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Correction in yesterday's angel message footnote request

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Dear Family of Light. In yesterday s footnote section, the email address of Larrie Del Martin, executive director of Atlanta Habitat of Humanity was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
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      Dear Family of Light. In yesterday's footnote section, the email address of
      Larrie Del Martin, executive director of Atlanta Habitat of Humanity was
      incorrect. The CORRECT address is Larrie.Martin@... .

      Our emergency is reaching the 11th hour to save an 11 acre urban forest
      from clearcutting by Habitat of Humanity in the Lakewood Heights
      neighborhood of downtown Atlanta . 165 mature trees are scheduled to be
      cut in phase one in the next few weeks. When all phases are completed,
      hundreds more trees than that will be gone.

      Three representatives of our neighborhood have an emergency last minute
      meeting with a few of their higher officers on Monday June 7th to stop the
      proposed clearcutting. We are presenting several alternatives, win/win
      compromises, which their other officers have denied us in all the meetings
      we have had with them at our Neighborhood Planning Units. One of these
      alternatives is donated by Clay Preston of Village Habitat. This design
      allows them to build the same number of homes rearranged to create a sense
      of community, with ample greenspace and a wildlife sanctuary.

      Atlanta is currently down to 27 percent tree canopy. A city the size of
      Atlanta requires 40 percent to maintain air quality.

      One acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe each day
      and eliminates as much carbon dioxide from the air as is produced from
      driving a car 26,000 miles.

      Even if they refuse Clay Preston's design, we are urging them to only cut
      trees for each house itself and driveway, leaving a forested yard, which
      gives much more privacy and protects wildlife on this 11 acres. In addition
      we are pleading with them to redevelop already ruined lots in general
      instead of developing more forested areas.

      We propose that Habitat evolve their humanitarian image to that of being
      standard bearers of environmental stewardship, saving trees and soil quality
      in attractive and creative ways with every house built.

      In this way houses stay cooler in summer, cost less to maintain their
      comfortable temperature in hot weather, and subjectively feel much more
      spacious and luxurious. Children benefit from contact with natural wildlife.
      Attractive ground cover replaces hard-to-maintain lawns, and makes it
      unnecessary to use harmful chemicals and polluting lawnmowers.

      Like expensive forested lots in the upscale sections of town such as
      Northwest Atlanta, Habitat homes will enjoy more privacy and status as well.

      To us it is just common sense to preserve not only trees, but much of the
      plant life on land designated for Habitat Homes. For example, on the 11
      forested acres that our neighborhood has been disputing with Habitat, 15 and
      20 foot magnolias are growing here and there. These plants would cost
      hundreds of dollars each if magnolias this size were imported and planted.
      Why cut these valuable plants down? Purchasers of Habitat homes, like any
      homeowner, would enjoy and be proud of such plants.

      If you feel to send an email of support for this 11 acre forest in Lakewood
      Heights to Habitat, please email their executive officer, Larrie Dell Martin
      at Larrie.Martin@... . Even a few emails of support will
      help us greatly prior to our meeting.

      Please send cc copies to us here at spiritus@... and also to
      Earl Johannaber of GreenEarth TV at johannaber@...

      Send snail mail , either letters or postcards, to:

      Larrie Del Martin
      Executive Director
      Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta
      519 Memorial Drive, S.E.
      Atlanta, GA 30312

      copies to:

      Dr. Michael Schlosser
      Pres. of Lakewood Heights Community Civic Asso.
      173 Meador Way SE
      Atlanta, Ga. 30315

      Thank you!
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