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  • Hilary Starke
    Good luck with this - Im there ahead of you and before you - Im celebrating a wedding anniversary that day - however, uk elections are on 10th June. Before
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      Good luck with this - Im there ahead of you and before you - Im celebrating a wedding anniversary that day - however, uk elections are on 10th June.  Before taking to the skies I intend to vote - brave, I know, but then one has a choice as it were.  Three "adult" members of Starke household are intending at present time to vote in these categories:
      Dad:    Scottish Conservatives                GOOD CHOICE DAD
      Mal:    UK Independence Party                WELL I SORT OF SEE THIS
      Self:    GREEN                                            I know - but we like (oh dear this is not a good word - NOT MATTER)
                                                                             whaccky - like Phoebe - we like a bit of fun and livty
      Loving you all
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      Subject: Re: << lovingpurelove >> 14 Gemini, The Angels of Philosophical Books

      Dear Cynthia and Michael and Lovingpurelove members,
      I'm drawing attention to the note that Michael and Cynthia have included about the eleven disputed acres in Atlanta.  How wonderful that we can email the people involved with our feelings, thoughts, and cares before the next emergency meeting on June 7.  How wonderful it would be if the Habitat for Humanity directors would put these wonderful conservation ideas into practice.  Hoping all you eloquent writers will be able to send some heartfelt and thoughtful words on behalf of the best outcome for this proposed new neighborhood.  I want to send something that is very caring and moving.  Let us put our hearts to the task.  Loving all in abundance, Polly




      14 degrees Gemini

      The Angels of Philosophical Books

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Amami’




      As a Child of Light accesses knowledge and wisdom in meditation, we inspire him or her to write books and share with others. 


      For this reason, the pleasure of reading becomes a path of mental wisdom for many.


      We find and supply the perfect books for every interest in the arts and philosophies.  Our resourcefulness is unlimited in this regard.


      Many times old and ancient books bring the most appropriate message for the present time.


       Some of these timeless treasures are the best resources to address current spiritual issues, such as the pursuit of enlightenment and the development of magical powers, the birthright of sincere seekers and Children of Light.


       Some books transcend limitation, like Franz Bardon’s books which have formed the basis for these angel messages (see footnotes). Others, like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, In the Light of Truth by Abd-Ru-Shin, the writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding, to give a few examples, can be the key to open up the worlds of higher truth. 


      We are the heavenly host who also inspire the Children of Light to write majestic tomes filled with precious jewels of the ancient wisdom.


       We guide each seeker to just the right book as they tread the path of mental Wisdom.





      Here is one of our stories:




      Once upon a time shortly before the Golden Age, a beautiful girl named Rachel wistfully looked out of her window at the  multicolored rooftops of Paris, stretched outward toward the horizon like a quilt.


       As far as she could see,  the morning sunlight sparkled on the rooftops, on meandering rivers, and on gently rustling treetops.


      Turning, she saw her fine Chippendale desk, with its elegant cut crystal vase holding a perfect rose.


      With awe she looked at the old leather covered book that Mr. Lariviere at the bookstore had delivered yesterday.


      She felt an aura of mystery around the book.  A strange and beautiful power emanated from it and filled the room.


      The fine old engraved volume lay there on the polished surface of the desk, in a shaft of light coming through the window. 


        It beckoned to her, inviting her to come and look inside.


      Oh how she loved to read the higher mysteries!


       Dear Mr. Lariviere knew exactly the kind of books she treasured, and this one promised to be exceptional!


      She could hardly wait!


      Opening the finely etched cover with trembling hands, she held her breath.


       Peering intently at the elegantly scrolled yellowed paper, she read the name of “Brother N. P. Cornelius,  humble servant of The Most Exalted and Supreme Divine Creator, 1849”.


      “On the path of humble service,” he had written, “a pilgrim such as myself often wonders how The Divine can work through such imperfect vessels.”


      “ Even so, I have discovered a mighty and wondrous secret; I have discovered that in the morning hours, when the world sleeps and dreams, visitations from heavenly angels come swiftly and surely, even to someone like myself, who is but a beginner on the path to Wisdom.”


      Turning the page in anticipation, she continued.


       “Each morning the Archangel Gabriel comes to me on a shaft of light, a light that pierces the veils between the heavenly worlds and this.  When He comes, I fall prostrate before him, and he lifts me up and tells me that I am beloved of the Most High.”


      “ He fills my head and my heart with wonderful visions and feelings of Divine Perfection, which I faithfully and gratefully write down for the beloved Sons and Daughters of Light.”


      Page after page filled her heart and her vision with splendid vistas of Light, of Grace and Mercy, of Omnipotent Power and Wisdom.


       It was as if Brother Cornelius was right there with her, so  fresh and alive were his words as they jumped off the page and into her heart, enlivening her soul,  inspiring her spirit!


      As she traveled the highways and byways of Celestial Light with Brother Cornelius, her aura filled with a soft brown light and she felt herself gladly releasing the vain ideas of fashion and society that she had been educated to value so highly.


      Sentence by sentence, filled with wonderful flowing feelings of holiness and love, she felt herself reaching, touching, the very steps of the gates of heaven.  A lovely blue green light shimmered all around her as her heart sailed rivers of Divine Emotion.


      Gladly she let go of her beliefs in limitation, and replaced them with expansive visions of Paradise on Earth, an Earth one with Heaven, and a light blue radiance engulfed her.


       The light outside grew dim and still she read on and on.


      Oh how she loved the truth!  Oh what beautiful feelings filled her soul!


       Finally, about ten thirty that night, she reluctantly closed the cover.


      Such reverence and happiness filled her as she pondered the new worlds that Brother Cornelius had opened up.  A deep red light pulsated as her feelings of happiness grew and grew.


      She needed time to integrate the powerful new insights that filled her soul.


        She needed to remember what she had read, and apply it to everything that had happened to her in her life up to this point.


      As she began to ponder, a light opalescent light shimmered around her.


       She began to realize how everything that happened in her life was caused by the types of self image, desires, thoughts, feelings, and actions she had valued and held.


      She began to see analogy after analogy. Her breathing became deep and slow.  She was filled with the heavenly elixirs of the heavenly hosts.


       After a long while, Rachel realized that she was hungry, she had not eaten all day.


       She decided to visit her favorite sidewalk café.


      As she walked to the tiny café, her mind was so full of angelic light that she barely noticed the passers by.


       She walked as if in a dream. 


      How lovely the descriptions of angels were!  How real their tender loving care, and their vast treasure of heavenly wisdom and love!


      She felt as if she had been magically transported into the heavenly company of heaven, hearing beautiful unceasing songs of glory and praise, ringing throughout eternity!


       She felt as if she had been bathed in the most precious holy waters, as if she had been transported close to the very steps of the throne of God Himself.


      As she finished eating, her aura filled with the emerald green light of true divine blessing, a gentle tiredness came over her, and she went back to her room and climbed into her soft antique bed.


      She sank into a deep sleep.


      Later, about three in the morning, a beautiful dream awakened her to an unusual glow shining in the room. 


      Sitting up and closing her eyes, she remembered the words of Brother Cornelius.  She remembered his description of the shaft of light that pierced the veil between the worlds!


      “Dear Gabriel,” she whispered, “How I long to see your most glorious face!”


      Deeply her heart flowed with love as she communed in fervent prayer,  “Dear Father, I am asking that you accept my love,  please accept the love that flows from the heart of your humble servant Rachel.  I ask that you allow me to serve in your plan of Heaven on Earth, even if it is in the most little and insignificant way.”


       She lay back down. A sense of peace filled her as she drifted off into an other worldly silent space, filled with the mighty presence of a great and sovereign consciousness. A long time seem to pass.


      In the dim pre-dawn light of early morning, she was awakened again by a sound and her eyes fluttered open.


       At the foot of her bed, snuggled in the deep burgundy coverlet, a solitary gray dove lay nestled in peace and contentment.


        A beautiful branch of green fern lay close by.


      Barely daring to breath, she watched the dove as it quietly slept.


      The most subtle presence of peace, purity and love pervaded the room. 


      As the first rays of the sun came through her window, the dove stirred and flew gracefully through the curtains and soared over the rooftops of Paris into the far horizon.


      Tears of joy fell from her eyes.


        Her heart leapt with joy.


      She was filled with devotion!


      She breathed deepest reverence and profound ecstasy.


      As she aroused herself to prepare for another wondrous day, she gazed through tears of joy at the ancient book.


      How wonderful that it had come into her hands!


        There were still many pages to read.


       Today she would journey further with Brother Cornelius, as he shared with her the glory of his visions of Heaven.









      A and umlaut A, ae…We help the Children of Light attune to the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind and release old desires, beliefs, feelings, and possessions which no longer serve the highest good of all concerned.  We help with control over negative beings and passion.  We are experts in the transformation of anything.




      M…We help open the mind to ideas, to the flow of vitalized feelings, sensations, and life spirit.


      A and umlaut A, ae…’We tap into the highest knowledge and the most profound truths of the enlightened mind to help heal the mind.’

      We inspire understanding of artistic and mental talents and abilities to the level of the highest wisdom and illumination. We help with the release of negative beings, imperfections on all levels, and clinging to anything that is not the highest good of all concerned.


      M…we teach an inward understanding of the growth and change process, fluidity of ideas, and the laws of flowing, especially in the metal sphere.


      I…We teach mastery of shape, measure, number and weight and thus impart comprehension of metaphysics and philosophy.’



      The melody of the letters of our name are the notes of G, C, D, G, C, D, and G.







      Sigil of ‘A-M-A-M-I’
      Refer to 29 Taurus message for instructions.
      Note:  Please pray for the Highest Good with us as we plead with Habitat for Humanity to spare an eleven acre urban forest here in Lakewood Heights in Atlanta.   Cutting of the first phase of 165 trees is slated to begin almost immediately. 
      We have an emergency last minute meeting with a few of their higher officers on June 7th.  We are presenting again several alternatives, win/win compromises, which their other officers have denied us in all the meetings we have had with them at our Neighborhood Planning Units.
      Atlanta is currently down to 27 percent tree canopy, and our city requires 40 percent to maintain air quality. 
       One acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe each day and eliminates as much carbon dioxide from the air as is produced from driving a car 26,000 miles.
      We are urging them to redevelop already ruined lots, or at least to only cut  trees for each house itself and driveway, leaving a forested yard, which gives much more privacy and protects wildlife. 
      We propose that Habitat evolve their humanitarian image to that of being standard bearers of environmental stewardship, saving trees and soil quality in attractive and creative ways with every house built.
      In this way houses stay cooler in summer, cost less to maintain their comfortable temperature in hot weather, and subjectively feel much more spacious and luxurious. Children benefit from contact with natural wildlife.  Attractive ground cover replaces hard-to-maintain lawns, and makes it unnecessary to use harmful chemicals and polluting lawnmowers.
      Like expensive forested lots in the upscale sections of town such as Northwest Atlanta, Habitat homes will enjoy more privacy and status as well.
      To us it is just common sense to preserve not only trees, but much of the plant life on land designated for Habitat Homes. For example, on the 11 forested acres that our neighborhood has been disputing with Habitat, 15 and 20 foot magnolias are growing here and there. These plants would cost hundreds of dollars each if magnolias this size were imported and planted.  Why cut these valuable plants down?  Purchasers of Habitat homes, like any homeowner, would en

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