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Fw: To Share Harmony Angel Card Messages for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello everyone: I contemplated reading all of my messages before sending out this message, but decided to send this first, after reading just a few messages
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2004
      Hello everyone:
      I contemplated reading all of my messages before sending out this message, but decided to send this first, after reading just a few messages because time is getting away from me today, for some reason.
      I tried to find stationery and music to match one of my card selections, but was unable to do so.  I did, however, find a midi that is called 'Eternal Beauty' which came from Jalal Musical Compositions. At least that goes along with the subject of eternity.
      I am doing these cards first because these are the ones that are hardest for me to read in the dark, so because it seems to be clouding up again outside, I wanted to be sure share these messages today.
      That said, the card I drew for the group today was the one on: "The Phoenix:  Mystical Firebird born of Sacred Flame; the Master Card of Rebirth and Eternity.
      "The phoenix, sweet of song (also known as the garuda or sunbird), is said to have been the only living creature that was allowed to fly alive into paradise.  Sacred to the sun, it was believed to live on the wing, having a life span of 500 to 1,000 years.  Only one phoenix was alive at any one time and on the death of its parent, a splendid bird was born through Star Fire and from Sacred Flame, time after time.  The phoenix, therefore, manifests the eternal cycle of time and existence, symbolizing the importance of old endings and new beginnings, with the extra element of starting each rebirth at a higher level.
      "This card reveals that the time has come for you to be re-born in mind, body and spirit, to slough off your old life in order to face important new challenges.  A wealth of possibilities awaits you; the phoenix and Raphael, angel of the sun, guide your steps.  Do not feel daunted, for you will arise stronger and more beautiful from the ashes of your old self, empowering you to achieve new heights.  The phoenix reminds you that the essence of all things in this reality may be transmitted but not destroyed, for life is everlasting."
      Wonderful words today from this card deck, especially if you are feeling re-born in any part of your life or have decided to start some kind of new ventures after being down or feeling down for a while.  I have always loved the picture of a phoenix rising from the ashes of anything, so if these words apply to you, I wish you much luck in anything you are doing differently in your life or any new endeavor you might be embarking on.
      So now, the card I drew for myself from this deck was the one on:  Sandalphon:  Angel of Prayer, and Sahaqiel:  Angel of the Sky; the card of guidance through divine awareness.
      "In this reality, the invisible and the visible may merge as the veil between the two is so thin.  However, you may have to learn to listen before contact is established. Lt the angel be your link to other dimensions.  If you have not already found one or more white feathers (usually three), you will soon do so , and this symbolizes that the angels ask you to let them be your guides to spiritual direction.  Sahaqiel assures you that the sky is the limit in this respect, but the choice is still yours.
      "This card reminds you of your divine connection, from which you can always receive guidance.  Sandalphon hears all your needs and conveys them to the creator on your behalf.  Your prayers and invocations turn to beautiful flowers as they ascend to heaven.  You must then await the response of angels,  guides and masters to begin your spiritual journey.  It is not always easy for them to make contact, and they may use your meditations, dreams, words from songs, or the message of these cards to awaken your consciousness to the world beyond the material.  If you accept what is offered, learn to trust; synchronicity will then start to happen, opening the door to love and light."
      Wow, once again the angels have seen that I get an answer to one of my many questions, this once concerning how prayers and invocations are answered if person does not have a direct connection to the angels, as some people seem to.  I found the message in this card to be very insightful and to provide me with just what I needed to know today.
      I hope each of you have a very special day today.  For those in the U.S. where this is Friday, may your weekend start with providing you a lot of peace and a lot of pleasure, as well as a lot of happy and special times with your family, friends and loved ones.  For those for whom the weekend has already started, just continue to enjoy it to the fullest.
      Lots and lots of love and peace to all of you,
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