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Is Television A Bad Influnece on Pets?

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  • nachiketan
    IS TELEVISION A BAD INFLUENCE ON PETS? There s a sucker born every minute, it s said. Go ahead, add my name to the list. An advertisement on TV for Video
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004


           There's a sucker born every minute, it's said.
           Go ahead, add my name to the list.
           An advertisement on TV for "Video Catnip" declared it would delight
      your cats by entertaining them with backyard birds and squirrels.  I rushed
      to the phone and ordered one.
           In due time it arrived.  Excitedly I sat my four cats down in front of
      the TV to watch their own video.
           Sure enough, beautiful backyard scenes of birds appeared on the
      screen, flitting about to the accompaniment of a musical background.
           As the film progressed, first one then another of the cats wandered
      off, paying no attention to the birds, while I continued to enjoy it
      myself. (Sucker...)
           Several weeks later, one of my favorite nature programs on TV
      demonstrated how birds and animals band together to fight off predators.
           During one segment, several birds were squawking and flying at a
      menacing snake about to rob a nest.  Crystal, my small white,
      innocent-looking "killing machine" happened to walk through the room at
      that moment.
           Hearing the desperate bird cries coming from the TV, she stopped, sat
      down facing the screen, and raptly watched the unfolding drama until the
      sequence ended.
           She then left the room.
           Not more than fifteen minutes had elapsed when Crystal reappeared
      holding a sparrow in her mouth.
           I'm firmly convinced she had no intention of killing a bird at that
      time until given the idea from watching TV!
           Crystal is no longer allowed to watch nature programs on television.

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