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15 Cancer The Angels of Materialization and Dematerialization

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    CloudEight Stationery, A Spinner Of Dreams: The Art Of Denton Lund, Selection: A Spinner Of Dreams 15 degrees Cancer The Angels of Materialization and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002
      CloudEight Stationery, A Spinner Of Dreams: The Art Of Denton Lund, Selection: "A Spinner Of Dreams"

      15 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of Materialization and Dematerialization

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Nimtrix’


      It was spoken by the Great Master, "All that I do ye shall do and more."

      The ability to perform all miracles is the natural birthright of each child of God.


      The materialization of objects is brought about by condensing MAGNETIC OR FEELING energy of a visualized form. This is done in meditation by FEELING shape, measure, number, and weight of the imagined form in a particular place.

      The de-materialization of objects is the opposite, it requires de-condensing energy by FEELING the form becoming light and airy.

      To the extent that the FEELING of the qualities of shape, measure, number and weight is focused and strong, to that degree the materialization is successful. To the extent that the FEELING of an object becoming light and airy is focused and strong, to this degree the de- materialization is successful.

      Even though the actual act of materialization and dematerialization is a result of the feeling energy of Alpha brainwaves, wholebrain functioning is required for this skill.

      The will, [Delta Waves-pure being], the thought, [Theta Waves-deep inner thought], the Feeling, [Alpha Waves-feeling], and the sensation, [Beta Waves-memory, logic, five senses] are all required.

      The particular wholebrain functioning in this case requires mastery of the divine virtues symbolized by the letters of our name in the ancient language according to the formula below.




      N…The drive for self-preservation is mastered to such an extent that emotionally, no being or force can affect the freedom and independence of a child of God.

      [The divine virtue of Supreme Happiness, dark red color, musical note A, water element with a sensation of chill, the liver is formed from this virtue.]


      I…The memory and conscience becomes powerful through understanding of the virtue of cause and effect, and the ability to enliven anything is attained.

      [The divine virtue of Cause and Effect, light opal color, the musical note G, earth element with a sensation of weight, the left kidney is formed from this virtue.]


      M…Complete mastery over feelings, and therefore the principle of change, is acquired.

      [The divine virtue of feeling, passion, change, fluidity, emotion, blue-green color, water element with a sensation of chill, the abdomen as a hollow space is formed from this virtue.]


      T…High intuition and adherance to Divine Harmony is perfected concerning anything that is of interest to the child of God.

      [The divine virtue of high intuition, brown-black color, musical note F, fire element with a sensation of warmth, the right kidney is formed from this virtue.]


      R…The freedom of will, and the freedom of action, is acquired with unimpeachable adherance to Divine Harmony.

      [The divine virtue of Freedom and Independence to follow inner guidance, golden color, musical note C, earth element so it has a sensation of weight, the left side of the nose is formed from this virtue.]


      I…Perfect control of breath, and of feeling is mastered, so that the ability to enliven anything is attained.


      X…This letter is a combination of the three letters E, K, and S. They are as follows:


      E…A child of God learns how to intensify any idea, concept, mental or feeling form in such a way that they become physiclly visible, or to de-intensify it in order to make it go back to its most refined form.

      [The divine virtue of Omnipresence, being everywhere at once, dark violet color, the akashic element with a sensation of consciousness-penetrating-all, the musical note D, the whole spine is formed from this virtue.]

      K…Through understanding the virtue of omnipotence on the levels of will, mind, and feeling, complete mastery over all terristrial forms and treasures is attained.

      [The divine virtue of Omnipotence, of the highest power imaginable as a QUALITY, silvery-blue color, the element of fire with a sensation or warmth, the left ear is formed from this virtue.]

      S…By understanding the virtue of all-penetrating-power on the levels of will, mind, and feeling, a child of God attains complete control of his/her own consciousness or the consciousness of any other being , starting from the kingdom of the elements up to the highest angels.’

      [The divine virtue of All-penetrating-power, or all-power, the willpower of God that penetrates all as a QUANTITY, purple red color, musical note G-sharp, the element of fire with a sensation of warmth, the gall bladder is formed from this virtue.]

      We teach the children of God how to materialize or de-materialize objects in this manner. We are also available to materialize or de-materialize objects upon command when the virtues described above are mastered through meditation, or when guided by Divine Providence.





      The 25th day of the 28 Day Moon Cycle

      The Moon Angels of Plants

      Also known as

      The Moon Angels of ‘Lavemizhu’


      We influence and control the plant kingdom through emanation of FEELING, combined with intention.

      We teach the children of God how feelings control the mysteries of life, of sprouting and growing. By controlling feelings, a person ‘ can make fertile in a supernatural way, a whole field, no matter how large it may be, or vice versa, to make it infertile and change it into a desert.’

      We inspire each person who comes under our influence which divine virtues in the ancient language to attune to, feel, and emanate in order to make grow whatever they desire.

      By meditating on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, and calling on our help, the following is gained:


      L…The letter L represents the sum total of all divine virtues taken together, so therefore it represents the splendor and majesty of God. In the feeling realm this virtue endows a person with the mystery of emotional equilibrium with regard to the character of any human being. It also endows one with the ability to BECOME ONE WITH ALL DIVINE VIRTUES. We can change disharmonies into harmonies, bestow health and vitality. We connect with and intensify vital energy.


      A… This represents wisdom and enlightenment, and the original purity of all ideas. In the feeling realm, eloquence, musical gift, poetic talent, and mystical faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience, levitation are attained. Also control over the spirits of the air is attained, and therefore over weather. We tap into the wisdom of divine mind in order to teach the mysteries of life and growth in plants.


      V… This letter equates to the letter F, which represents the legality and harmony of all visible worlds. In the feeling realm, meditating on this virtue gives one the ability to perceive and control all elements and will, intellect, feeling, and form. We control the water element and help you discern mortal from eternal and thus control material world phenomena.


      E… The letter E is the omnipresence of God. In the emotions, this virtue gives control over the feelings of oneself and others, and the ability to understand the language of all beings. We teach how to understand the languages and communication of all levels of beings on earth.


      M…This letter represents the magnetic power of emotions. It also represents control over the element of water, and therefore over rain and all manifestations of water. We reveal the mysteries of the growth process and how water brings vitality and renews life.


      E…We bring cosmic into ordinary consciousness and confer upon you high intuition and the faculty of transfer of consciousness.


      Z… The letter Z represents the higher faculties of divine intelligence. When meditating on this in the emotional realm, all kinds of artistic faculties arise. The ability to put all abstract ideas into words develops. We can introduce tremendous endurance and resilience into material world forms.


      H…This letter represents the power of the word. When meditating on this virtue in the feeling realm, the faculty of influencing each fate at will is gained. All tantra and mantra practices are understood. We teach the power of the word to invoke certain divine virtues and accordingly, influence growth.


      U…The letter U represents the understanding of the creative act and karma, and the original source of everything that exists. In the feeling realm, this virtue bestows the faculty of transferring one’s consciousness wherever you want it to be and thus becoming perfect master of it. The ability to evoke states of trance of any kind, and of emitting strong feeling states is also gained. We are attuned to the original source, pristine pure essence of everything that exists in all its forms.’



      The melody formed by the virtues of our name are the notes of F, G, G, D, D, D, G, A, and B.


      Each of the children of God has been given dominion over creation.

      As each person begins to understand the POWER OF FEELING to create realities on the physical world, then the value of aligning one’s feelings with the feelings of the divine virtues becomes paramount.

      Skill in creating different realities using the different divine virtues grows with practice. In the world of plants, this skill manifests miracles of growth and fertility beyond anything that words can describe.

      Every 25th day of each 28-Day Moon Cycle we flood the feelings of earth with attunement with the kingdom of plants, so that abundance and beauty flourishes for all life.





      These messages build on each other. The previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language are found at the following sites:



      This site has the current updated messages archived according to Zodiac Groups,

      online community and email, and other features,

      including a Creations Gallery to showcase your creative talents.


      This site also has the 28 days Angel Messages.


      Healing elixirs of the Masters, Angel Music and prints are available at this site.



      [The angel messages are listed in alphabetical order according to purpose here. This site is due to be upgraded to the edited and expanded version of the angel messages soon.]




      *Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
      or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
      Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
      3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany. These
      books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all four
      levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the
      zodiac. For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you
      can purchase these books online at :


      Franz Bardon’s first book, "Frabato the Magician", gives background information to some of today’s political and economic situations. Be sure to read the additional material at the very back of the book. It will help explain why it is such a miracle of Divine Providence that we have this material available now.


      For a copy of the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, which stimulates wholebrain functioning, and information on emotional processing, please email spiritus@... Or go to http://www.globalpsychics.com/lp/angel_messages/paradox.htm

      At http://www.globalpsychics.com/lp/angel_messages/angelopen.htm you will find "The Twenty Eight Days",



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