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18 Gemini The Angels of Love

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    18 Degrees Gemini The Angels of Love Also known as The Angels of ‘Amagestol’ Beloved, We initiate the children of God into the secrets of love. ‘All
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2002

      18 Degrees Gemini

      The Angels of Love

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Amagestol’


      We initiate the children of God into the secrets of love.

      ‘All aspects of love, from the highest to the lowest; whether animal love, human love, or the most high divine Cosmic Love, are under our guidance.’

      On the path of mental wisdom, which is the path of the Constellation of Gemini, LOVE is understood as the path that all life uses to connect emotionally with the VITALITY OF THE WEB OF LIFE, the unified field of the One Being.

      Emotions are the Divine Feminine Force. Emotions are the essence of magnetism, and the emotion of love on any level; animal, human, or cosmic, is THE instinctive way to attract life, vitality, and sensation into form.

      ALL beings who love each other are surrounded by our protection.

      We have taught mankind for ages that Love conquers all, that Love is the most powerful force there is, and that Love is the essence of Divine Consciousness itself.

      Holy books of every spiritual path have taught that love is the most important quality to nurture on the journey to


      Practicing the concentration of love, seekers on the path of sainthood have sacrificed everything they owned for love, and have found in this that giving love is not a sacrifice to the one who loves. They have found that giving love is the path to inner bliss and oneness with the divine.

      Surrendering to love humanizes even those who have previously hardened their heart and makes a success out of lifetimes of incarnations which have been frought with misdeeds.

      Musician and poet John Lennon said that it matters not who you love,

      or what you love, where, when, why or how you love; the important thing is

      only that you love. Living in love is the secret to a life worth living.


      In protecting and inspiring all beings who love each other, we are protecting the process of Spirit enlivening Form, of Heaven manifesting on Earth.

      Love brings about clairvoyant tendencies between the lover and the beloved. The gifts of love bring about true miracles on every level of being.



      Here is one of our stories:

      Once upon a time there was a very lonely lady named Francine. Everyday she woke up and looked wistfully out of her kitchen window at the garden and drank her tea, wondering if anything would happen this day to make her life any different at all. Life just did not seem have any real meaning.

      She reminded herself of all her blessings; she tried to think lovely positive thoughts, but no matter what she did, she felt lifeless, and her back bent over as though the weight of the world sat upon her shoulders.

      One morning, as she looked down into her cup, a tear fell into the tea, making a little ripple.

      The Angels of ‘Amagestol’ heard this plea of dispair rising from her forlorn heart.

      Quickly they checked with Divine Providence and received permission to act.

      That morning a man had a flat tire right in front of Francine’s house.

      He got out of the car to see what had happened. When he went to put on the spare, he found that it was flat too, so he went up to Francine’s door and knocked.

      Who could be knocking? Francine jerked her head up. Who could that be? She looked out the window and saw the flat tire and hurried to the door. She had a wonderful feeling. Under the influence of the Angels of ‘Amagestol’, it never occurred to her to feel afraid.

      The gentleman was rather bald, and very humbly he held his hat in his hand. "Excuse me," he said, " I….". He never finished, because Francine already knew.

      She ushered him right in and handed him the phone.

      The phone wouldn’t work! The line was dead! Francine couldn’t understand it, because she had just received a call on it.

      They spent about fifteen minutes checking the cords and trying to make it work.

      Finally, somewhat flustered, they decided to go into the kitchen and have a cup of tea to think about it and discuss the next step.

      The Angels of ‘Amagestol’ attuned Francine to the beauty of Frank’s soul and vice versa. Frank began to look at Francine with intense discernment and noticed that she was just as lonely as he, and just as intelligent, sensitive, caring, and sweet. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, and her hair was a natural soft honey blond.

      Finally Frank got up and slapped the back of his chair. "Francine," he said, "I have a feeling that we are supposed to meet each other. I bet the phone works by now, and I bet that you and I should have dinner tonight!"

      Sure enough, the phone worked perfectly. Frank got his tire fixed and over a lovely dinner that evening they discussed the amazing similarities of their lives.

      The courtship was long, for both of them were careful middle aged people, but Francine’s back quickly straightened up and her step became lively. A sparkle returned to her eye that had not been there for years.

      Frank was beside himself. He had given up on ever finding a mate years ago, for he had been too shy to ever break the ice. Thank God for that flat tire!

      They really loved each other! It was beautiful! Francine would sit at the table in the morning looking out at the garden, in rapture at the beauty of each detail. Every butterfly and dragonfly caught her attention, every nuance sent her into poetic reverie.

      Finally Frank and Francine got married in the small chapel in the next town and quietly went about their life together.

      Frank moved out of his rental apartment and into Francine’s and fixed up the house. Francine made bunches of lovely new dresses on the sewing machine and started wearing flowers in her hair.

      They took on two new pet cats and then added a sweet stray dog that showed up one day.

      In the winter they all loved to sit together in front of the fire deep in thought. Francine and Frank occasionally would burst out with an idea to talk about and then would end up launching into warm discussions of spiritual insights, memories, or daily events.

      The hearts of all five of them; the dog and cats and Francine and Frank, blossomed.

      The Angels of ‘Amegestol’ watched over them carefully.

      The heavens rejoiced in the warmth and beauty of their love.



      A…We teach lovers the highest illumination and spur their development of occult abilities and artistic sensitivity.

      [The divine virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment, letter A]


      M…We master feelings , sensations, and vitality and we can know and direct the flow of feelings in others.

      [ The divine virtue of feeling and emotion, of fluidity, change, and magnetism, letter M]


      A…We use the wisdom of the enlightened mind to penetrate clairvoyantly into knowing of their thinking process and spur development of clairvoyance,

      [The divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, soft A as in ahhhh. If pronounced umlaut A, AE, then the divine virtue of transmutation of will, thought, feeling, and form is meant. This virtue gives control over passion, and therefore control over negative beings. It also gives freedom from clinging to any desire, thought or belief, feeling, or physical possession.]


      G…in order to bless the children of God with happiness, satisfaction and peace.

      [The divine virtue of Grace and Mercy, letter G.]


      E…We control the transfer of consciousness and help develop clairsentient reading of minds and emotions to make expression of feelings more refined in loving relationships.

      [The divine virtue of omnipresence, of the all presence of divine consciousness and life, letter E.]


      S…We control consciousness of all who work with us, all lovers, to give them absolute clairvoyance and the gift of prophecy.

      [The divine virtue of all-penetrating-willpower, letter S.]


      T…We bring through genuine emotional magic and give lovers insight into the meaning of "as above, so below".

      [The divine virtue of high inspiration, letter T.]


      O…We evoke happy, successful and contented scenarios wherein lovers realize how to respect karmic laws impeccably.

      [The divine virtue of harmony and justice, letter O.]


      L…We bring through the splendor and majesty of God in loving one another, to enhance health, beauty, and vitality.’

      [The divine virtue of all the divine virtue taken together, so this is the divine virtue of the splendor and majesty of God, letter L.]


      The melody formed by the letters of our name are the notes of G,D,G,F,D, G sharp, F, C, and F.





      These messages build on each other. The previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language are found at the following sites:



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      *Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks are quoted
      or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical
      Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN
      3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany. These
      books have detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all four
      levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the
      zodiac. For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you
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      Franz Bardon’s first book, "Frabato the Magician", gives background information to some of today’s political and economic situations. Be sure to read the additional material at the very back of the book. It will help explain why it is such a miracle of Divine Providence that we have this material available now.


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