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Re: << lovingpurelove >> June 30th-Canopy Save Developments in Lakewood Heights VICTORY FOR THE TREES

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  • Hilary Starke
    Yes - I see them! Thanks Kay - so very much appreciated Love and hugs Hils (seasick but game!) ... From: Kay Levin To: lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2004
      Yes - I see them!
      Thanks Kay - so very much appreciated
      Love and hugs
      Hils (seasick but game!)
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      From: Kay Levin
      Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 1:35 PM
      Subject: Re: << lovingpurelove >> June 30th-Canopy Save Developments in Lakewood Heights VICTORY FOR THE TREES

      That is way cool!    Clappy  (for those of you who might not be able to see it - there is a jumping smiley there from smiley central)
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 10:01 PM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> June 30th-Canopy Save Developments in Lakewood Heights VICTORY FOR THE TREES

      Dear Greenspace Family,
      (Cynthia speaking initially)
      All day long I had the most wonderful feelings about the hearing tonight.  I did not know what would happen, but I did know that something wonderful was in the works, I could feel it.  Final result? The trees won a continuance!  Our hearing date was put back to the original date of July 28th, giving us plenty of time for the new plans to be drawn up by our design architect, who will be back in town July 4th. But as exciting as this is, something even more important happened, an absolute surprise, that I think will make it mandatory for Habitat's proposed plans to be changed.  I am not at liberty to say what it is right now, but when I can tell you, it will knock your socks off.  It was the most unexpected out of the blue development that I could ever imagine in a million years.
      (Michael speaking) V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YES!
          We prayed for a miracle, and I have to say our prayer has been answered.  When you finally realize the scope
       of this miracle, its even more amazing. We  have had such miracles as this happen before, against all odds, through prayer. 
      Each time something like this happens, it makes us  realize how wonderful this universe really is.
        What has just happened (some of which we're not yet free to talk about) is absolutely awesome.
      What we can say is that  we got our continuance from the Tree Compliance Commission (TCC) against all
      odds.  It has just made me more staunch in my resolve:   We must help those who hold onto the past to see a
      new vision of development.  We must help those who would clear cut our last tree canopy
      (for ANY reason). to see that there are wonderful alternatives, to see that it serves all of our good to protect
      that which is beautiful in our world. Isn't it self evident and just simple common sense to respect the common good? 
      We think it's an idea whose time has come to preserve our tree canopy. 
      To be a friend of the environment and a friend of our health is not only possible to co-exist with development, it is exciting
      to build new homes with the new village paradigm that gives us all such an attractive alternative to R-4 zoning
      and old traditional models of subdivisions.
      Our medical crisis in air quality has just gone too far for us to continue destroying any more of the tree canopy. 
      A good reputation has to be earned,  in my mind, by going the extra mile in saving our tree canopy.  We think it's time to
      hold all our developers to a higher standard than what has been routinely accepted, i.e., destroying trees unnecessarily 
      to build more houses in a city which is already over-built. 
      We repeat, there are better alternatives, & that is why we're so excited about environmentally conscious development. 
      There's even a special "environmental" zoning category that very few people seem to have even heard about. 
      HFH may still come around to embracing this "new paradigm" of development:  Keep praying & visualizing it.  
      Not now, but hopefully soon we'll be reporting the big news:
          Folks, hold onto your hats!  We can't divulge it yet, but a MAJOR new development in this case may very likely
      turn everything around in favor of our precious trees.  We just needed the continuance to get it, and initially it
      sure looked like we were NOT going to get it.  They could have been bulldozing tomorrow..UGH.  I hesitate to say it...
          I mean It was really scary going into this hearing tonight.  It was completely clear to me from the outset--I can even
      say, obvious---when our case first came up that it had been pre-arranged to be "a done deal".  Habitat was armed with
      all their data, pictures, rebuttals, lawyers, high powered Board members, arguments in hand, & they already had the
      key witness on their side (arborist Frank Mobley).  The tree commission came within a hair's breath of ruling "against the
      continuance".  In fact, they were already in the process of so ruling when I protested that they hadn't even heard our case
      case FOR the continuance.  It was "nip & tuck", but then the Tree Commission agreed to hear us. Very slowly it began to turn
      around.  There were several harrowing moments when it could've gone either way. The tree commission debated back & forth---
      at this point I think all our prayers weighed-in strongly! Thank you to so many supporters of trees--and we felt the tide turn. 
      Now, it began to seem like they were leaning increasingly toward granting the continuance.  Then, in a last ditch effort to get
      their case heard tonight, the HFH lawyer argued unsuccessfully  that I was out of order because of something I had written
      in my request for a continuance to the Tree Commission.  But, to no avail. We were finally granted the continuance.
      I am still wondering how it was that they even got ahold of our request for a continuance since it wasn't sent to them.
      It was sent exclusively to the arborist office and to the tree commission members only, but there they were with multiple
      copies of MY request for a continuance (which they obviously had studied and were ready to shoot down).  But, once
      again,  they were not able to rush this through, and tomorrow the trees will be safe for another day.  
      We want to thank our wonderful neighbors on Harper Rd,  stakeholders bordering the 11 acre forest, for being there.  Thank
      you all of our dear friends who came to the appeal, in person and in spirit, for holding the vision.  Especially thank you for your
      prayers on behalf of the trees. Thank you Atlanta Tree Commission for a fair and just hearing. Today, the trees won! 
      Let us visualize everyone coming together in a loving and creative way, in this situation and in the whole world.  Let us see
       people and nature living in mutual harmony and peace.
      Let us hold the vision of a healthy and safe Atlanta, a healthy and safe world, with ample tree canopy to provide a healthy
      environment for all. 
      Tonight its raining in Atlanta, the trees are loving it.  We will sleep well.  We feel great!
      Michael and Cynthia, reporting on behalf of the residents of Lakewood Heights and the Trees

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