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Special Message Part Two

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    God will put his angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands to keep you from hurting your feet on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2002

      "God will put his angels in charge of you

      to protect you wherever you go.

      They will hold you up with their hands

      to keep you from hurting your feet on the stones.

      Psalm 91:11-12

      "Ask and ye SHALL receive."
      Special Message Part two: Why it is  important to ask the angels and the heavenly hosts AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT TIMES for help that, when given,  creates major changes in our lives.
      Dearest Family of The Light,
      In yesterday's special message, it was mentioned that in the process of calling for help from the angels and other  beings of the heavenly hosts,  it may be necessary to ask MORE THAN ONCE!
      This is such an important issue, that I want to explain it a little further.
      As you know, mankind has been given free will. It is through free will that we learn to follow our inner guidance, that the children of light have been given the ability to co-create heaven on earth! 
       All of the heavenly hosts RESPECT our free will.  They respect it so much, in fact, that they have always observed a policy of non-interference with our free will at all costs.  Also, because of the mixed messages we so often unwittingly communicate regarding our true intentions they MUST BE SURE that what we ask them is what we truly will with our whole hearts before they do anything that will forever change our lives. 
      They are wise, and know that people are often of two different minds, especially concerning MAJOR changes in their lives !  How often have you been unable to decide about something, weighing both sides of an issue and going back and forth?--and this is just what you are aware of wanting with your conscious mind!
       They MUST know, before they answer a prayer for help, that we are ready to release the old, that we've learned what we needed to learn from it, that we are not attached to the status quo, and have done sufficient inner work to free ourselves to move on
      For this reason we have found that, in order to feel unambiguous about having our prayers answered, we value it highly to be very clear within ourselves of our enduring intentions.  The old saying to be careful what you wish for, implies that when you get it, it may not still fit well with your higher destiny, your journey and ultimate destination in this life time. For this reason it has been very important to us to spend time analyzing the present situation with the angels when we call them in to ask for something. For one thing we want to have extracted all the lessons and blessings it is possible for us to gain out of the current situation before we release it in favor of our next phase.
      One safe guard to ensure that we are truly ready to move on, is to ask more than once over a period of time. Consistently over many years, we have found, and our teachers told us that they also found, it is best to approach the angels three different times.  Something is magical about asking three times, at least three.   We try to spread it out over the course of a day, a few days apart, or even over a few weeks--repeating the request ever more strongly, with more conviction and elaboration each time.   Then we feel it is much more likely that the prayer gets answered.
       When the request is repeated,  the message gets across to the unseen beings that the request is not a transient or temporary whim, but well thought out and thoroughly desired with our whole selves.
       Michael and I have learned, first of all, to give thanks for the blessings that our present situation has brought us .  We  have learned the importance of recapitulating all aspects of the situation, both what we love about it as well as what no longer works in our life.
      When we were under greater financial hardship, we were thankful that it brought us strength and ingenuity.    It opened our eyes to other qualities in ourselves that we would have never been aware of, had we not been faced with its challenges.  It opened our hearts to billions of fellow humans who live from hand to mouth, laboring just to survive, and thereby gifting us with the jewel of compassion. It  made us appreciate and value simple, humble possessions, ones that most certainly would have been disregarded or discarded by other people.  It taught us that possessions, no matter how humble, are loving gifts from the earth, requiring raw materials that have cost the Earth Mother of her substance and have required the labor and efforts 
      of others. 
       Our vision was uplifted from the glamour and materialism that we had inherited from our culture and redirected instead to the treasures of the Soul and the Spirit.  The source of our sense of self worth shifted from what we
      owned, a material focus, to what we were becoming inwardly, a more spiritual value. 
      Challenges of material wealth  made us truly richer with the treasures of heaven!
      We spent time GIVING THANKS for all of this with the angels.
      "Give thanks for ALL things , for that is My Will concerning you."
      Once having given thanks, 
      we tried to be deeply honest with ourselves and with the angels about what no longer was working in our present situation.  We came to terms with what we MUST have in order to do what we incarnated on earth to do. 
      As part one of this special message documented yesterday,  we let the angels know that we were spending all of our strength in struggle, with too little energy, peace of mind or time for what was so most important to us.
      We let them know that Michael was spending his days in a dead end job.   His co-workers generally were on a different wavelength, usually did not value or see who he was, nor understand and help him grow stronger in what he believed in his heart.  We told the angels that we were exhausted and depressed by doing things to make money that did not uplift us or the world.  We let them know that we were frightened, exhausted, desperate, and at the end of our rope because we were unable to do what felt right to us on a day to day basis. 
      Once we deeply documented our feelings , both positive and negative, then they knew that we were in touch with the entirety of the situation, and with all sides of ourselves. They knew that we had learned the lessons of our old circumstances, and had discovered the strengths within ourselves that it required. They knew that we were ready to embrace change without looking back.   THEY KNEW that we were ready for them to come through with miraculous help.
      We were always sure to ask for what we truly wanted, for our heart's desire, for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.  
       Then we watched in fascination over the next period of time as they fulfilled what has been spoken:
      There is one more point that I wish to make that is VERY important.  When we first started working closely with the angels, we found that when the angels answered a prayer, they often gave guidance in such subtle ways that it was hard for us to follow  it.  They are not in physical embodiment, as we are, and what was very obvious and powerful to them was often hardly perceptable to us.
       We  were driven to distraction!  We called them in and explained to them that even if a person is a trained psychic, which most people are not, there are just so many distractions, so much room for error in interpretation,  that is is nearly impossible to always accurately perceive and follow detailed inner guidance.  We explained that we were spending too much time and energy trying to tune in all the time to what they wanted us to do, and that it was making us nervous and worried about bringing through the answers to our prayers.
       We learned that it worked to  ALWAYS ASK THAT THEIR GUIDANCE TO US BE VERY VERY STRONG, so strong that there is NO WAY that we could miss it, or mess it up!  Once we learned to ask for this, our lives turned around drastically.
       We learned to call in the angels three more times, as we described in the first message, and document all the reasons why, if they left it up to us, it was likely, in spite of our best efforts, for us to make mistakes.  We told them why it is SO IMPORTANT that they, the angels, take full responsibility to MAKE THE ANSWERS MANIFEST undeniably and completely no matter what!  Under the circumstances, we asked them to take ALL the responsiblity instead of relying on us.
      This was just as important to the angels as it was to us. It allowed them to adjust their help in a realistic and often dramatic way. In this way we were able to relax, surrender and remain in  assurance and faith in a childlike manner.   When guidance did come through, thankfully it was so obvious, that no matter what we were doing, or what state of mind we were in, we got it.
      "Ye MUST be as little children to enter the kingdom of God."
      It took a long time for Michael and myself to learn how to relate successfully with them and get the results we needed,  and to become confident of their help.  
      Our confidence grew bit by bit, answered prayer by answered prayer.  We have given them some BIG requests!
      I remember saying to Michael once in the early days, "Well, honey, if we ask and they don't come through, then we are no worse off than we already are anyway. We have nothing to lose.  If we ask them and they DO help us, then we have discovered one of the most important relationships of our lives!  We will finally know what angels are, and what they do. This issue is so important that we have to try!"
       I remember both of us  telling them out loud  that we were afraid that if we asked for their help and didn't receive it sometimes, or didn't perceive it, that it would be terribly discouraging to us.  We explained to them that in physical incarnation we don't keep cars that only work 9 times out of 10, breaking down and leaving us stranded ten percent of the time.  We explained how difficult it is for humans to remain in a relationship with a spouse who is faithful ninety per cent of the time, only being unfaithful ten per cent of the time. In other words, we were COMPLETELY HONEST AND REALISTIC to them about how important it is to us that they be reliable in their relationship with us. We asked them to come through in a consistent manner .  We knew we were asking a lot, but our committment was honesty with them and ourselves and this is how we honestly felt.
      Michael and I believe that everything depends on honesty and on depth of feeling.
      The angels and the heavenly hosts are very powerful, and as the messengers of God, they are perfectly capable of doing all that is asked of them. 
      So the most important points  in this message are to ask  more than once, at least three times, and to insist that the angels answer your prayers consistently in such a way that there is no way that they can fail!
      There is one more point that I have found to be important...many times after I have explained my unhappiness with a situation to the angels and ask for their help, I am not sure exactly what the solution is, what to ask for for the highest good.   In this case I surrender the situation to the angels, asking them to diagnose it on every level and that whatever they do to heal it, and however they do it, that the results be the highest good of all concerned.  To be honest, I have been the happiest with the outcomes when I do it this way.  They see so much more than I do!
      Remember to give thanks each time!
      With great love,
      Cynthia Rose



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