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Fw: Essence of Paradise 07.05.2002 [Energy]

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    ... From: vze3s7hx To: *1 Essence of Paradise Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 6:54 AM Subject: Essence of Paradise 07.05.2002 [Energy] ESSENCE of PARADISE Love
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      From: vze3s7hx
      Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 6:54 AM
      Subject: Essence of Paradise 07.05.2002 [Energy]

      Love is the Purest Essence of our being.
      Life is an adventure in Paradise
      Enjoy It While You Can!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Word For Today: "ENERGY"
      1 a : dynamic quality <narrative energy>  b : the capacity of acting or being active <intellectual energy>
      2 : vigorous exertion of power : EFFORT <investing time and energy>
      3 : the capacity for doing work
      4 : usable power (as heat or electricity);  also   : the resources for producing such power
      synonyms see POWER

      The disciples could not understand the seemingly arbitrary manner in which some people were accepted for discipleship and others were rejected.

      They got a clue one day when they heard the Master say, "Don't attempt to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time -- and irritates the pig."
      Anthony de Mello, S.J.
      I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
      Mohandas K. Gandhi
      v   v   v
      * This is made possible in part by Scott Reeves.
      Create A Beauty-Full Life, One Day At A Time!
      Love, Respect, Cherish and Support 'All' Life!
      Minister Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Meditation for this 2002-07-05
      "In theory, human beings are extraordinarily erudite, but in practice, what do they do? They know that with patience there is a better chance of achieving lasting results, but they are not patient. They know there is a better chance of success with calmness than with violence, but they always get angry. They know, they know ... but they remain weak, vulnerable, sickly and unhappy. In the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood disciples learn that knowledge is valuable only if it is applied to life. It is work that counts, the work they do on their will, their capacity to translate their knowledge into harmonious conduct that benefits everyone. In ordinary schools the only knowledge that is valued is that acquired from books. Even if a student is showing worrying signs for the future, it is of no importance; he has written a good paper and so he qualifies, he walks away with a certificate in hand. An initiate on the other hand does not look at how you expound your knowledge but how you apply it. And if he believes you are applying it insufficiently, wrongly or criminally, he does not let you qualify. He may even in some cases refuse you admission to his school."
      Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


      There is absolutely no reason to settle for less than the best. The only reason you get less is because you don't ask for exactly what you want. Sometimes you may think that you don't deserve more than you have. At other times we think we too much. You may believe if you get what you want, you will lose something else or something bad will to take what you already have. It's as if a waiter spirit is waiting and asking, "How would you like it? Let your mind scan life's menu, make a decision knowing whatever you want is available. Ask for what you want, the way you want it. From that moment believe it's yours.
      I make my request from life clear, specific and plentiful.
      Iyanla Vanzant
      Copyright © 1993



      CHAKRAS are the center energy fields within our bodies. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning, "wheel" because the Chakras are liken to wheels of spinning vortexes of energy. They are force centers within our etheric body through which we receive, transmit and process Life energies. Each is a focal point of Life-Force relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. They are the networks through which the body, mind and spirit interact as one holistic system.

      The CHAKRAS have their own characteristics and functions corresponding to specific aspects of man’s (our) consciousness. Each is related to a gland of the endocrine system and the color of the rainbow spectrum.

      The CHAKRAS creates integration and wholeness within us. Thus, we bring the physical and spiritual aspects of our Consciousness in HARMONY. We start to realize that our different aspects such as the physical, material, sexual and spiritual work together; each being part of the whole.

      The CHAKRAS are "doorways" for our Godliness consciousness through which emotional, mental and spiritual forces flow into physical expression. Our attitudes and beliefs enter into and create our mind/body structure through these openings. The energy from our emotions and mental attitudes run through the CHAKRAS and is distributed to our cells, tissues and organs. Through them, we realize how we affect our minds, bodies, and circumstances.

      The LIGHT of our God, the Father, energizes our CHAKRAS as we let it to be. We live and breath, believe it or not, in this world because of these Chakras as energized by God, the Father. When we are fully awaken and realized, and cognizant, accepting, who we are, and we let the Light shines upon us, we then accept our Divinity as we are always connected with that invisible umbilical cord to our God, the Father.

      There are Seven (7) Chakras. These are: the ROOT or BASE CHAKRA, the Seat of the Soul - Red (secondary color is Black), the NAVEL CHAKRA - Orange, the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Yellow, the HEART CHAKRA - Green (secondary color is PINK) , the THROAT CHAKRA - Sky Blue, the BROW CHAKRA, the THIRD EYE - Indigo (Dark Blue), and the CROWN CHAKRA - Violet.


      Author unknown



      The Light Of The DIVINE Is Within Me.
      I Allow It To Shine Fully As It Should At All Times!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © 2002

      Peace, Love, and Light To All of Creation!
      Create A Beauty-Full and Prosperous Life,
      One Day At A Time!

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