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May, 2004 Celestial Timings Part One

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  • Shay'ra
    Happy Beltane!!! There is still time to join us in Faywood May 5 - 9 for ceremonial honoring of the night sky in the Standing Stones a perfect way to celebrate
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
      Happy Beltane!!! There is still time to join us in Faywood May 5 - 9 for ceremonial honoring of the night sky in the Standing Stones a perfect way to celebrate Beltane as was done in the ancient traditions. Details are below. For those of you who live in Tucson, Arizona or the surrounding area be sure to note the upcoming Shamanic Astrology Talk sponsored by the Tucson Astrologer's Guild on May 14 looking at the upcoming Venus Transit the Celestial Event of this year (more about that in this month's Celestial Timings) and the workshop looking at the Lineage of the Soul with a focus on the Moon on May 15. This workshop is the first one I ever attended in 1990 and it is what inspired me to get involved with this work. Details time and place are below. Also Daniel is available for personal readings on May 13 and 14. Call me 520-744-0506 to schedule a time. The Celestial Timings for the entire Month of May are now posted on the website and is available in a printer friendly PDF file that will print the entire month out in seven pages. This URL takes you directly to that page. http://www.shamanicastrology.com/celestial_timings.htm Part two will be coming via email in a couple of weeks.
      May 2004 Celestial Timings

      By Carolyn Brent


      �Be Yourself�
      The Earth Speaks
      April 10, 2004


      Climbing 4,000 feet to a large rock window overlooking two different canyons high in the Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona I asked the Earth for a message. What I heard was clear and to the point. �Be Yourself!� Okay, I thought, that seems simple enough, but as I hiked down the mountain I found myself wondering what it really means to be myself? I realized I don�t really know yet. Growing up, I was directed, (sometimes with care and concern other times being admonished, scolded, shamed, and bullied) by parents, school, and culture, to be a certain way. The message was� Be nice, be good, be smart, be happy, be beautiful, be successful, be hard-working, be strong, be compliant, be accommodating of others. Don�t complain, don�t be lazy, don�t be selfish or self-centered, don�t pay any attention to your own wants and needs, don�t pay attention to your aches and pains. Ignore them. Ignore any feelings that are not happy, helpful, and compliant. Be more concerned with how others feel, and how your actions are affecting them. I also learned if I didn�t  follow these rules I would be painfully punished and if I did follow the rules I might better avoid the painful consequences and if I could somehow prove myself in the process to be �good enough� according to these external standards � then someday there might be rewards for my good behavior, maybe even in this world, but if not here then for sure in the next world.


      So I wondered who am I and how can I be myself when I am not sure who I am? Who am I beyond these external rules that often leave me feeling confused, less than, not good enough, angry, out of touch with my own sense of self? These thoughts brought me to the realization that I am on a path of discovering what it truly means to be myself, my true authentic essential self, without the heavy programming from all the rules of how I �should� or  �should not� be. Not that some of those rules aren�t helpful guidelines to be aware of, especially when we are also finding the space within to fully experience the importance of attending to and nurturing our own needs in healthy ways. I feel that genuine expressions of caring and cooperation with each other are essential in creating a peaceful, loving world. And I know it is also equally important for me to understand and care for my personal needs, releasing the old programs that disconnect me from my essential self, getting in touch with my deep inner knowing, loving all my parts including the angry, hurt and confused parts as well as the parts that are genuinely loving, cooperative, happy, and willing to help others. I am sensing this is a process of discovery and willingness to embrace these mysteries. And synchronistically the consideration of these mysteries is timely in this season of Beltane originally intended as a celebration of our ability to fully experience, savor and enjoy the abundance and Beauty of life.  So really, this is a perfect time to engage these mysteries diving deeper into what it means to truly Be Yourself!


      Beltane marks the cross-quarter between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. The word Beltane means 'bright fire' or 'lucky fire' and in the Celtic seasonal year, Beltane celebrates the start of summer. In ancient traditions this was a time when all the fires were extinguished on the Eve of Beltane and new fires lit at Beltane sunrise. Often these fires were lit on the hills and in the Standing Stone Circles or Rings found on hilltops. These giant stones are acupuncture needles into the ley lines or meridians of the Earth grid. The Beltane Fires on the Hills are the beacons or points of fire that alchemically activate the energy of the Earth and of ourselves. Astrological Beltane occurs around May 5 when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus, marking the original Sabbat or High Holy Day. Many ancient Celtic traditions began their celebration of Beltane on the Full Moon or New Moon nearest astrological Beltane, and often the celebrations lasted until the next Full or New Moon over a two-week period. This year the Beltane Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is May 4 and the Beltane New Moon (28 Taurus)  near the Pleiades is May 18.


      June 8, 2004 Venus will transit the face of the Sun for the first time in 122 years opening an eight year Venus window concluding when Venus repeats this transit in June 6 of 2012. Then Venus will not transit the Sun again until December 2117. However it will be 2247 before Venus makes this June/Gemini transit again in the context of the Scorpio Overtone. Considering the rarity of this event it definitely worth tuning in and preparing for this celestial event as the divine feminine aligns with the source of illumination (the Sun) and reveals her Shaman Sorceress aspect. It is also interesting to note the magnitude of this next eight years in the context of the significance the Mayan calendric system placed on the Venus Cycle.  The following links provide interesting information about the upcoming Venus transit, though I imagine the maximum experience will come from your own direct connection to this event whether in meditation or active ceremony.




      http://mercuri.am.ub.es/venus2004/transit2004_eng.html  http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/transit/transit.html


      As May begins the visible planets are located:

      Mercury: In the sign Aries�in the constellation of the Fish�possibly visible in the morning sky
      Venus: In the Sign Gemini�in the western sky at dusk� 5 degrees from Mars in the constellation of the Bull�Venus stations Retrograde May 17 and the Moon occults or eclipses Venus May 21
      Mars: In the sign Gemini five degrees from Venus�in the constellation of the Bull�evening sky�.Mars moves into Cancer May 7, Moon conjuncts Mars May 22,  Mars conjuncts Saturn May 24
      Jupiter: In the sign Virgo� in the constellation of the Lion�evening sky�. Moon conjuncts Jupiter May 27
      Saturn: In the sign Cancer�in the constellation of the Twins�evening sky�.Moon conjuncts Saturn May 22� Mars conjuncts Saturn May 24

      See The Difference Between Signs and Constellations



      In April and May of this year, two naked-eye comets, C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7, will grace the twilight skies. To spot the cosmic balls of dust and ice look to the west at dusk or dawn. A pair of binoculars helps  initially locate the comets because they may be slightly washed out by the Sun. On May 12 to 16 look out for for naked-eye planets, when comet C/2001 Q4 lines up with Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. http://www.universetoday.com/am/publish/five_planets_visible_tonight.html


      Perihelion of Comet Linear T7 might become a bright comet visible to the unaided eye in late April and early May. Best chances appear to be for Linear T7 before dawn around the end of April. Another comet, NEAT Q4, may be even better, appearing in the evening sky, beginning in the first week of May (for up-to-date information, see our Viewers Guide)



      Note: It helps to remember that all the aspects and timings mentioned here include a minimum of a three-day window�the day before, the day of and the day after. Some aspects will be felt longer and will recur over weeks or months but the three-day window always applies especially with faster moving aspects. Also the days and times given for aspects are Pacific Daylight Time except where noted.


      The Week of Apr 26 � May 2. The Leo First Quarter Moon (8 Leo) was Apr 27 and it marked the center point of this Eclipse Cauldron that began with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19. Each year we experience two eclipse seasons or two sets of eclipses. Solar and Lunar eclipses accelerate whatever processes are already in motion and provide us with an opportunity to make inspired changes outside ordinary reality. The two weeks between eclipses often feels like an in-between the world�s space where we can more easily contact other dimensions within ourselves. It can also feel like a time when it is difficult to ground our experience in the usual ways often causing feelings of confusion. This is especially true of this eclipse window also happening in the context of Mercury Retrograde designed to shift our collective tendency toward linear logical thinking to a more intuitive right brained approach. A great way to engage this process is through our willingness to embrace the accelerated changes seeking _expression through us now without having to understand it all with our minds. Trusting it is all unfolding in ways that are the most beneficial and supportive to our individual and collective process helps to facilitate our own magical experience of this transformative time. So from now until the Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on May 4 the light of the Moon is rapidly building reminding us of the expansion of light available to us when we are open to receive it.


      May 1, Saturday. Traditional Beltane The Moon enters Libra late morning 11:03 am Pacific Time transmitting the Libra mysteries until the afternoon of May 3. These mysteries when healthy honor the importance of all relationship recognizing no one person, place or thing is more or less importance than any other. All relationships have value and purpose, teaching us more about ourselves and each other when we are willing to embrace these mysteries. Sometimes the value is in knowing when to end a relationship or when to make a deeper commitment to an existing relationship.


      May 2, Sunday. Venus (21Gemini53) reached opposition to retrograde Pluto (21Sagittarius53) just before mid-night Pacific Time. This timing is another level of Shamanic Initiation for the sacred feminine principle in her _expression as the Heyokah (Gemini) Shaman (Scorpio/Pluto) bringing her to face to face with her deepest fears so she can transform them into the medicine she carries. The Heyokah Shaman is a valid feminine _expression that has not been fully recognized or valued in our recent history. Indeed, many women who have carried this type of medicine have needed to be secretive in order to survive because others fear this kind of strength and power. Often this energy has been denied a healthy _expression because it simply hasn�t been safe and so it is forced to find unhealthy expressions that have limited our ability to experience ecstasy and bliss. It is time for these mysteries to find a healthy _expression once again and thereby transforming the wounds of repression through compassion and releasing the fear and uncertainty through conscious attention. This restores the essence of these mysteries to their pure _expression so their gifts may benefit us all.


      Week of May 03�09 This Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is a highly charged experience of raw, primal life force energy enlivening passion, magic, personal power, and manifestation. The intent of the Scorpio mysteries is to feel the increased power of life force as it manifests into form. The fullest experience for Scorpio in this reality comes from living on the edge, discovering personal passion and what feels most alive. A visible total lunar eclipse provides us with an opportunity to visually witness an accelerated experience of all the Moon phases that normally occur in 29 and � days, in about a three-hour time frame. It is a super-speeded up effect. That is why eclipses are experienced as accelerating triggers collectively and personally. This is especially true if the eclipse is happening near a personal natal planet or angle. If you have natal planets or angles between 10 to 20 degrees of fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) you are personally on the front lines with this activation. This eclipse is visible in varying stages around the World including Asia except the extreme northeast, Europe except the western region, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand Antarctica except part of the peninsula, the eastern South Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean according to Jim Maynard�s Celestial Guide.

      May 3, Monday. The Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon (1:39 pm Pacific time) further activating the Full Moon eclipse window that is exact tomorrow. Scorpio is an energy noted for its willingness to explore and expand the edges of our personal and collective experience. This is also known as Edgewalking. Edgewalkers are those who seek out the edges of contemporary beliefs and existing paradigms moving beyond them to expand and explore new territory. Edgewalking practices include being willing to walk the edges of the old and the new ways of experiencing life, bridging what has been with what is emerging, allowing death to embrace all that no longer serves, and creating space for new ideas, new ways, and new experiences to birth. Embracing the mysteries of death and transformation, dying to what has been, then rising like the Phoenix from the ashes, or the butterfly from its cocoon, requires willingness and courage to surrender to the transformative process that takes us beyond what is known and familiar into new unknown territory. William Irwin Thompson sums this up well in his book The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light saying, �Edges are important because they define a limitation in order to deliver us from it. When we come to an edge we come to a frontier that tells us that we are now about to become more than we have been before. As long as one operates in the middle of things, one can never really know the nature of the medium in which one moves.�

      The fullest rise of the Full Moon is tonight for those in the America�s because the Moon is full at 1:33 pm Pacific time tomorrow and will have already have begun to wane slightly at Moon rise on the 4th.   

      May 4, Tuesday. Today is the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring at 1:33 pm Pacific time so not visible in most of the America�s as the Moon will not have risen yet at eclipse time. Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth lines up between the Sun and the Moon creating a triple alignment. This means that the Earth is aligned with the Sun and Moon so that it is blocking the light from the Sun casting a shadow upon the Moon and literally causing the Moon to go through her entire monthly process from Full Moon to Full Moon in around three hours. This super speeded up or accelerated affect is occurring at 14 degrees and 42 minutes of Scorpio within 18 minutes of the exact astrological Beltane cross-quarter (15 Scorpio). This eclipse is accelerating the transformative shamanic mysteries of empowerment that come through embracing the shadow within ourselves.  In this case the shadow represents what we have denied or disowned in our lives and yet these denied parts still have power over us because they are operating unconsciously. When we embrace our shadow and bring it into our conscious awareness then transformation can occur that empowers our life experience because we are no longer using all that energy to deny our essential essence. These shadow elements are often our greatest skills and abilities or our deepest fears including the fear of failure, the fear we are not good enough, and the fear that we will not be supported by life if we really show up in our authentic _expression. This timing supports our willingness to let go, to surrender, to die to these misconceptions that limit how we show up and accelerates the regeneration and rebirth process. Remember that the caterpillar must die to its �caterpillerness� and literally dissolves or dies to its old form, regenerates, transforms and is reborn as a butterfly. With this in mind we can see that this Lunar Eclipse has the ability to facilitate regeneration on a deep cellular level taking us to new edges through an accelerated transformational experience. 

      May 5, Wednesday. a.k.a. Cinco de Mayo and Astrological Solar Beltane. The astrological cross-quarter known as Beltane occurs today as the Sun crosses 15 Taurus. Beltane is a time of maximum fertility, abundance, sacred union, sacred pleasure, and honoring of the Beltane sacred fires through feasting, song, dance, celebration and joy. The month of May and Beltane reminds us life is good, and life is to be celebrated and enjoyed with gratitude. The more grateful we are, the more abundance we attract. Gratitude is like a magnet drawing more of itself to itself.

                Sun (15 Taurus) squares Neptune (15 Aquarius) alerting us to Neptune�s upcoming retrograde beginning May 17. Neptune�s job is to inspire our connection to �the field of dreams� (a great Neptunian movie) or the field of all possibilities for the purpose of bringing in new visions and dreams through deep intuitive inner guidance. The Sun is illuminating this infinite field of possibilities and there may be feelings of confusion and lack of clarity about what to choose, especially when old patterns and beliefs and ways of operating are still in the process of dissolving. A helpful way to consciously engage these energies is to trust your inner guidance, because external circumstances are often foggy, unclear, and misleading. Neptune teaches the importance of listening to and trusting those inner promptings assisting us in successfully navigating the unknown.

      May 6, Thursday. The Moon moved into Sagittarius yesterday energizing the mysteries of the quest for expanding Self-experience in-part through ever expanding contexts of truth and meaning. The Moon is moving to conjunct Pluto just after mid-night Pacific time illuminating the shadow of these mysteries that may have lost sight of the importance of allowing each person their own process of discovering what is meaningful and true for them. A powerful way to engage this timing is to again release attachments to outcome, trust everything is in perfect divine order, and embrace this possibility of alchemical transformational change with the intent to purify and transform all the harm, all the fear, all the poisons, and all the wounds into the medicine, or elixirs, that magically heal and restore wholeness. And so it is!


      May 7, Friday.  Mars moves into Cancer today crossing the June Solstice point currently located near galactic anti-center along the Milky Way passing by here once about every 26 months. (See May 17) Mars in Cancer incorporates the elements of responsible nurturing into his current quest for the Holy Grail that began last August, 2003 when Mars made its closest approach to the Earth in about 60,000 years. Mars is encountering the regenerative power of the feminine principle as he maintains his close dance with Venus further aiding in the successful completion of this quest. Bestselling book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown reminds us these mysteries are again surfacing in the collective consciousness with statements like: �The ancients envisioned their world in two halves � masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced, there was Chaos.�

       May 8, Saturday. The Waxing Moon in Capricorn is crossing the Galactic Plane where the Winter Solstice Sun currently rises marking the Turning of the Ages. This Galactic Gateway is where new creatively inspired energies pour into this dimensional realm. Capricorn is the archetypal mystery school that is most familiar with how spirit manifests into form and how to most efficiently, effectively and responsibly administrate these forms of manifestation for the benefit of the next seven generations to follow.  This is also the area of the sky that reminds us of the mysteries of the Photon Belt a.k.a. as the Photon Band. Earth re-entered the Photon Belt Dec 2, 2003 and travels through this area of the sky until Jul 7, 2004. Each year Earth is staying longer in the Photon Band until 2012 when it will enter and not leave for about a 2000 year period. The Photon Belt is a stream of photons seemingly emanating from galactic center towards the star Alcyone. It was first detected in 1961 by means of satellite-borne instruments and reported by Paul Otto Hesse. Noel Huntley, Ph.D. says; The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. It is part of a magnetic flow of light throughout the galaxy�http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~noelh/photonbelt.htm The increased light energy we are experiencing on the planet through this and other celestial events such as comets, meteor showers, increased solar flares, etc. are additional indicators of how the universe is lining up to assist in a quantum leap of consciousness as a part of the current Turning of the Ages.


      May 9, Sunday. Today the Moon is Void of Course from 6 am Pacific Time to 3:46 pm Pacific Time before it moves into Aquarius illuminating the mysteries of the freedom oriented revolutionary who questions the rules and constraints of the current paradigm. Aquarius dares to question the old ways and is willing to embrace the changes that take us into new territory, experimenting with new ideas and innovative ways often far ahead of its time in revolutionizing current thinking and experience. This energy operates from a cosmic perspective intending to shift the current assemblage point through radical and often disruptive changes designed to liberate our current experiences into ever expanding states of objective awareness and insight.


      Week of May 10 � 16 This week marks the last quarter phase of the Moon in Aquarius. This is the time noted in the seasonal cycle of the final harvest, where the plant begins its death process, preparing the seeds for the next cycle. During this next week the Moon continues to wane, symbolizing the completion phase or integration process of the current journey. It also signals the time to begin looking at the new seeds to plant in the next cycle beginning with the Taurus New Moon on May 12.


      May 10, Monday. The Moon is conjunct Neptune (15 Aquarius) and Mercury (25 Aries) sextiles Venus (25 Gemini). These are illusive and unpredictable energies that expand our perception and awareness to include multi-dimensional realms taking us beyond previously known mental and emotional concepts. It is a choice and when we choose to align with the intent of these energies this choice supports knowing beyond ordinary knowing, seeing beyond ordinary seeing, and feeling beyond ordinary feeling.


      May 11, Tuesday. The Aquarius last quarter Moon (21 Aquarius) is rising after midnight and will be visible when the exact last quarter Moon takes place at 4:04 am Pacific Time. The last quarter Moon is integrating the wisdom and experience gained from the journey so far and there is no better time to check in for a big picture overview from a unique and inspired perspective letting go of all the �shoulds� that distract us from being present in the moment. This is also a great time to step back for a good look at the big picture, and make changes where needed.


      May 12, Wednesday. The waning Pisces Moon is meeting with revolutionary Uranus (6 Pisces) providing yet another opportunity to shift the assemblage point of the Pisces lineage that has been built around the misconception that suffering and sacrifice is necessary for atonement and liberation. Verification of shifting collective awareness is evidenced by the number one best selling book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown an historically based novel reflecting the shift in conscious awareness concerning the misconceptions that these old assemblage points of suffering have been built around. It is time to take personal responsibility for our own evolutionary path surrendering our will to divine will through the guiding power of love and compassion. Suffering and sacrifice are old paradigm expressions that are slowly dying out as we remember our divine birthright to enjoy and savor the ecstasy of love and life. Each month the Moon passes by Uranus, now traveling through the Pisces domain for approximately seven more years, illuminating this shifting revolutionary assemblage point where the emergence of a new paradigm based in freedom and love is emerging.


      May 13, Thursday. Mercury is at 27 Aries returning to where it conjuncted the Sun last month and Mercury is now reaching maximum elongation from the Sun tomorrow. When Mercury is retrograde and conjuncts the Sun a new Mercury cycle begins that lasts an average of 120 days. This cycle of Aries is emphasizing the Aries archetype operating primarily through intuitive spontaneity. This is an energy that is much more likely to act intuitively and decisively in the moment, acting before reflecting whereas other energies may need time to process or reflect before taking action. When Aries is healthy - then spontaneous, intuitive, decisive and inspired, action is authentically aligned with divine will and it is through this kind of inspired action that healthy accelerated growth takes place. (See May 14)


      May 14, Friday. The Moon is moving into Aries early this morning where it remains until May 16, energizing and illuminating the mysteries of the Warrior/Adventurer/Explorer. Nothing pleases Aries more than to set off on an unknown adventure simply for the sake of exploring new territory. This is a great time to spontaneously do something fun that nurtures and celebrates the adventurous inner child. Also today, Mercury (28 Aries) is reaching its maximum elongation (27 degrees away from the Sun) in the morning sky meaning Mercury is at its highest possible appearance above the Eastern horizon before Sunrise. Elongations of Mercury are related to the degrees where retrograde Mercury and the Sun conjunct beginning a new cycle of Mercury. These degrees then emphasize the importance of this area of the sky in each Mercury cycle. If you are up early in the morning before sunrise you may see Mercury in the constellation of the fish zodiacally aligned with the fixed star Al Pherg or Al Phargh, an Arab word, meaning outpouring of water and the mouth or lip of any vessel used for liquids. This marked the 1st ecliptic constellation of the Babylonians, known as the "Cord of the Fish" referring to the center point of the uniting cords linking the two fishes of Pisces� Another meaning may be the "Dwelling of the Fish". The Arabians knew it as the "Flaxen Thread". (From The Fixed Star Site) The feeling I get about Al Pherg is that it is a star that acts as a connecting link or nexus between two differing energies and their expressions. So one possible question to consider is, what messages are coming to us now about connecting these different realities or realms of experience for the purpose of synthesizing new ways of relating to and expressing all the multi-dimensional aspects now manifestating in ways that are beneficial and support to all life?


      May 15, Saturday. Mercury moves into Taurus today where it remains until June 5. The lens of perception operating through the Taurus domain encourages us to slow down�way down�so we can thoroughly enjoy and savor the beauty of life. Mercury in Taurus operates in a leisurely way, relaxing and relishing in all the nuances of sacred pleasure as our divine birthright.


      Disclaimer...The Celestial Timings and the Shamanic Astrology Website is not responsible for the content of links to external internet sites and does not necessarily endorse the views of any author or person quoted in particular. Links are provided as a way to acknowledge where quotes are coming from whenever possible, so each individual can further investigate the information or quotes provided for their own assessment.




      Carolyn is available for personal readings in-person or by phone.  (520) 744-0506 or email: p3@...  Please visit www.ShamanicAstrology.com   to receive the free Celestial Timings


      Available now�Twelve Tribes CD is a guided journey through the Shamanic Astrology archetypes written and performed by Carolyn Brent, featuring original music written and performed by John Dumas. You can order on-line at shamanicastrology.com or send check or money order for $22 payable to Twelve Tribes, JCAU, PO Box 91498, Tucson, AZ 85752 Some of the proceeds from the sale will go to support Shamanic Astrology and the emerging Mystery School. Donations are also welcome!


      Southwest New Mexico at  Faywood Hot Springs between Silver City and Deming, New Mexico   May 5-9, 2004 Beltane Taurus Cross-Quarter Shamanic Astrology Gathering

      with Daniel Giamario, Carolyn Brent, John Dumas and Shamanic Astrology Staff. Contact Carolyn (520) 744-0506 or email Carolyn Brent or Daniel. Faywood camp is $320 includes recorded CD of the classes


      This camp includes these special night sky features:


               Venus Cycle (overtone Scorpio at 7th gate) brightest that it ever gets in its evening sky appearance between the Horns of the Bull near Galactic Anti-Center just before her transit over the face of the Sun on June 8, 2004

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