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Re: Journey to happiness

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  • savitrica
    Hi Jaguar, Its very much true that if you seek happiness only for yourself then you are selfish. Rather, if you make others happy, your happiness gets
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      Hi Jaguar,
      Its very much true that if you seek happiness only for yourself then
      you are selfish. Rather, if you make others happy, your happiness
      gets many-folded. You feel true inner joy only after sharing and
      making others happy.

      Very well said!!!


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      > Monday August 30, 2004
      > Journey to happiness
      > TAN LING SUAN has discovered words of wisdom on how
      happiness can be achieved.
      > I THOUGHT I had a clear enough picture of what
      happiness is where I am concerned – moments of joy, contentment with
      relationships within the family circle and with friends, enriching
      experiences from volunteering services at hospitals and
      associations, plenty of fond memories of places I have lived in or
      > Whenever I was asked if I was happy, I would say, "Not
      totally," and go on to explain that there is always some sadness in
      me over the loss of my own or others' dear ones, the sufferings in
      accidents and tragedies in Malaysia or what I'd read about happening
      elsewhere in the world.
      > Then I came across a book in the National Library, The
      Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard. He goes into great detail with
      his "common sense guide to better living". He widens the horizon
      beyond the home, the neighbourhood, the country.
      > He warns that one's happiness can be threatened by the
      dishonesty and misconduct of others. And we are duty bound to try
      and help others to be moral, honest and diligent. It is the positive
      and effective contact with one another which helps all to share
      happiness together. So we should not just keep seeking happiness for
      ourselves alone – we must be concerned for the happiness of others
      around us, almost like keeping everyone in good health so that we do
      not get infected and become ill.
      > And such health that can lead to happiness covers
      areas like forming good habits keeping clean, faithfulness, no drugs
      or drinking, nothing illegal. For if you keep feeling guilty of
      having done something criminal, you cannot enjoy a happy frame of
      mind. (Let's not talk of those who are "insane"!)
      > Be responsible and set a good example, be loving and
      protective towards children so that they in turn grow up with such
      values. And wouldn't we be happy to see loving and thoughtful
      children safely studying and playing around us? They will continue
      the "ripple" effect of what they have learnt from us.
      > Do not forget that if we support a government that is
      designed and run for all, we should work hard enough to preserve
      peace and prosperity in the land we live. We would want it to be
      litter-free, efficient and people-friendly – are we doing our part
      in the neighbourhood, in schools, in the office and out in the
      > Tolerance breeds unity, so if we respect the religious
      beliefs and creeds of others, diversity can be very educational and
      enriching. Even people within the same religion could be behaving
      quite differently, and it starts from there, I think, about trying
      to understand what individuality means. We could be praying to the
      same God and yet we approach Him differently.
      > Ron Hubbard does not forget "The Golden Rule" – to
      treat others as you would want them to treat you. His list of
      virtues include courtesy and respect, loyalty, good sportsmanship,
      self-control, fairness, kindness and compassion, forgiveness and
      > In a nutshell, if we could all learn to be more
      considerate towards each other, we would become "competent
      companions" on the road to happiness. We could each become a citizen
      of the world.
      > So there we are – as we age, we keep learning much
      from books and people and events around us and it would appear that
      true happiness should not be a self-centred concept. Making others
      happy should bounce back to making you happy, unless you are not
      sincere in doing so.
      > In the final analysis, you are the one who will draw
      your own map and follow the paths or highways at your own speed.
      After all, you are the driver!
      > I would also like to quote some soul-searching words
      from Jaguar Speaks (in StarMag, Sunday Star): "Remember: We are all
      one, and when one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all
      are helped, all are healed. Therefore, in the name of who I am, and
      I am one with all, I ask only that which is for the highest good of
      all concerned happen through all dimensions, time and space in the
      way that is for the highest good. I give thanks that this is done."
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