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Lemurian Laser Wands St Germain

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  • Karen Parker
    Hi everyone, found this very interesting for those who love and are working with the Lemurian Seed Crystals and the Lemurian Laser Wand singing crystal from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2002
      Hi everyone, found this very interesting for those who love and are
      working with the Lemurian Seed Crystals and the Lemurian Laser Wand
      singing crystal from the site of http://counciloflove.com/ Wonderful
      postings to be found on the 13th Octave and the Blue Diamond at the
      site. Embracing all in Golden Radiance, Fredaricka

      St. Germaine on The Lemurian Laser Wands
      (Channeled by Linda Dillon, Dec. 9, 2001)
      The Lemurian crystals have been implanted and programmed long ago with
      the wisdom of this civilization, for you remember that this was the home
      of creation. I guide you now to join these magnificent gems with the
      elements of copper and light and to remember how I have instructed you
      to use these wands in past times. Remember, Lemuria was the place where
      there was no differentiation of individuals in the sense of collective
      consciousness. It had been achieved as in its final form prior to
      evolution into sheer energy in this type of foreign body. As the planet
      and this continent began to shift, there was yearning to preserve much
      of the knowledge and wisdom that had been garnered throughout the ages,
      but it had need to placed in warehouse, in safekeeping until such time
      as humanity was prepared to use these energies again wisely, for already
      there was foreshadowing and knowing of what would occur in Atlantis.
      They were placed deep within the earth. Each striation, as you would
      think of it, contained billions of bits of information. You do not need
      to access all of them, for indeed it will only be a small portion that
      is revealed to you immediately. But it does not matter, they are being
      restored and, like the precious gems that many gather unto themselves,
      they will be passed, not through right of birth, but through right of
      ownership, of stewardship, of care taking as you leave this world. They
      are specifically to be used in healing at this time. They are
      essentially laser tools, beams of light that carry the rainbow ray, but
      at this time only the pink has been activated. That is why there is a
      pink tinge. You will notice over the next decade that they will begin to
      exhibit different hues. So they are to be used either independently or
      in concert with the tools. Choose the tools that speak to you. We
      suggest for some of you in particular that there is need to begin
      immediately to work with the Lemurian crystals for it holds the essence
      of your being. It holds much of the road map that you have implanted
      within these crystals seeded within the earth long ago prior to your

      The difference of frequency between the Lemurian seed crystals and laser
      quartz crystals is the difference of night and day. It is the difference
      of the solar eclipse and simply a sunny day. The Lemurians have been
      implanted, programmed with the ancient human way. Take your laser
      crystal, if you wish to program it, put it next to your Lemurian crystal
      and it indeed will be programmed, for they have the ability to program
      many of the crystals that they will visit. No, they do not impose their
      will. It is not human. It would not do that. It will not impose its will
      upon your lasers or any of your crystals or other stones or tools, but
      it will add its frequency. It is the added imprint of love that will be
      given. So that is the primary difference, but it is the difference also
      between reading. So, for example, if you are to read a sacred book, it
      will contain certain information and then if you are to read a child's'
      storybook, it will have a very different view, though both contain
      information. It is a level in frequency-that's the primary difference.
      You may use the Lemurian Laser Wands for healing with sacred geometry.
      You will find them moving your hands very rapidly as they create the
      symbols which they have carried. Many of them will look much like
      hieroglyphics, and we would suggest that you go with these forms. Also
      understand, that the Lemurians have free interaction with all your
      brothers and sisters from the stars, so they carry much of this
      information as well. The Atlantians liked to think that they were indeed
      the host of many visitors from afar, but in fact, they had forgotten
      that their fathers and mothers, their ancestors, the genetic code that
      they had emerged from, had in fact, come from Lemuria. So yes, use them
      and particularly align yourself with the geometry that they give you.
      What you will also find is that they will carry much of the mathematical
      equations. So do not be alarmed when you find a ticker tape of
      mathematical equations running through your head. That it is the
      language of universal understanding.

      Q. When you say that some of us here will need to use the crystals, do
      you mean on ourselves or as our healing tool?

      Both, there is no differentiation - which is what the Lemurians crystals
      remind you of. In these times, you are returning to the balance of much
      of this energy and to the purity, the collective mind with community.
      You are celebrated as individuals, for your own beauty of the creation
      that you had made. In Lemuria, conflict on personal or global level was
      not present because the connection immediate to all of your community.
      So what the wands do is bring you back to this state of being. It also
      allows you as you as work on yourself, to work on others, and work on
      the cosmetic surgery upon the Earth. You will also use it when you are
      healing specific nations, religious groups, belief systems, and removing

      Q. And so when do you use it on the body for say harsh psychic surgery
      or brain psychic surgery, are you doing all the other elements of it at
      the same time?


      Q. So, just working on the body is a physical manifestation of all

      That is correct. The body is the host.

      Q. How do you take care of them?

      The care that you give them is the same care that you would give your

      Q. Do they have to be cleaned?

      No, they do not need to be cleansed. They are self-preparing. You do not
      need to give them the bath, so you are free of that chore. They do not
      particularly like full sunlight. Understand, they have been buried for a
      long, long time. It is the same as if you were reemerging from the cave
      of your existence, which you are, by the way. So be gentle in what you
      do with them, they loved to be wrapped and cradled in velvet. They love
      to be in the proximity of other sacred objects, for they are
      communicating freely. It is only in the limited understanding of mankind
      that you do not understand how much communication is going on in your
      own household. They loved to be placed in the moonlight, particularly
      under the full moon.

      St. Germaine's Violet Flame Healing School
      (Feb. 9, 2002) SEDONA, Az. - For a year now St. Germaine, master of the
      violet ray and flame, has channeled new information to me on systems of
      healing that he wished to introduce to humanity at this time. Stressing
      urgency for the healing, opening and expansion of the human spirit in
      form, St. Germaine is calling back the healers of his ancient Atlantian
      temple of the violet flame.

      As a result of these directives, a new Council of Love workshop, Heart &
      Healing was introduced last May in Charleston, NC. This workshop entails
      a re-initiation into St. Germaine's temple of the violet flame and a
      deep core remembering of the healing ways and techniques of long ago
      coupled with those new modalities now being brought to Earth by the
      ascended masters and our star brothers and sisters. St. Germaine is
      teaching us the healing processes for this new millennium, with focus on
      wellness that results from a wholeness of spirit integrated into
      physical form. Despite many indications that workshop participants had
      volunteered for a fast track of learning, clearing and healing, little
      did we suspect in that inaugural class what this master physician and
      keeper of the violet flame, Germaine, had in store. Amidst much
      laughter, St. Germaine cautioned us in Charleston that no class would be
      repeated; we are on a warp-speed healing mission. When Heart & Healing
      became the subject of the COL's Fifth Annual Gathering last December -
      with expanded and subject matter and energy - we began to understand the
      intent of the master. While sustaining energies of an unparalleled
      frequency our beloved St. Germaine led us through a multi-faceted
      process that raised the conscious awareness of all present. Directly
      instilled with the sprit of the Holy Ghost, participants were initiated
      and assumed their new and ancient roles as healers. The level of
      information shared with the group was informative and practical. Not
      being a master who allows us to rest on our laurels, St. Germaine
      continues to talk to me about the principles of his school of healing
      and how he wishes his healers to proceed. He is guiding us in which
      elements are essential in the use of his healing techniques and which
      are optional. Admittedly, I have resisted sharing these promptings,
      happy in my role as channel for the Council of Love and the retinue of
      archangels, saints and ascended masters. But you know those masters -
      they give persistence an entirely new meaning, besides which, the
      direction and potential of what is being proposed by St. G excites and
      prods me to share this new information. An armada of healers armed with
      their hands and hearts, imbedded with the violet flame - nothing more is
      required to heal this planet. The primary elements of St. Germaine's
      healing is the shift in the role of healer; simultaneous use of multiple
      modalities of healing and healers; and imprinting. While healing is
      instantaneous our minds and physical bodies don't always comprehend this
      so St. Germaine guides us in the use of the most powerful healing
      modalities, geometry and sound, tools and technology, imprinting and
      channeling of energy. The new format of St. Germaine's Healing School is
      being introduced March 22-24 in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. If St. Germaine is
      calling you, if you believe you are a healer of the new millennium or
      are simply curious about learning about the latest universal health care
      plan, the purples, click on Heart & Healing and read on.See Lemurian
      Laser Wands

      Explanation of the Lemurian Laser Wands
      The Lemurian laser wands have been engineered and constructed under the
      guidance of St. Germaine. As part of the information channeled from this
      beloved Master in the formation of his Healing School of the Violet
      Flame, St. Germaine guides us in the use of these healing wands made
      from Lemurian seed crystals from Brazil. The Lemurians are embedded in a
      copper wand to generate and hold the energy and the element of light and
      color are added for the purpose of vibratory and chakra attunement.
      Wands are about 10 inches long and each is individually created and
      decorated with the colors and symbols that come to the artist while
      working with the crystal. A set of gel films of the primary colors of
      blue, red, orange, yellow and green accompany your wand so you may work
      with these vibrations in addition to the clear crystal light which
      emanates from an internal light through the point of the Lemurian. Order
      your wand today.
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