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Fw: Weather for 2 May 2004

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    Celestial Weather 2 May 2004 - 8 May 2004 Week of May 2nd, 2004 Week as a Whole: Last week two large bowl-shaped patterns included all the planets in an
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      Celestial Weather
      2 May 2004 - 8 May 2004

      Week of May 2nd, 2004

      Week as a Whole:

      Last week two large "bowl-shaped" patterns included all the planets in an
      unusually focused situation. This tight integration suggested that we have
      fewer options before us, that we must react and adjust to major challenges,
      and that, for those of us connected by our own horoscopes with these
      our life is at a turning point. This wave of energy is peaking this week
      will finally begin to subside by next weekend. But before the release, a
      lunar eclipse is added to the mix.

      The Full Moon (http://www.celestialweather.com/images/050204.jpg) at 4:33pm
      EDT on Tuesday is a lunar eclipse. If the Moon is above the horizon in your
      location at this time, you can see the Moon pass through the Earth's shadow.
      The Earth, Moon, and the Sun all lie in a straight line at this time. A
      normal Full Moon seems to crank up the volume and contrast controls on life.
      Bright light shines day and night. Choices are illuminated in sharp relief.
      The need to balance opposing interests is clear and inescapable. A pair of
      opposite signs, where the Sun and Moon are located, indicate the areas of
      under this stress. This week Taurus and Scorpio are home to the Sun and
      respectively. Like all opposite pairs of signs Taurus and Scorpio have many
      elements in common. Both deal with money and resources. Both deal with
      possession and control. Both are "fixed" signs, resistant to change and
      strong-willed. Both deal with power as distinct from pure energy. But
      deals with "my" money, resources, and personal will whereas Scorpio is about
      "our" money, resources, and joint will. We must balance our need to control
      our own talent and spending with commitments to others. Taurus is
      self-involved; Scorpio needs other people to function. Taurus resists
      Scorpio brings profound change: metamorphosis. Taurus is practical, Scorpio

      Whether in business or our personal lives, we need to consider our own needs
      as well as the needs of others. Depleting ourselves for someone else is
      unhealthy and eventually leaves us unable to help anyone. All of us need to
      know we own and control some part of our life. We also need to feel needed
      and intimately connected with others to grow. But there's another element
      this eclipse. At a right angle to both the Sun and Moon is Neptune in
      Aquarius. This makes the eclipse part of a tightly formed "T-Square"
      (The Sun is at the 2 o'clock position, Moon at 8 o'clock, and Neptune at 5
      o'clock.) Neptune's influence makes defining the boundaries described above
      more difficult. His action is to blur boundaries and unify. As you work
      way through this tension, you may hear a voice suggest that we're all the
      in some way so it doesn't matter. That's Neptune in Aquarius. We ARE all
      brothers and sisters and yet, we remain individuals with distinct
      interpersonal and business commitments. We do need to consider the big
      outside our private lives in our decisions, but here again if we sacrifice
      everything for a noble cause, there may be nothing left for the next cause.
      The release in T-square patterns is found at the empty angle, in this case
      it's found in Leo. An enlightened self-interest should nurture our ability
      create and love. This is a time to stand up, be noticed, and make a
      difference. One person can change things; we all know the names of
      whistle-blowers, activists, teachers, cultural leaders, and even celebrities
      who use their fame to work for change.

      Finally, this eclipse occurs in the 15th degree of Taurus-Scorpio-Aquarius.
      This is the exact middle of the signs: a point many astrologers consider a
      significant decision point in the horoscope. Viewed geometrically, this is
      the point where the flow changes from vertical to horizontal or vice versa
      the zodiac. The middle of Taurus-Scorpio is where we realize that there's a
      world outside our personal focus either as family or as society. This is
      lifting one's head up to look around and let the world in.

      While Jupiter doesn't connect by close angle with the eclipse planets, he is
      standing still to resume normal forward motion roughly seven hours later.
      his position in Virgo, there may be a tendency to evanesce into too many
      details as this happens. Jupiter is opposite Uranus and both of them
      to Saturn in a way that should help control this. (Jupiter is at 10
      Uranus at 4 o'clock, and Saturn at 12 o'clock.) Uranus keeps opening
      Jupiter's eyes to new aspects of reality - "there's more in heaven and earth
      than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Jupiter in Virgo wants to neatly
      things up, and Uranus keeps playing Jack in that same box. Saturn can make
      this better or worse. In Cancer he can feed our fears of outsider threat
      keep us huddled within our castles. Or we can use his sense of time to
      realize that our history and heritage are constant touchstones amid
      He can help us remember who we are and that we have a family to support and
      protect us. The definition of this family can expand under this pattern.

      Another pattern lingering from last week is the opposition of Venus and Mars
      to Pluto. This 180-degree alignment is tightly connected with Mercury who
      just resumed forward motion four days before the eclipse. (Mars and Venus
      just after 12 o'clock, Pluto at 6 o'clock, and Mercury just before 3
      Notice that Mercury is EXACTLY linked to Pluto and remember that this is the
      second focusing of this linkage in the past 8 days. Our mental process is
      sharp and penetrating. We can peer into dark corners and understand
      motivations and secrets. Publicly, book after book is being published that
      reveals the secrets behind the closed doors of the U.S. Bush administration.
      Ugly secrets about prisoner treatment in Iraq are emerging. The reality of
      the weak and almost helpless U.S. position in Iraq becomes clearer and
      clearer. This pattern activates the Mars - Neptune pattern in the U.S.
      horoscope that some have called the "cowboy" aspect.

      Venus is slowing up to begin six weeks of retrograde on May 17th. She will
      reform this opposition with Pluto on June 2nd and then again on July 25th.
      Issues we're seeing now both politically and personally will re-surface
      and again at these times. She forms a rare "eclipse" on June 8th when she
      passes between the Earth and the Sun. This event has accompanied periods of
      vast social change in the past. More to come on this.

      After Tuesday, we can expect a period of release. We've been simultaneously
      stimulated and restrained in our mental functions for many days. Both
      and Jupiter symbolize our mind's activities, and both have stood still and
      changed direction in the past few days. Both have been key players in large
      patterns. We're at the end of this unusual tension. With Mars moving into
      Cancer on Friday, we can take another step out of our heads and into our
      feelings. Venus stays in Gemini throughout her retrograde period and
      enter Cancer until August 7th, so some of the mental fixation will remain in

      Long Range Forecast:

      May 17th - Both Neptune and Venus stand still and begin retrograde or
      motion. Mars accelerates energy with Uranus, all within 12 hours.
      Imaginations soar, inspirations happen, and revolution is in the air.

      June 8th - Venus "eclipse" of Sun - last times were 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769,
      1874 and 1882. The next two transits of Venus will occur on 2012 June 06

      Daily Forecasts

      Sunday 2 May 2004

      The head-buzz is working hard today under the Libra Moon. But we can say
      what's needed and phrase it so that most of what's difficult can be

      Monday 3 May 2004

      The Moon goes Void at 9:49am/12:49pm in a final burst of words as she
      with Mars. At 1:39pm/4:39pm she enters Scorpio and the power surge to the
      eclipse begins.

      Tuesday 4 May 2004

      Even with new information coming in rapidly, try to focus on balancing your
      commitments and maintaining healthy limits. Take rests and breathing breaks
      at intervals during this highly charged day. After the eclipse at
      1:33pm/4:33pm, the emotional energy will let up, but our minds are still
      spinning. End the day in a familiar peaceful play or activity: good
      Meditate to make good use of the coming Sun - Neptune contact.

      Wednesday 5 May 2004

      The Moon has been Void since 2:37pm/5:37pm yesterday afternoon. The Sun
      a right angle with Neptune early this morning. Expect one of those days
      are merely an aftermath of the night's dreams. The "out of control" feeling
      is normal and will pass. Sometimes we aren't in control, maybe most times.

      Thursday 6 May 2004

      The tendency to make too much of nothing symbolized by Jupiter in Virgo is
      strong early today. Our minds are leaping to conclusions, or just leaping.
      Sleep may be restless and come in short shallow bursts tonight.

      Friday 7 May 2004

      Overnight Mars has entered Cancer; the Moon has joined Pluto, connected with
      Mercury and Venus before going Void at 4:50am/7:50am. When the Moon enters
      Capricorn at 2:16pm/5:16pm ending the Void period, we can feel ourselves
      becoming more solid and grounded.

      Saturday 8 May 2004

      Some practical steps now can be planned and begun. Having something to do
      will be healing and soothing. Take refuge in the dharma.

      Visit the Celestial Weather Web Site at http://www.celestialweather.com
      Copyright 2004 Rich Humbert
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