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Fw: Thomas Message #3

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  • Polly
    The Thomas Messages Message #3 Beloved Friends, We have been receiving thousands of responses to the first two Thomas Messages, so many that it actually
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2002
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      The Thomas Messages
      Message #3

      Beloved Friends,

      We have been receiving thousands of responses to the first two Thomas
      Messages, so many that it actually crashed our e-mail for a few hours. The
      wisdom we are being offered by these Psychic Children is touching a place
      deep within our hearts, calling us to awaken and begin creating a new world.

      I have to admit that I have personally been a bit concerned about the
      subject, and I even hesitated sending out the last message. And yet, it
      seems that the less I can relate to it the more truth it has for others. I
      have never felt overly connected to the dolphin or whale energy, and so I
      was surprised when they turned out to be a central figure. What Thomas
      offered in the last message, especially in regard to humanity attacking the
      whales and dolphins because we are unconsciously aware of their role in
      assisting us in our own awakening, was revolutionary. My mind resisted it to
      the point that I had to have two people read the message before I would
      consider forwarding it to all of you. But the more I thought about it, the
      more sense it made. In the end I decided to trust the inspiration, and trust
      all of you in your ability to determine what has value and what does not.

      As I wrote out this third message, it became clear to me that Thomas was
      leading us on a journey that would not be complete in three short e-mails.
      Maybe we opened the door too wide, or perhaps our questions took us further
      than we thought. Whatever the reason, Thomas made it clear that he would
      continue this dialogue if we want him to. His only goal seems to be to help
      us in this critical transition. And so, we will continue to send out the
      Thomas Messages as long as Thomas wants.

      I think it might be helpful if you had some tangible proof that the Psychic
      Children are really working with all of you in revealing this information.

      Tangible proof? I never thought of that before, but I have to admit that it
      would be fantastic. I think it would really help people believe, then apply
      these messages.

      What sort of proof do you think would be appropriate?

      I've never thought about that before. What would you suggest?

      First of all, proof that this conversation is real would have no value
      unless you were willing to act on what is being said. You can believe the
      Children are here guiding you, but unless you become part of the solution it
      will do no good.

      So, how do we become part of the solution?

      I have already told you in so many ways. As I said in the last message, the
      problem is not in the ocean, or in the sky, or on the land. It is within
      you. Each one of you. It is in the decisions you are making about
      yourselves, which then becomes the choices you make for the world. I also
      said that you must begin pretending what is true, instead of pretending what
      isn't. That is what you've been doing for a very long time, and it obviously
      hasn't worked.

      How have we pretended what isn't true?

      You pretend to be weak, you pretend to be vulnerable to attack, and you
      pretend to be less than what God created. And because you have pretended
      this all very well, it seems to be true. So what we are now asking is that
      you begin pretending the truth, that you are strong, that you are
      invulnerable, and that you are perfect. If you did that, then the problems
      would disappear. You would not be so willing to sacrifice your whales and
      dolphins, or any life at all, just so you could continue hiding from the

      What can you offer us that would prove all this?

      I've been thinking about this, and I believe I have an answer. I already
      told you why it's easier for me to communicate with you when you are soaking
      in water. This would also work for nearly everyone else, if they allowed it
      to. There are tens of thousands of people who are receiving these messages
      through the e-mail. Do you realize that it would be easy for that number of
      people to shift the consciousness of the planet if they worked together at
      the same time? What do you think would happen if I asked everyone who is
      reading this to dedicate themselves to a simple practice for three days that
      would give tangible proof of everything I have been saying? Do you think
      they would listen?

      It depends on what you ask them to do, but if it's reasonable, yes, I think
      they would.

      What I'm going to ask is so easy, and so pleasurable, that everyone will
      want to do it. And if you do, you will be able to look out into your own
      lives, and into the world, and see a shift. It may be a subtle shift, but it
      will be there if you have eyes to see.

      Here's what we are asking: For the next three days find some quiet time to
      sit in a hot bath or hot tub and open your hearts to the Children. As I have
      said before, the water acts as a powerful conduit for this energy, much like
      an amplifier. I am asking you to do this three days because I know that
      everyone will not receive this e-mail on the same day. Some people will read
      these instructions the day it is sent, and others will read it the next day.
      If you practice this for three days in a row, we can be assured that at
      least one day will generate sufficient energy to create the shift.

      The first step will be to listen to any messages you might receive from the
      Psychic Children. If you clear away your own thoughts you might hear a quiet
      voice that expresses its love and helps you understand your role in the
      world. Or it may come to you as a gentle feeling that you have never felt
      before. The Children want to communicate with all of you, because that will
      help us fulfill our own role.

      After you have relaxed and opened your mind and heart to the Children, begin
      to envision the new world we have been referring to. Imagine how peace will
      show up in your life as well as in the world. Spend at least ten minutes
      giving this your whole attention, knowing that there are thousands of people
      doing the exact same thing, and then prepare yourself for the moment of
      activation. When you feel the energy at its strongest point say these words
      with dedication: "I claim this world NOW for myself and all beings
      everywhere." Say it a few times if you want.

      Then relax and go about your day. But watch for evidence of the shift in
      your life and in the world. Don't be surprised if there is a breakthrough in
      some area of discord. You may even experience something you did not expect
      in your own life, a healing or a miracle. It will happen if you allow it to.
      Then you will know that we are with you and helping you in everything.

      And what will happen then?

      You will be able to move from the place of faith into certainty. Many of you
      believe that this is happening, which means you have faith. But when you
      experience the proof, then you will KNOW, and you will be certain. Certainty
      is such a powerful energy, and if you can enter that place then you will be
      ready to work directly with the Children.

      You said that there would only be three messages, but it feels like there is
      still so much to learn.

      There will be more messages if you need them. The next will be after the
      three days are up, after you've seen for yourself that this is really
      happening. It is easy to think that this is in your imagination. It takes
      courage to believe, then live these messages. I tell you that we are with
      you and are drawing you together for the awakening of the new world. Now it
      is yours to open your heart to this, and to welcome it into your life.

      The next message will be sent in three or four days. By then we're sure to
      have some amazing stories to tell and perhaps even share. In the meantime,
      good luck.

      In Peace,
      James Twyman

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