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Shay Re: Thought for the Day 8/15/04: Free Will

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  • Gaele Arnott
    thankyou Shay I ve passed them on to the Tawwy group. Melody used to share them with us each day but she s moving house and so no computering for a while. She
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2004
      thankyou Shay
      I've passed them on to the Tawwy group. Melody used to share them with us each day but she's moving house and so no computering for a while. She too is a psp addict so I do 'feel' for her being busy on real life stuff
      in love and laughter
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      From: Shay
      Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 6:32 AM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Thought for the Day 8/15/04: Free Will

       I am sure we have heard and been apart of discussions on Free Will often enough. MacEnulty's perceptions on this subject speak rather strongly on this and wished to share this with everyone. Love and Blessings, Shay

      There is a classic question about free will. Do we have it? Do we really make choices or do we just think we do?

      It is a question that has no resolution, no proof either way, though there are those who would claim various things as proving their point.
      It's like the question of God. There's just no proof if you are asking for some sort of purely logical and irrefutable statement that wins the argument hands down.

      The way it actually seems to work is that when things are going badly I feel like there is no free will, that I am choiceless, pushed around by circumstances. When wonderful things are happening I like to think it was my choices that caused it, my exercise of free will.

      We'd like to believe that we are rational, logical, sense making
      creatures, that man's use of his brain is what elevates him from all other life on planet Earth. But we're not really. Every now and then we make sense, think things out, use our brains to develop new concepts and inventions, technology, ideas.

      But it is the Einsteins and the Hawkings that are doing it, the true geniuses. And there are many of them. But even they transcend logic by using intuitions that border on the mystical. Their insights leap ahead of their logic and the logic follows.

      We're all like that to some extent. We learn from experience and then figure out what we've learned so it makes some sense. We might even create a belief system that tries to be logical.

      What I have found is that I need to act as if I have free will. When I act as if I do, I do. It's a self fulfilling prophesy.

      I act as if there is a sacred purpose in all things, and there is. We determine reality. We make things happen. We have free will.

      The freedom comes when we let go of the obsessive and start listening to the universe. When we are in harmony with the divine we experience that freedom, our vision opens, we act out of love.

      And it all begins with simple stillness.

      Copyright © 2004  by John MacEnulty
      8/15/2004, St. Louis, MO

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