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  • Karen Pennington
    Our Dearest Ron: What you contribute is yourself and all those wonderful things you share with us just as we share with you. I don t know if you re able to get
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 13, 2000
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      Our Dearest Ron: What you contribute is yourself and
      all those wonderful things you share with us just as
      we share with you. I don't know if you're able to get
      the SCI FI channel there or not; but they have a show
      on called Crossing Over with John Edward (he also has
      his own web page). He is a psychic who communicates
      with those who have crossed over. And more than once
      he has related to someone about how their departed
      friend or relative has a dog or cat there with them.
      Sometimes this is quite a revelation to the person
      being read because the one who has crossed over hated
      animals while they were alive, usually a particular
      pet, but now they are both crossed over and
      inseparable. And I always like to think and feel that
      anyone or anything we love never really dies because
      they still live in our hearts and memories. Then we
      can really look at the things they did to infuriate us
      and laugh at how silly it was and remember all the
      nice things they did for us and it makes us feels all
      warm and fuzzy all over again. I give warm and fuzzy
      and hu-mon-gus vote of I want more. Love and Hugs,
      --- Ronald cogan <coganra@...> wrote:
      > Dear everyone,
      > Well after messing with the puter and getting it
      > straighten out I
      > read all the messages you all have written. You
      > all are alwsome,
      > the poems are really good because they help me look
      > inside of myself
      > and they also help me see things from other peoples
      > point of view, a
      > good point of view. I don't have any poems or good
      > sayings but I
      > enjoy reading what you all put out. Polly, Karen,
      > Pattii, JoAnn,
      > you all reality helped me see a lot of things that I
      > knew but didn't
      > realize, or didn't want to bring up to the surface.
      > Karen I have
      > had so many pets, dogs,cats, mise, possimans
      > rabbits, gecgos, and
      > any amnial that needs my help. I know that I can
      > show them love and
      > they won't judge me. I just watched a TV show about
      > a big police dog
      > who saved a lot of kids from a killer, and he was
      > shot, and died.
      > Well I cried and felt like I had lost him also,
      > but i didn't. I
      > don't hurt anything or aminual or bug or any thing.
      > I remember a
      > reading a book where a person asked GOD if animals
      > had souls, and he
      > answered just look into there eyes and you will get
      > your answer. I
      > never forgot that. Well I don't know what I can
      > contribute here but
      > thanks for letting me hang around.---RON

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