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  • Hilary Starke
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      Thank you. 
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 11:25 PM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> To Share Angel Wisdom Message, The Daily Word Message and Other Angel Messages for Today

      Hello all of you special people here today:

      I apologize for not sharing these words for the past two days, but the Universe
      apparently had other ideas for my time as I was just not able to do so.

      However, because I feel that these messages are good for every day, I wanted to
      share just a portion of each message from each with all of you today, before I
      share the entire message for today.

      That being said, the Angel Wisdom Word for May 2nd was 'Anxiety,' which is a
      word I can very much relate to and one which I am sure many of you can as well.

      For that day, the Angel Reminder was:  "We have everything we need to control
      everything we need to control."

      And the Angelic Reflection for that day was:  "Next time I start to panic, I
      will surrender to the angels, allowing myself to be protected by their love and
      guided by their wisdom."  (Doesn't that sound like a wonderful idea?)

      Then, for May 3rd, the Angel Wisdom Word was 'Kilter,' which means in good

      working order.  So when something is out of kilter, it means it is not working

      For that day, then, the Angel Reminder was:  "We stay in good working order when
      we balance our lives."  (This is what I like to call 'Divine Order.'

      And the Angelic Reflection for that day was:  "I respect my boundaries and the
      boundaries of others; I live with the beauty of inner peace."  (Again, I have to
      say that this sounds like a wonderful idea, to me.)

      The Angel Wisdom word for today is:  'Body.'

      "An Angelic Reminder:  We are the holy trinity of body, mind and spirit.

      "In our search for spiritual truth, we often find ourselves living in a mental
      rather than a physical realm.  As a result, we may begin to neglect our physical
      selves.  While we may perceive the goal of a spiritual quest to be the
      transcendence of the physical dimension, and while we know that the body is
      ultimately no more than a piece of clothing that we shed when we leave the

      earth, we cannot be in genuine alignment with heaven until we are in alignment
      with ourselves.  If we are in poor health, fatigued, or over stressed, we cannot
      be pure channels for higher consciousness.  The angels want us to take care of
      our bodies as well as our spirits, for it is through the physical that we
      contact our higher selves.  When we nurture our bodies correctly and lovingly,
      we increase our physical and mental energy, which in turn fuels our creative
      power and our capacity for enthusiasm and joy, opening us up to all the wonders
      of the angelic realm.

      "How do you relate to your body?  Do you treat it lovingly, or do you neglect
      it?  Are you proud or ashamed of it?  Start looking in the mirror and seeing
      yourself as the angels see you, with complete love, appreciation and respect. 
      Then translate this love, appreciation, and respect into everyday actions that
      you can take to honor your body and make yourself feel comfortable as a physical

      "An Angelic Reflection:  As I absorb the loving and freeing energy of the
      angels, I become more loving, accepting, and caring toward my body."

      While the Daily Word messages I missed were great, I won't share them today
      because I believe that they are really made for each specific day while the
      Angel Wisdom messages can apply to any day.  So, the words from 'The Daily Word'
      for today are:  'Clear Vision.'

      The affirmation statement for today is:  'I am a whole and holy being.'

      Today's Message:  "People climbing mountains may never tire of the joy and
      exhilaration they feel each time they reach a summit.

      "Whether or not I ever climb a mountain, I can have my own mountain top
      experiences.  I do each time I make a conscious connection with God.  These are
      spiritually aware and focused moments in which I have a clear vision, a
      spiritual clarity, of the presence and power of God and my own holiness and
      wholeness as a child of God.

      "So aware of God, I take the reassurance of this holy presence with me when I
      come back to my everyday activities.  This sacred revelation adds purpose to
      everything I think, say and do.  Realizing with clarity who I am, I live my life
      as a whole and holy being.

      "'Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up
      a high mountain apart, by themselves.  And he was transfigured before
      them.'----March 9:2."

      Now, from my 'Angelic Reflections' book for today, I am offering two angel
      messages:  "I love to hear the story, which angel voices tell."----Emily Miller,
      and "Whenever a child dies, an angel comes down from heaven, takes the child in
      its arms, and spreading out its large white wings, visits all the places that
      have been particularly dear to the child.  From the best-loved place, the angel
      gathers a handful of flowers, flying up again to haven with them.  There they
      bloom more beautifully than here on earth."----Hans Christian

      Next, from my 'An Angel A Day Meditation' booklet, "What is it with angels and
      birth announcements?  [In Scripture] the angel Gabriel announced . . . the
      coming birth of a special child.  The circumstances are next to impossible.  God
      seems to be making a point through these surprise announcements.  What was
      impossible for men and women was a simple matter for God."

      Then, for the message from 'Hold That Thought' for today, "Every day offers
      opportunity to live passionate lives rather than passive lives, if we will just
      stop denying ourselves pleasure.  If, as James Joyce's heroine, Molly Bloom
      whispered, we can learn go say:  "...and yes, I say yes, I will.  Yes!  Passion
      is holy--a profound Mystery that transcends and transforms through rapture[.  We
      need to accept that a sacred fire burns from within, whether we are comfortable
      from the truth or not.  Passion, then, is part of Real Life's package because we

      were created by Love, for Love, to Love.  If we do not give outward expression
      to our passions, we all will experience self-immolation----the spontaneous
      combustion of our souls."

      Finally, from my 'Peace Is Flowing like a Gentle River' booklet for today, "The
      splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet
      of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm.  If every tiny flower wanted to
      be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness."----Therese of Lisieux

      This is one of those days when all I can say is "WOW!!"  For me, the messages
      for today were really wonderful and heartfelt.  So I do so hope that some of the
      rest of you were reached by some of these words, too.

      Have a very special afternoon, evening and night.
      May your  life always be touched by
      love and may you always feel the
      guiding presence of God and His
      angels in your life.

      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,


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