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The Wave - August 2004 Circular

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  • Shay
    The Wave – August 2004 Circular © Qala Phoenix 2004 Blessings Beloveds, This month’s Wave relates to connecting to your soul and allowing the time for you
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2004

      The Wave � August 2004 Circular

      � Qala Phoenix 2004

      Blessings Beloveds,
      This month�s Wave relates to connecting to your soul and allowing the time for you to be guided by your soul each day.  The energies of this next month that are anchoring through the Earth from the heavens will assist each one of you to open deeply to your soul�s inner guidance and learn to trust from your mind your soul�s purpose and ascension process.  The following message is from the Sisterhood of the Rays and Rose. It offers you support to connect more deeply to your soul (your inner self) and open the doorway to a smooth pathway of your ascension.  I hope this helps each one of you.  I send my blessings to each one of you.

      All my love,

      * * * * * * * * * *

      Blessings from the One Heart,

      As you open to the Wave that is being offered to you now, we step forth to you as the Sisterhood of the Rays and Rose.  We are an embodiment of the divine feminine nature of your own hearts and all others incarnated. We are the higher selves of your souls � the feminine spirits of your souls.  We are Masters from Shambhala and the stars that now come to you to bring a volume of love and divine assistance.  We begin to merge with you now and ask that you connect with your inner self. This is connected through your feelings and the vibration that is held through your inner nature.  Closing your eyes can assist you with this so that you may feel what is occurring within you.  It will be unique for you, and will relate to your most inner feelings as a soul.  Breathe and allow yourself to go within and just feel now.  Honouring what you feel is important Beloveds, and giving yourself time to connect to this is just as important.  This can take only a few minutes each day of connecting to your inner self.  It may surprise you what arises and what the true feelings are, as your soul may be feeling energies that you are not aware of when you focus outwardly. Beloveds, we are here to assist you to experience a greater love in your life, and share that this is the primary key to this.  Without your connection to your inner self each day, you will not discover who you are and experience the love you are.  As you breathe now, I ask you to intend to connect each day for a few moments to support your soul to be met by you.  It is through this meeting of your own soul (your inner self) that you will begin to experience more love in your life; for it is your soul that carries this love.

      Beloveds, we offer each one of you a gift to support you to connect to your soul each day.  We bring this to you now and ask you to place your hands out now. Breathe and receive as the Mothers of Love come to you.  These ones hold a rainbow heart made from light and love.  They bring this to you now and place it in your hands, and share that this sacred heart will connect you to your soul if you focus upon it.  No matter how blocked you may have felt up until now, you will be able to connect to your soul through this heart.  As you receive this heart, become aware of its beauty and its nature as a bridge of light.  As you take this now, place it within your heart with the intention that it will act as a bridge between your soul and your personality/mind.  Breathe and allow yourself to focus on this heart that is now held in your heart chakra, and just gently receive what your soul may wish to share with you.  This maybe the feelings it holds, or it maybe a word that pops into your mind, or there maybe stillness there, quietness.  Just allow yourself to attune to the heart.  As you do this, you may communicate with your soul.  

      Know that this is the power of your love, and that you are experiencing your soul�s ascension at this time in your life, and it may need some assistance and support at this time.  Your soul may feel it needs to express itself more deeply, and it may have wishes of your mind, and may ask your mind to let go of control in some aspects of your life.  Go within and just allow connection with the rainbow heart to offer you a key to what you are learning at this time in your life.  This inner communion, for a few minutes each day, will support you to move your energy and open your heart each day to what is being presented to you as a soul.  Through this attunement for a few minutes each day, your mind and personality will learn to align to the path of your soul.  This will create a free-flow of energy eventually in your life.  To create this, you will need to practice, one step at a time, of firstly learning to open to your soul and listening to your soul through receiving the feelings, thoughts or truth of your soul.  Know that the rainbow heart you have been given is your tool of communion with your soul.  This is our gift to you Beloved ones.  

      Each one of you are influenced by many things in your life, but your inner direction and guidance will always come from your soul.  This one is wise and loving, and holds answers for you.  It is also learning and ascending in consciousness.  Know that it holds enough wisdom and love to guide its own path of ascension.  Give the power to your soul to guide you, and this will allow your mind and personality to relax and feel supported.  Your mind and personality will need to release all control in relationship to guidance and decision-making in your life.  We bless you and invite your mind to give the power to your soul again, and trust that your soul knows what it is here for and the path it is to walk upon to create ascension in this life.  Be guided each day from within by attuning to the rainbow heart Beloved ones.  Listen to your soul�s truth and receive the love.  Know that this will fulfill the purpose of your soul. As your soul ascends through its own creation of _expression, know that your own spirit and passion will return to you, and the unity that you are seeking in your life will be accessed as a vibration anchored through you.  We surround you now as twelve Ascended Masters of feminine consciousness and _expression.  

      We begin to merge with you and assist your own feminine heart to open.  Beloveds, we now fill you with the elixirs of love and ascension, and honour your soul for its loving intention to incarnate on the Earth and ascend with Mother Gaia, assisting all other beings in their planetary ascension. Trust that your soul will guide you to be in exactly the right place and time, and meet exactly the right people who will support you.  Trust your soul to be your guide and that it holds the connection to the inner planes for you.  Go within each day for a few moments to honour your soul and receive communion with your soul. This will change your life and allow the flow of feminine love to embody you one step at a time.  You are this sacred step, and it is your choice each day of connecting within that manifests each step on your path to flower and receive the feminine heart of God/dess.  

      Blessed be.

      Lady Nada, Beloved Andromeda, Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, Lady Portia, Venus Kumara, Lady Buddha, Mary Magdelene, Grace and Faith, Divine Mother.

      Sit and receive for a few moments now as we bless you with our love now.
      Namaste to you.

      This article/message is copyrighted � Qala Serenia Phoenix, 2004. This may be freely distributed as long as none of the content is altered, and as original source and copyright is honoured.  If wishing to share this with others, please do not delete this section of the article.

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