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Fw: To Share Angel Wisdom Message for Today

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  • Patti Garrett
    Hello all of you special people: Since I was lucky enough to locate my two angel books late last night, I am going to share today s message with all of
    Message 1 of 79 , Jun 3, 2004
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      Hello all of you special people:
      Since I was lucky enough to locate my two angel books late last night, I am going to share today's message with all of you--one again--which will hopefully get me back in my normal daily groove quicker than anything.
      So, for today, the Angel Wisdom word is 'Optimistic,' which is one of my favorite words!
      "An Angel Reminder:  The bright side is where the angels are.
      "Optimism is making a positive, hopeful view of a situation.  Mysticism involves a contemplative quest for union with the Divine.  Put the two together and you have 'optimysticism'--(doesn't that make for a really great sounding and great feeling word!)   An optimystic is a person who searches for enlightenment with an attitude of  joyous expectation, creating a positive environment on earth in which the Divine can flourish.  The angels encourage us to become optimystics---to adopt an attitude of hope, humor, trust, and light-hearted expectation in transcending the ordinary and making the extraordinary a natural part of our lives.  The optimystic invites God and His angels into everyday life on every level.  Because he or she believes in the best of both worlds, the optimystic will see the best and experience the best that both heaven and earth have to offer.  (Now, I don't know about all of you, but that sounds absolutely wonderful to me!!)
      "If you would like to become an optimystic, believe in the power of wishing and hoping; interpret everything as an instance of luck; acknowledge but do not dwell on suffering; accept and be open to mystical experiences; banish superstitution; and remember to infuse your spiritual journey with plenty of fun, play and humor.
      "An Angelic Reflection:  I look on the bright side, not in naiveté but gratitude, expectation, and trust."
      As usual, I loved these Angel Wisdom words, but the words  about expectation got me to thinking about what the acronym given in the Course in Miracles for FEAR is:  False Expectations Appearing Real.  So maybe for the first time ever I just want to add something to the Angel Wisdom words by saying that when you start wishing and hoping and expecting, be sure you that what you are thinking about and expecting is something that is real and something that you really want.  
      In addition, on the idea of luck, that is something that both Unity ministers and the ministers from the Light of Christ Center have taught me not to believe in, but instead to believe in synchronicity and things happening because they are supposed to happen, never because of either luck or coincidence.  So I have to say that I really don't believe that luck or coincidence are the reasons for anything happening to me.
      So as with anything I share with all of you, please feel free to either take these words to heart or not.  My personal belief is that each person is entitled to believe what they wish, no matter whether it agrees with my beliefs or feelings or not. 
      All I ever want to do when sharing information is just to share it with you period. After you receive it, what you do with it is entirely up to each of you.
      Because I love angels and all of their words, I will continue to read their messages and share their words.  I just found it a little strange that for as long as I have been sharing these messages, today is the first time that I have not been able to totally agree with their message.
      Have a wonderful and special day, each of you wonderful people.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
    • Patti Garrett
      Hello everyone: I could not find an appropriate angel for today, so I just decided to use this stationery with the angels on the side, and this song -- Words
      Message 79 of 79 , Dec 28, 2004
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        Hello everyone:
        I could not find an appropriate angel for today, so I just decided to use this stationery with the angels on the side, and this song -- Words -- because it reminds me a lot of 'Right Speech' which are the angel wisdom words for today.  Have you ever had something happen to you in your life, usually something miraculous or spiritual, when there just did not seem to be the right words to say?  We do have only  a certain amount of words, and those are what we have to use, but we should always be sure that we use the right speech and that our words are impeccable because what we say really becomes a way for people to know who we are.  So we must always be sure to have the 'Right Speech.'
        That said, let me get to the message for today.
        "An Angel Reminder:  We should regard our words as instruments of healing.
        "According to the Buddhist principle of right speech, one should always know when to speak the truth and when to refrain from speaking it, in order to spare someone unnecessary hurt.  The intention of right speech is to make sure our words are used only in a helpful, not a harmful manner, which involves speaking at all times with discretion and compassion.  Of course, we will find right speech difficult to practice if, like most humans, we indulge in the fascinating activities of gossiping about, judging, analyzing, criticizing, condemning and advising others.  Right speech is also a challenge if we are convinced that we can clean up the world with the mop and pail of our knowledge and opinions.  In other words, right speech involved a certain degree of deflation.  'When we become conscious of how and when we use or d don't use words and the effects of our choices on others, we are compelled to turn out attention inward rather than outward -- to become interested in our own behaviors and motivations as we work to master the difficult, delicate art of looking before we speak (much like looking before we leap!).
        "Become conscious of how you use words.  Try practicing the art of right speech for just one  day, refraining from talking about and judging or condemning or criticizing others or saying anything that could hurt someone unnecessarily.  Notice how your thinking and listening skills increase as your verbal activities decrease.
        "An Angelic Reflection:  I choose my words with care, knowing that they will take root in the minds and hearts of others.  
        And one more thing to remember is that words are like arrows, once they are released they cannot be taken back.  In addition, we should always be careful with our words today because we never know when we might have to eat them tomorrow.
        To each of you special and beautiful people, I hope you are having a wonderful and joy-filled day.
        Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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