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  • Polly
    Patti, this is very lovely, thank you dear. Love and sweet blessings, Polly ... From: Patti Garrett To: lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday,
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      Patti, this is very lovely,
      thank you dear.
      Love and sweet blessings,
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      Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 12:53 PM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Fw: To Share Message from Angelic Messenger Cards for Today

      Hello everyone:
      Because the angel message I was led to today in this card deck today, when I asked the Universe to help me select the proper card for today for all of us, was the one on 'Choice,' apparently there are some of us who are having problems with making choices about something in our lives at this point in time.
      Then when I could not find proper stationery. I just made some myself, such that it is,  I love this angel, and I love this background so I am hoping that at least some of you might enjoy it as well.  Then, too, I wanted to use a midi called 'It is Well with My Soul' because since today's message does deal with 'Choice,'  I happen to believe that when you make a choice of any kind, you should accept it as something being finished and let things be well with you soul instead of punishing yourself because you may have made the wrong choice.  When making choices, I tend to function as a very good friend of mine once said to me one time, "There is no such thing as a wrong choice; you make a choice and then you make it right."
      However, when I could not find that particular midi, I decided instead to use this one that I got from one of Gaele's recent messages, called 'Awakening,' and if I am not mistaken, I think it might have come from a Celtic website.  While I would much prefer to have the song I wanted initially, I  thought this one might suffice for today's message because each time I make a choice about something, especially if it is something I have been agonizing or stressing out over for a while, I always experience some kind of awakening inside, once I accept my choice as my final answer, so to speak.
      That said,let's get to today's message.
      "PRESENT CHALLENGE:  "Making decisions that reflect reverence for yourself and all other life."
      "You have drawn this card to help you appreciate the difference between making choices from the perspective of your spirit, your inner mind and being, and making them according to the needs posed by your analytical or outer mind.  The calmness and serenity of your life may be obscured by the continual demands made by your outer mind as it seeks to have its needs and desires filled.
      "You have drawn this important card of Rejuvenation to alert you to the need for greater calmness and inner peace.  Although you may work had at accomplishing the goals you have chosen, in order to find lasting satisfaction, you are being called upon to consider the intentions with which you make decisions.  You are being guided to consider yourself as part of a vast network of life and responsible for its well-being as well as your own.
      "ANGELIS MESSAGE:  Choice.
      "Making a choice would seem to be simple matter, at least to some people.  And so it is when a life-supportive balance is struck between spiritual freedom and Earth-School responsibility.  Spiritual freedom is the inner aspect of choice that urges you to live as part of an all-encompassing and whole planetary system.  Your spirit understands that all choices must replenish your physical system and the entire ecosystem.  You are learning to consider your spirit's perspective so that you can accept greater responsibility for encouraging the restoration of your physical environment.
      "Nature has no favorites; it loves the frog and the fish equally; it supports the bird and the dog in the same ways.  And so Nature cards no more for you than for the butterfly, or the mountain lion or for the person far away on the other side of your planet.  Just as the Crater seeks to perpetuate the physical and nonphysical systems of life, so too is Nature concerned with the whole system of life on Earth.
      "You and we, your  angelic teachers, are each essential parts of the system, neither more or less.  And so every living thing must learn to responsibly exercise its right to draw from the resources of the largest systems of life, accepting that it will need to give back to the Earth and to the Creator.  Every living thing ultimately relinquishes its form in order to nourish a larger, everlasting system. 
      "The guidance coming to you through this flower is to fully appreciate your choices as extensions of your spirituality.  Symbolically, you can see that you can make choices from either a spiritual perspective or a rational and perhaps self-centered perspective.  Notice that in this flower image in this card thee is ones again a sharp contrast between the prickly center and the smooth pink petals, much like the difference between the petals of the rose and its thorns.  You are guided to realize that each choice you make can help you live in balance with Nature by accepting responsibility for your choices.
      "When making a choice, it is not just which option you choose, it is the quality, intention and commitment from which you choose that course of action that tells you whether or not your spirit is engaged in the decision.  As human beings, you are not asked, for example, to choose between wealth and poverty but instead to choose fair exchange from the system for providing necessary and meaningful service.  You are not asked to choose between celibacy and sexuality but to create relationships that support mutual giving and receiving of love.  You are not asked to choose between eco-spirituality and eco-destruction, but rather to establish an honorable means of balancing all needs for life.
      "This important card has been drawn because you are apparently in need of making choices that more consistently reflect a reverence for yourself and all other life.
      "Watch the criteria you tell yourself are important in making choices.  When facing a choice, even a small one, first take a deep breath.  When you make choices while breathing shallowly, you are using only your outer mind, or 'functioning self,' not your spirit or your inner mind, which allows for full participation.
      "Ask yourself, "Whom will this choice benefit?"  Each choice that has your spirit  behind it will benefit you and others equally.  Ask yourself, "How easy is it for me to make this choice?"  If it is very easy, the consider that perhaps you have only sought to reaffirm those attitudes and beliefs that you already hold.  Imagine having to stretch to find a comfort level with a choice that suggests your needs and wants may need to be suspended or at least altered in order to give or share with others."
      Once again, this message gave us all a lot of 'food for thought,' but I also found a lot of great, insightful information in this message.  I just hope that it resonates with at least one of you as well today. 
      And once again, I want to wish each of you special earth angels the most special afternoon you could possibly have. followed by a joy-filled night and a night filled with rejuvenating sleep.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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