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THE INNER GLOW - SPIRIT TO THE SOUL - 159 - I September 2004 -What will, you LET GO OF TODAY?

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    Today s Music is: Sexy Thing Today s Begin it Now thought : I never take counsel of my fears (General George Patton) ... SEX SELLS - BUT DO NOT SELL SEX
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
      Today's Music is: Sexy Thing
      Today's "Begin it Now thought":
      I never take counsel of my fears (General George Patton)

      Wisdom we are told comes from letting go of Knowledge that no longer serves us and now where do we need to let Knowledge go more than in the are of SEX and how we see it and use it.
      It is OK in most countries to use SEX to SELL but as soon as someone SELLS SEX it becomes illegal and as soon as something becomes ILLEGAL the PRICE goes UP.
      The surest way to enhance the demand for anything is to MAKE IT ILLEGAL and pass laws against it.
      The SALE OF SEX is referred to as The Worlds Oldest profession. It is the Sale of a service utilising a (my) body.
      I can sell the use of my PHYSICAL BODY to someone to Cut Down a Tree. But I cannot sell the use of my Physical Body to allow another to enjoy sexual pleasure and possibly me as well. The list of examples is endless.
      When I looked at the LIST OF WORDS I saw that EROTIC was a positive word against Lustful that was not
      The Joyful was against Pleasurable which was not.
      We are learning that things we thought to be OK have a vibration that is not as beneficial as it could be for us and will weaken us.
      We are entering into a time of openness and love and True Joy that comes from the natural expression of ourselves as Human being sand no where is that more needed today that in the area of our sexuality and especially how we educate our children in this area.
      As we are called this morning to examine our attitudes to Sexuality we see  that as we open our hearts and allow love that making SEX criminal serves only those who are able to exploit the weakens sections of society.
      There is a time and PLACE for everything and so there can be PLACES where those who wish to SELL SEX without FEAR of exploitation is OK and in more and more countries we are seeing moves to allow this in a way that minimises the ability of the Criminal Element to exploit Women and Men.
      Our attitude to SEX reveals much more about us than we may like to admit. It reveals the openness or otherwise in our hearts.
      It is OK to see pictures of a beautiful girl (or man) in the most "SEDUCTIVE" pose wearing next to nothing but as soon as the same girl has NOTHING at all it is NOT OK.
      Look at the Countries that BAN public displays of affection and expressions of LOVE - Are they free of INCEST and EXPLOITATION of disempowered women and men - NO NO NO.
      Now to our message
      What are we BANNING from our thoughts and HEARTS what are refusing to SEE and HEAR and DO.
      We make to move through to move out. We have to take the test to pass the test. The results are available only when we take the test.
      So where is THE TIME and PLACE FOR EVERYTHING.
      What knowledge no longer serves us to allow us to acquire Wisdom.
      Start with SEX and allow WISDOM to guide you as to what is right for you. SEX should not be a SECRET.
      Remove the restrictions ( sensibly) and the CRIMINAL elements will no longer be able to exploit the WEAK to Profit from the Sale of SEX.
      The Ancients who understood the flow of the Universe introduced us to Tantric SEX in its most beautiful forms of Love and expression.
      I am not advocating Promiscuous Sex. I am advocating a MORE OPEN attitude and HONEST attitude to our thoughts of and use of SEX.
      We have the tools and ability to acquire wisdom.
      What will, you LET GO OF TODAY?
      Remember SEX is a NATURAL PART OF LIFE
      Synergistic Energy eXchange
      And always remember
      Open(erotic) Cloud Jag
      (c) Ix Jaguar (Inner Glow)- I September 2004 (875)
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Begin it Now by Susan Hayward ISBN 0-9590439-1-8  In Tune Books Australia 1987

      The YeMyss, YeMane symbols
      embedded in the stationery are part of the HuMURG healing system.
      HuMURG is a planetary as well as a personal healing system.
      They are there to be called upon by you should you have a need of the energy. If you feel that you don't need them right now then let them float to wherever they are guided.
      This is what OSHO has to say
      55. Sex

      The Circle of Mahamudra


      Sex holds great secrets in it, and the first secret is--if you meditate you will see it--that joy comes because sex disappears. And whenever you are in that moment of joy, time also disappears--if you meditate on it--the mind also disappears. And these are the qualities of meditation.

      My own observation is that the first glimpse of meditation in the world must have come through sex; there is no other way. Meditation must have entered into life through sex, because this is the most meditative phenomenon--if you understand it, if you go deep into it, if you just don't use it like a drug. Then slowly, slowly, as more understanding grows, the hankering disappears, and one day comes of great freedom when sex no longer haunts you. Then one is quiet, silent, utterly oneself. The need for the other has disappeared. One can still make love if one chooses to, but there is no need. Then it will be a kind of sharing.



      When two lovers are in deep sexual orgasm, they melt into each other; then the woman is no longer the woman, the man is no longer the man. They become just like the circle of yin and yang, reaching into each other, meeting in each other, melting, their own identities forgotten. That's why love is so beautiful. This state is called mudra; this state of deep, orgasmic intercourse is called mudra. And the final state of orgasm with the whole is called Mahamudra, the great orgasm.

      Orgasm is a state where your body no longer is felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity. It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing. It becomes an electric phenomenon--and it is an electric phenomenon. Now physicists say that there is no matter, that all matter is only appearance; deep down, that which exists is elec-tricity, not matter. In orgasm, you come to this deepest layer of your body where matter no longer exists, just energy waves; you become a dancing energy, vibrating. No more any boundaries to you--pulsating, but no longer substantial. And your beloved also pulsates.

      And by and by, if the partners love each other and they surrender to each other, they surrender to this moment of pulsation, of vibration, of being energy, and they are not scared.... Because it is death-like when the body loses boundaries, when the body becomes like a vaporous thing, when the body evaporates substantially and only energy is left, a very subtle rhythm, but you find yourself as if you are not. Only in deep love can one move into it.

      Love is like death: you die as far as your material image is concerned, you die as far as you think you are a body; you die as a body and you evolve as energy, vital energy. And when the wife and the husband, or the lovers, or the partners, start vibrating in a rhythm, their heartbeats and their bodies come together, it becomes a harmony--then orgasm happens, then they are no longer two. That is the symbol of yin and yang: yin moving into yang, yang moving into yin; man moving into the woman, the woman moving into the man. Now they are a circle and they vibrate together, they pulsate together. Their hearts are no longer separate, their beats are no longer separate; they have become a melody, a harmony.

      It is the greatest music possible; all other musics are just faint things compared to it, shadow things compared to it. This vibration of two as one is orgasm. When the same thing happens, not with another person, but with the whole existence, then it is Mahamudra, then it is the great orgasm.


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