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Healing With Color

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  • nachiketan
    Healing With Color Colors can be used for healing in many ways. You can absorb the healing properties into your body (thus inducing that specific health
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      Healing With Color

      Colors can be used for healing in many ways. You can absorb the healing properties into your body (thus inducing that specific health problem to heal or lessen) by wearing clothes of a specific color, different colors of lighting, plants, burning colored candles, the food you eat, or using bed sheets of a specific color. Colors can be used in so many ways, if the object you are using is of the color you need to solve your health problem... then it will probably work. Different colors help heal and reduce different physical health problems. Below is a list of common health problems and what colors to use to ease and soothe them.

      NOTE: This is not a replacement for the Medical Profession, rather an alternative. It's effectiveness depends on the abilities of the user, and their belief in the Metaphysical.

      AllergiesBlue and yellow.
      Asthma and other breathing problemsOrange.
      Circulation and BloodRed.
      Colds and Sore ThroatsBlue.
      CutsPurple and blue.
      Ear achesPurple.
      Hair GrowthPurple.
      HeadachesBlue and purple.
      Heart ProblemsGreen.
      Liver ProblemsYellow.
      Lymph SystemBlue and yellow.
      Menstrual CrampsRed.
      Nasal ProblemsBlue and yellow.
      Physical StrengthRed.
      Stomach ProblemsYellow.



      Red is associated with energy, grounding, blood, passion for life, flame of Holy Spirit, regeneration, stress, chaos, survival issues, anger, violence, courage , inconsistency, womb, menstruation cycle, circulation, cellular structure, fever.

      Orange is associated with shock, trauma, deep insight, codependency/independence, harmony, ecstasy, beauty, sexuality, trust, individuation, devotion, wisdom, indecision, patience, gut feelings, hysteria, depression, ovaries, spleen, intestines, gall bladder.

      Yellow is associated with acquired knowledge, light, will power, mental confusion, depression, intellect, cynicism, indecisiveness, warmth, joy, delight, fear, cowardice, nervousness, confusion, depression, solar plexus, liver, nerves, skin, arthritis, jaundice.

      Green is associated with space, search for truth, seeing all aspects of a situation, growth, nature, fertility, creativity, healing, regeneration, compassion, balance, envy, heart, lungs, thymus, ulcers.

      Turquoise is associated with mass communication,  the sea,  trusting intuition, utopian outlook, teaching, communication through art and all creative expression, awareness, talent for technical things, sympathy and empathy, emotional expression, optimism, heart, throat, thymus, lungs, upper neck, shoulders, circulation, bronchitis, asthma, revitalization, hay fever, swelling, strains on the body.

      Blue is associated with peace, sympathy and healing, safety, rest, divinity, water (baptism), blessing, protection that lets in helpful and supportive influences, intuition, leadership, serenity, calmness, softness, emptiness, feeling blue, frigidity, thyroid, throat, all communication, cramps, sprains, infections, neck problems, sunburn.

      Magenta is associated with love for everyday things, cooperation, finding your purpose for living, hormonal system, energy flow. 

      Violet is associated with spirituality, healing, service, contemplation (sometimes too much), individualism, closure, recognize and realize the reason for living, suffering grief, not wanting to be here, addiction, tendency to withdraw, inner calmness, production of mucus, skull, overactivity.

      Coral is associated with the unconscious, intuitive, self-analysis, dependency, ability to accept love, glands, birth trauma.

      Gold is associated with wisdom, wealth, status, delusion, fear, delight, nerves, spine, intestines.

      Olive Green
      Olive green is associated with space, feminine leadership, hope, new life, transmutation, clarity, harmony, self-love, gall bladder, large intestine,lungs.

      Royal Blue
      Royal blue is associated with knowing why you are here, ability to make decisions, neutrality, reverence, loneliness, eyes, ears, nose, forehead, pineal gland.

      Pink is associated with unconditional love, Tantra, awakening, hormonal system, reproductive organs, eyes.

      Clear is associated with understanding of suffering, forgiveness, emptiness, clarity, the entire body

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