirvana of Lord Buddha. Upon being discovered by King Indrabhuti, and in answer to the king's queries, Padmasambhava uttered the "Seven Self-Declarations of Padmasambhava" (p.77 Masters of Meditation and Miracles, Tulku Thondup, Shambhala Publications, 1996). An accomplished master who survived being put to death on several occasions, Padmasambhava had lived more than a 1000 years before going to Tibet to help subdue that country on behalf of the buddhadharma (teachings of the Buddha). Some commentators say he arrived in Tibet as early as AD 749 (= 7 x 7 or 7 squared), though most agree that he arrived in AD 810 (=, Long Count), and after staying 551/2 years, attained the Rainbow Body in AD 864 (= 8 x 8 or 8 squared). Besides being the chief concealer of terma, or hidden teachings, Padmasambhava also figures as a key player in the history of Dzog Chen or Maha Ati, the Great Perfection tradition of meditation. Dzog Chen represents the highest yet most extraordinarily simple and Zen-like level of Buddhist meditation practice. The Dzog Chen view of reality is summarized by three terms: clarity, radiance and unobstructedness. Padmasambhava's "Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness", referred to above, in the  Introduction: RM-PUM, is a classic text and terma of the Dzog Chen tradition. The "Seven Self-Declarations of Padmasambhava" directly reflect the Dzog Chen mind-training precepts.
      The Seven Moral Categories of Enlightened Behavior
      Adopted from the Flower Garland Sutra
      for the daily practice of
      The Seven Leaves of The Book of the Seven Generations
      First Stage: Awakening and Cultivating Bodhi 
      Primary Sensory Quantum
       (T)  DALI Targets. Thermic Force
      "My father is intrinsic awareness. I feel the heat."
      Self-Declaration One, "intrinsic awareness", refers to fundamental self-existing awareness that is free of any conceptualization.
      1. DALI The Ten Abodes of the THRONE
      Unify Intrinsic Awareness
      Days: 1, 8, 15, 22
      Patron: Christ
      Chakra: Sahasrara
        Abode of Initial Determination
        Abode of Preparing the Ground
        Abode of Practice Action
        Abode of Noble Birth
        Abode of Fulfillment in Skillful Means
        Abode of Correct State of Mind
        Abode of Non-Regression
        Abode of Youthful Nature
         Abode of Prince of Teaching
       Abode of Coronation
       (L)  SELI Flows. Luminic Force
      "My mother is the ultimate sphere. I see the light."
      Self Declaration Two, "the ultimate sphere". The sphere is the perfect form and hence, represents the actual nature of reality which is already perfect, i.e., precisely in the model of God's plan, and therefore really in no need of improvement.
      2. SELI The Ten Practices of the AVATAR
      Set in Motion the Ultimate Sphere
      Days: 2, 9, 16, 23
      Patron: Muhammad
      Chakra: Muladhara
        Practice of Giving Joy
       Beneficial Practice
        Practice of Non-Opposition
        Practice of Indomitability
       Practice of Non-Confusion
       Practice of Good Manifestation
         Practice of Non-Attachment
        Practice Difficult to Attain
        Practice of Good Teaching
       Practice of Truth
       (LT)  GAMMA Pacifies. Luminic Thermic Strike Force
      " My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere. I attain the power of peace."  
      Self-Declaration Three, "lineage of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere", refers to the inherent perfection and innate self-liberation of one's being in the here-and-now, moment to moment. From the point of view of the divine perfection of every moment of creation, there has never really been a problem, the realization of which confers peace on oneself, a peace which also has always been a self-existing quality of reality.
       Primary Base, Sensory Quantum established
      3. GAMMA The Ten Dedications of the MYSTERY
      Envision the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere
      Days: 3, 10, 17, 24
      Patron: Pacal Votan
      Chakra: Agyan
      Dedication of Saving All Sentient Beings without an Image of Them
      Indestructible Dedication
      Dedication Equal to all the Buddhas
      Dedication Reaching All Places
      Dedication of Inexhaustible Treasures of Virtue
      Dedication Causing All Roots of Goodness to Endure
      Dedication Equally Adapting to All Beings
      Dedication with Character of True Thusness
      Unattached Unbound Liberated Dedication
      Boundless Dedication Equal to the Cosmos
      Primary Sensory Quantum completely empowered
      Second Stage: The Path of the Bodhisattva
      Catalytic Agent
       (KA)  KALI Establishes. Static Distension
      " My name is the glorious Lotus-Born. I catalyze the light-heat within."
      Self-Declaration Four, "my name is the glorious Lotus-Born", means that by practicing these precepts one's consciousness is realized in its immaculate purity, like the birth of the Lotus-Born, Padmasambhava himself. See the above commentary on Padmasambhava. The light-heat within or "tummo" is the self-generated electricity, the attainment of the 7:7::7:7 Practice, but not the goal.
      Catalytic Agent established for unifying Sensory and Telepathic Quanta
      4. KALI  The Ten Stages of the INITIATION
      Generate the Light-Heat Within
      Days: 4, 11, 18, 25
      Patron: Quetzalcoatl
      Chakra: Svadhisthana
      Stage of Great Joy
      Stage of Purity
      Stage of Refulgence
      Stage of Blazing
      Stage of One Difficult to Conquer
      Stage of Presence
      Stage of Being Far Going
      Stage of Being Immovable
      Stage of Good Mind
      Stage of Cloud of Teachings
      Third Stage: Practice and Benefits
      Chromatic Telepathic Quantum
      (EE)  ALPHA Releases. Double-extended Electron.
      "My country is the unborn ultimate sphere. I release the  double-extended electron at the South Pole."

      Self-Declaration Five, "My country is the unborn ultimate sphere." Unborn refers to the unconditional indestructible condition that pervades the entire universe from beginningless beginning. When this unborn ultimate sphere is your "country", it means that you have transcended your ego and are identified in your being and actions with this universal indestructible unborn quality. It is this realization quality that empowers the Earth Wizards in their co-creation of the divine orders of reality, the second creations of Heaven and Earth and the attainment of the immortality and perfection of the soul.

      5. ALPHA The Ten Concentrations of the TIME SPACE
      Manifest the Double-extended Electron at the South Pole
      Days: 5, 12, 19, 26
      Patron: St. John of Patmos
      Chakra: Vissudha
       Concentration of Universal Light
      Concentration of Subtle Light
      Concentration of Successive Journeying to Buddha lands
      Concentration of Pure Profound Mind
      Concentration of Knowledge of the Stores of Adornment of the Past
      Concentration  of the Treasury of the Light of Knowledge
      Concentration of the Adornments of the Buddhas of all the Worlds
      Concentration of the Differentiated Bodies of All Sentient Beings
      Concentration of Freedom in the Elemental Cosmos
      Concentration of the Unimpeded Wheel
      (ME) Limi Purifies. Mental Electron
      "I consume dualistic thoughts as food. I purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole."

      Self-Declaration Six, "I consume dualistic thoughts as food," is the root teaching of cultivating non-ego on the spot. Through developing intrinsic awareness, instantly recognize all thoughts which convey sentiments of selfhood or lack of compassion and cut them on the spot. This teaching enhances the basic practice of the UR Theology of Peace, "Atonement and Reconciliation of Self and Other on the spot. Divine Absolution in the Now."

      6. LIMI The Ten Superknowledges of the TRANSCENDENCE
      Empower the Mental Electron at the North Pole
      Days: 6, 13, 20, 27
      Patron: Padmasambhava
      Chakra: Manipura

       Spiritual Power of Accurate Knowledge of Others' Minds
       Superknowledge of Celestial Eye
      Spiritual Faculty of Knowing Past Lives
      Power of Knowing the Ages of the Future
      Unobstructed Pure Celestial Ear
      Going to Buddha lands while Dwelling in Nonsubstantiality
      Understanding All Language
      Knowledge of the Countless Form Bodies for the Liberation of All Beings
      Knowledge of All Phenomena
      Concentration of the Extinction of All Things
      Fourth Stage: Terms of Agreement
      (MEN) Silio Discharges. Mental-Electron Neutron
      "My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha. I discharge the Mental-Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth."
       Self-Declaration Seven,"My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha." The Buddha means awakened one or enlightened mind. It refers to the enlightenment potential in all things including yourself, for the divine imprint of Allah exists in the least quantum of reality. The actions of the Buddha refers, therefore, to the potential for all enlightened actions which restore the order of reality to perfection and respects the enlightenment of self-perfection inherent in all of reality. The UR practice of 7:7::7:7 is precisely for fulfilling the command of Allah through making science as sacred as the reality it investigates: realization of the Buddha mind itself.
      7. SILIO The Ten Acceptances of the CUBE
      Return the Mental-Electron Neutron to the Center of the Earth
      Day: 7, 14, 21, 28
       Patron: Lord Buddha
      Chakra: Anahata

       Acceptance of the Voice of Teachings
      Conformative Acceptance
      Acceptance of the Non-origination of All Things 
      Acceptance of Illusoriness 
      Acceptance of Being Mirage-like
      Acceptance of Being Dream-like
      Acceptance of Being Echo-like 
      Acceptance of Being like a Reflection 
      Acceptance of Being Phantom-like 
      Acceptance of Being Space-like

      Chromatic Telepathic Quantum completely empowered


      Dreamspell and Telektonon and 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation information courtesy of the Foundation for the Law of Time
      Official website for the World 13-Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
      One Time One Earth One People
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