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Fw: To Share Angel Wisdom Message for Today With All of You

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone once again: When I looked through my stationery and my music, I realized. once again, that in some areas, I am very lacking, such as having
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15 12:21 PM
      Hello everyone once again:
      When I looked through my stationery and my music, I realized. once again, that in some areas, I am very lacking, such as having stationery that depicts Mother Mary, the mother of Christ, and having music that is especially related to Mother Mary, "such as 'Mary Did You Know', which I did have before my computer crashed, but which I have not been able to find since.
      So if any of you who receive this message have some stationery that depicts Mary or has any music that is about her, especially the one I mentioned above, would you please share them all with me?
      For want of better stationery, I decided to use this one, with angel profiles all over, and the music 'Pure Love,' from JMC @Jalal's Musical Compositions. 
      The angel wisdom word for today, then, is the phrase:  'Queen of Angels.'
      "An Angel Reminder:  Mary is the Divine Mother of mercy.  She is the symbol of true compassion and unconditional motherly love. 
      "Mary, the Mother of Christ, is often referred to ass the Queen of Angels.  Mary is touching the lives of those involved in angel consciousness in a deep way.  The important part of Mary's message is its universality.  In Medjugorje, she speaks of a peace and conversion that came from the heart and from daily prayer.  The issue is not whether or not to believe Mary is appearing to humans, but rather, the timely message.  Profound changes are happening on the earth.  We need to restore the divine qualities of compassion and mercy, and this is precisely why Mary is touching our hearts and why the angels are so prevalent now.
      "Kuan Yin is the Chinese bodhisattva of compassion and mercy.  Her name means "she who hearkens to the cries of the world."   Most of the world's cultures have a Mother Mary or a Kuan Yin archetype.  Next time you find yourself in need of comfort or mercy, ask the Divine Mother archetype to make herself known in your life.  She is especially helpful with emergency sitatuations that seem impossible and overwhelming.  Learn to ask for divine help and pray daily, and you will be all right.
      "An Angelic Reflection:  I know that no matter how difficult a situation I encounter, there is a divine energy waiting to restore hope in my heart."
      Now that I have read and understand this message entirely, I realize that I could also have used Kuan Yin stationery for this message, and it would have been appropriate.  I believe that Gaele sent out a message on Kuan Yin in her daily messages a few weeks ago, so using that should a message connected with Mother Mary ever come up again is a real possibility, at least in the absence of Mother Mary stationery.
      I do hope all of you enjoy this message as much as I did today and that you have a wonderful day.
      The music I used was 'Pure Love,' composed and sequenced by JMC * Jalal's Musical Compositions *, http://geocities.com/jmc.midi.
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