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8 Cancer The Angels of The Rhythm of Life

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    CloudEight Stationery, Unicorn Dreams, The art of Herb Leonhard, Music composed by Don Gilman, Unicorn Dreams 8 degrees Cancer The Angels of The Rhythm of Life
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      CloudEight Stationery, Unicorn Dreams, The art of Herb Leonhard, Music composed by Don Gilman, Unicorn Dreams

      8 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of The Rhythm of Life

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Kiliki’



      We are known as the masters of life.

      We are the angels of rhythm and vibration, for life is rhythm and vibration, we are the angels of breath.

      We initiate the children of God into the mastery of rhythm and vibration and into the mastery of life.

      The divine virtue of Omnipotence is the first letter, K, of our name. Omnipotence is the highest power imaginable. This power is the highest and purest light, which means that it is the highest and purest WILL.

      The HIGHEST WILLTO LIVE depends on outpicturing the Splendor and Majesty of God, which is the sum of all divine virtues taken together, the letter L. As the will to live the splendor and majesty of God becomes an emotional energy, and thereby a magnetic expression, life force and vitality is the result.

      Life force and vitality flows in and out through breathing.

      In life, the law of cause and effect governs the use of WILL and EMOTION to create and outpicture the splendor and majesty of God. The law of cause and effect also governs the act of breathing, which is life.

      As children of God become aware of the power and nature of their own will and emotion, they become aware of the cause-effect relationship between the will and emotion, of their rhythm.

      The motion of consciousness between WILL and EMOTION creates rhythm and vibration in cycles large and small, in the micro and macrocosm.

      Through the law of correspondances, the as above, so below law, the control of breath in the microcosm of the human body causes changes in the macrocosm as well.

      By mastering the law of cause and effect, of sowing/will and reaping/emotion, a child of God learns about the Divine alternating rhythms of electro-magnetic energy and can master life itself.

      Because the divine virtue of letter L represents the sum total of ALL of the Divine Virtues, which taken together are the Splendor and Majesty of Divine Consciousness, morality and life force, it is important that these divine virtues are integrated into the consciousness.

      The revelation of the divine virtues unfold in perfect order. In the ancient language the divine virtues are mastered in the sequence according to the letters of the alphabet.

      For instance, the divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, which reveals the original purity of all ideas, letter A, precedes all other divine virtues. After the divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment is integrated within the consciousness, the next divine virtue, letter B, which is the virtue of Universal Life and polarity, is mastered. The mastery of the divine virtue of polarity gives mastery over will and feeling, electricity and magnetism, life and death. After the virtue of polarity is integrated, the next virtue is letter C, which is the virtue of the spiritualization of matter. Then follows the art of creation-D, then omnipresence of Divine Consciousness-E, then the legality of harmony of all visible worlds-F and so forth.


      The INTENT to understand a virtue combined with meditation upon its meaning, FEELING, color, musical note, and sensation opens up the awareness so that the consciousness becomes one with it.


      As a child of God masters all of the divine virtues according to the ancient language, there are many orders of angels who assist with this process. Because of this, when the meditations are pursued, the process flows easily and in a way that is custom tailored to each unique psyche, temperament, and situation.

      "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto you."

      As each child of God goes through the process of integrating the divine virtues, Divine Providence has given us the responsibility to teach mastery over life itself with attunement to highest will and understanding of cause and effect. This gives perfect mastery of breath, vibration, and rhythm in the micro-and macrocosm.

      In this way heaven manifests on earth.


      By attuning to the highest will/feeling rhythms and cycles of Divine Providence, the electro-magnetic energy of the individual is in step with unlimited power.


      K…The virtue of omnipotent will


      I…combined with the understanding of breath, emotions, and rhythm


      L…allows the splendor of Divine Consciousness


      K…to manifest with infinite power


      I…so that complete mastery over all of life is attained.






      The 18th day of the 28 day Moon Cycle

      The Moon Angels of Transmutation

      Also known as

      The Moon Angels of ‘Emzhit’


      We confer great understanding of the power of feelings to transmute matter.

      The most important divine virtue to understand in mastering feelings for the purpose of transmutation, is the virtue of omnipresence, which is the divine virtue of first letter of our name, the letter E. Divine Consciousness exists in everything.

      Feelings are magnetic and have the power of ATTRACTION. Just like a magnet, a feeling pulls out of the infinite potential of the all-pervading consciousness in space whatever is in harmony with it and it is manifested on the physical plane.

      The consciousness of Divine Intelligence and Feeling in all that exists is all-powerful. When a child of God meditates on divine virtues and generates powerful feelings, the magnetic power of attraction of these feelings joins with the all pervading magnetic energy that is everywhere present. The particular frequency of the feelings that are generated determine the exact aspect of Divine Consciousness that is attracted. By generating strong spiritual feelings of with purity and clarity, heavenly situations are drawn forth.

      By learning to love everything and every situation that exists with unconditional all encompassing love while focusing on other feelings of the divine virtues that are desired, it is possible to transmute any thing or situation into a heavenly state.


      Meditate on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name, and call on our help, to realize the following:


      E…We reveal how to apply profound mysteries of materialization to become invisible


      M…and we initiate you into laws of mystical transmutation.


      Z…We awaken memories of knowledge gained in previous lifetimes.


      H…We help you to understand and use the ancient language.


      I…We evoke appropriate memories toward these ends


      T…and we awaken intuition, inspiration, and remarkable inventive abilities.’


      Visibility and invisibility, and the transmutation of feelings in self and others, and therefore the ability to change matter, are part of the natural birthright of the children of God.

      On the 18th day of every 28-Day Moon Cycle we flood the feelings of earth with the power to transmute whatever is less than the highest good of all concerned.





      In the introduction to the Dreamspell, the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age, is mentioned. There are differing calculations on when this 400,000 plus age begins and ends. Even though some scholars feel that the Iron Age is ending, the Khrishna’s believe that it started in 5,000 B.C. I wrote a bit on for those of you who have questions about it:

      "It is true that the Krishna's think the Golden Age is several hundred thousand years in the future. According to their calculations, Khrishna incarnated at the end of the Bronze Age, about 5,000 BC. So according to them, we are in the beginning of the Iron Age which has a long way to go.

      Other experts on this subject, however, think the calculations of the Vaishnava [I'm not sure of this spelling, it refers to followers of Krishna] priests are off by several hundred thousand years.

      From what I can tell of the legends, I tend to agree with other Vedic scholars and groups that we are at the end of the Kali Yuga and entering the Golden Age.

      However, maybe they are both right!!!

      The Gold Age corresponds to Spirit. [Element of Fire]
      The Silver Age corresponds to Mind.[Element of Air]
      The Bronze Age corresponds to Feeling.[Element of Water]
      The Iron Age corresponds to Matter.[Element of Earth]

      According to the Mayans,who I consider to be the TimeLords, and the prophecies of other religions, we are approaching the Perfection of Matter, or Heaven on Earth, or the Golden Age on Earth.

      Since each Age has subplanes that correspond to the four elements, or four ages,
      it is possible that the last 7000 years of history since the incarnation of Khrishna is the seed period building up for manifesting the first stage, or subplane, of the Kali Yuga, which is the Golden Age of Earth, [which would be followed by the Silver Age of Earth, Bronze Age of Earth , and Iron Age of Earth.]"

      However, another element enters in, though, which is that there are even larger cycles than these that may be influencing us at this time. I have heard numerous accounts of this mentioned by very advanced thinkers. When I ask on the inner about cycles, I am shown they are vortexes, ever widening spirals, not closed circles, because they are traveling through time and space and both of these are expanding.

      Then, what makes this even MORE interesting is that according to a lot of information coming in, what earth is going through now HAS NEVER HAPPENED AT ANY TIME OR IN ANY GALAXY BEFORE THIS.

      If this is true, then a NEW BIRTH is occuring here, a new beginning or a new species, and we are all a part of it.

      What I see on the inner is that we may be making a quantum leap off one of the spirals I saw above, to another spiral, an interdimensional leap.

      In quantum physics, when quantums split, one part stays in one place and another part goes somewhere else. [They stay in telepathic contact however.]

      This would explain the great number of channelings about a split of two earths, one earth going into a higher frequency and another earth staying in third dimension, so that those who were ready could evolve and the slower ones could stay in third dimension to learn at their own rate. If this is true, then those staying on third dimension could look forward to the Kali Yuga scenario I first described above.

      The earth that is about to make a quantum leap, however, may even be the point of STARTING OF A NEW SPIRAL in, perhaps [?!], a new higher dimension ?

      If anyone has more information, especially from the Mayans, please let me know! Thanks.


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