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  • Shay'ra
    PREVIOUS WAVESPELL CYCLE: Gregorian April 15 - April 27: Red Earth Wavespell - Power of Evolves, Navigation, and Synchronicity. CURRENT WAVESPELL CYCLE:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
      PREVIOUS WAVESPELL CYCLE: Gregorian April 15 - April 27:
      Red Earth Wavespell - Power of Evolves, Navigation, and Synchronicity.

      CURRENT WAVESPELL CYCLE: Gregorian April 28 - May 10:
      White Dog Wavespell - Power of Loves, Heart, and Loyalty.

      UPCOMING WAVESPELL CYCLE: Gregorian May 11 - May 23:
      Blue Night Wavespell - Power of Dreams, Abundance, and Intuition.

      Greetings Planetary Kin!

      These emails serve to explain the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System, Galactic Mayan Time Science delivered by Dr. Jose Arguelles, based upon the ancient Chilam Balam or Jaguar Priests, what we know in today's time as Earth Wizards.

      This is therefore also called the Wizard's Count - which is the sacred count of days (the 260-day Tzolkin calendar) synchronized to the 365-day year cycle which always begins a new 13-Moon Year on Gregorian July 26th.

      By acknowledging where each day falls in relation to the 13-day wavespell cycles and the 28-day moon cycles, we are bridging the fourth-dimensional energies of Tzolkin into the third-dimensional rhythms of the 13 Moon year.

      This bridging assures a perfect cycle of a 52-year round; a cycle of 18,980 days called Tunben K'ak, the Binding of the Years.

      The harmony of this calendric system is that every 52 years equals 73 Tzolkin galactic spins, no two days are the same, and the entire 18,980 days of the cycle are to be repeated every 52 years in an upward moving spiral of time.

      These wavespell emailers will highlight the current 13-day "wavespell" cycle, as well as the current 28-day monthly "moon" cycle, of which there are also 13 (13 Moons of 28-days each +1 Day out of time = 365 day-year).

      A "Wavespell" refers to the entire cycle of the "13 Tones of Creation," 1-13. Because a Wavespell is any cycle of 13, there are infact both 13-DAY wavespells, as well as 13-MOON wavespells. In other words, the Year cycle itself is also a giant wavespell spiral, where each 28-day moon holds the energy of one of 13 Tones of Creation!

      Each 13-day wavepell period is governed by one of the 20 Solar Tribes, giving each 13-day period a specific energetic focus.

      Regarding the definition of "wavespell," a "wave" is a motion in time, and a "spell" is that which can be cast, known, or experienced during that time.

      Another way it is defined is a "wave" refers to the power of movement, and "spell" to the power one can gain by being in harmony with reality.

      Current 13-day cycle: WHITE DOG WAVESPELL

      White Dog's Code Words:

      Action - "LOVES"

      Creative Power - "HEART"

      Essence/Function - "LOYALTY"

      13 Moon Dates: Planetary 25 - Spectral 9
      Tzolkin Dates: Kin 170 - Kin 182
      Gregorian Dates: April 28 - May 10

      The White Dog tribe is called "Oc" in the Yucatec Mayan language.
      Traditional translations of Oc have generally been simply "Dog."

      As the 10th of the 20 tribes, OC is described in The Mayan Factor as signifying:

      "Dog, Mammalian Brain, Emotional Life, Guide and Principle of Loyalty, Faithfulness that Gives Strength in the Spiritual Journey."

      Additional qualities of Oc found in the Mayan Oracle include:
      "companions of destiny," "guardians and guides," "relationships," and "emotional-body issues."

      WHITE represents the power of the direction NORTH which offers the
      energy of "REFINES."

      The White Dog is a profoundly powerful energy because it asks us to tune into the core of our being - our Heart. Our Heart is an entirely different dimensional universe from our Minds, and can offer us vastly different viewpoints, perspectives, and guidance than our inner mental authority.

      Where the Mind's job is to separate, compartmentalize, compare, judge, discern,rationalize, linearize, control, and attempt to figure things out,

      the Heart's role is to
      intuit-sense-the truth of the moment,
      and NOT know--
      surrendering to trusting
      the ultimate, benevolent omnipresent Mystery
      of our very existence,
      (the Divine Love which has given us Life)
      and the unlimited ways it flows
      through and incarnates in ALL of our lives.

      Our Heart is the central chakra of our body - that which bridges our lower 3 chakras (our root-survival chakra, our sexual-life force chakra, and our solar-plexus will empowerment chakra) WITH our higher 3 centers (our crown-divine enlightenment chakra, our third-eye transcendental visionary chakra, and our throat expression-communication chakra.)

      Concurrently, our Heart center is the bridge between our connection to the Earth below us and the Heavens above us; our sacred access to the merging of our Primal and Celestial selves, and the truth, knowledge, and energies that they both hold. By integrating these two we become more sensitized to the Wholeness of who we are as living Creatures, and our truly vast capacities.

      As a wise woman Intiana once told me: "We use the term 'open your heart,' but in Reality, the Heart is always open - rather it is the Mind that is closed/shut-down to the Heart."

      This is helpful to understand because then we know our Heart is always available to us as Portal to experience through; as a sanctuary always inviting us to find refuge in its domain.

      Our hearts are paradoxically invincible beyond all circumstances, yet utterly fragile and touched by all circumstances.

      It could be said that "broken hearts" can be mended by realizing and experiencing that, beyond all appearances, we are always Cradled by the Love of Creation.

      I believe that by allowing ourselves to FEEL as deeply as possible, both the utter pains and suffering that we all experience, as well as the utter glory and joy that we also all can access, that we are strengthening the vehicle of our Heart.

      I believe that EMPATHY is our collective destination an an evolving species- that ultimately because we are inter-connected to All Life Everywhere that it is only ignorance that perceives we are isolated from and immune to either the suffering or the ecstacy that others are experiencing.

      We can explore and get to know the actual Powers of our Heart by FEELING it as often as possible - by noticing when we are actually operating from mental/mind mode rather than a sensing Heart mode.

      Our hearts have access to ancient knowing,
      to supreme COURAGE,
      to benevolent tolerance,
      to utter tender, raw, bittersweet compassion --
      compassion that does not turn away from, shield, or deny
      any tradgedy or any pain,
      compassion that is PRESENT to all -
      compassion that does not have a story or a judgement
      but that can hold space for ALL to be accepted AS IS,
      inclusive of all hurt, fear, confusion etc.

      No one knows OUR Heart's truth but ourself. This is why we must investigate our inner Hearts and commit to expressing its uniqueness, its passion, its insights, its sentiment and guidance.

      White Dog is also a symbol of Relationships, and a reminder that our relationship with our own Heart as a reference point for our own autonomous connection to the Universe is the most important foundation for relationships between 2 or more people.

      We must claim our verticle connection to Source and take that strength into our Hearts so that we can then extend that strength and love horizontally in our day to day relations.

      White Dog urges us to seek out and enjoy our companions of destiny - our Kin who fulfill our Heart's longings to reciprocate true Love.

      The code of Loyalty also reminds us to pay attention to where our loyalties lie, and to ensure they are congruent with the Truth we find in our Hearts.

      We are invited to first and foremost act out of Loyalty to our own truths, before pledging allegiance to any one or any thing else.

      White Dog reminds us that LOVE is the fabric of the Universe,
      that there are many faces to love,
      that love is non-linear,
      that love is greater than all else,
      that love is true medicine,
      that with LOVE, ALL is possible.

      As His Holiness the Dalai Lama always reminds us, the most important thing to cultivate in the name of solving the world's challenges is A GOOD HEART.


      The use of the 13-Moon year helps us anchor dates chronologically, so it is an important cycle to follow to compliment the tracking of the Tzolkin dates.

      Spanning Gregorian April 4 - May 1, the Planetary Moon energies correspond to Tone 10, and the code words: Perfect, Produce, and Manifestation.
      The totem animal is the Dog.

      "Our bodies are the instruments through which we experience life on this sweet Earth and manifest Spirit into matter. Being fully alive in our bodies is to awaken the Divine on Earth." -Brooke Medicine Eagle, Guide for Earth Magis

      Spanning Gregorian May 2 - May 29, the Spectral Moon energies correspond to Tone 11, and the code words: Dissolve, Release, and Liberation. The totem animal is the serpent.

      "As we're liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others." -Nelson Mandela

      PLEASE NOTE, the Gregorian correlate dates are fixed, which means that "Solar Moon," "Planetary Moon," etc, will ALWAYS span the same Gregorian time-frame.


      The current vinal meditation (since White Spectral Wizard; Planetary 9; April 12) is KANKIN: "Receives the light of one who knows."

      The new vinal meditation beginning on White Overtone Wizard; Spectral 1; May 2 is MOAN: "In order to see into darkness."

      (Because this is a White Wizard Year, every 20 days on each White Wizard day we begin a new vinal meditation. The vinals are passed down through the Mayan lineage as a series of intriguing phrases which we are invited to contemplate during each 20-day period. After 18 vinals of 20 days, there is one 5-day Vayeb, totalling the 365 day


      As the 14th wavespell of the Tzolkin, the White Dog wavespell is always the second REFINING wavespell of the 4th Castle of Time: "The Yellow Southern Castle of Giving." Among others, one theme of this castle is "fearless giving."

      This Castle unites the 4 cycles of the Red Earth Wavespell, the White Dog Wavespell, the Blue Night Wavespell, and the Yellow Warrior Wavespell.

      (A castle of time simply refers to a grouping of 4 wavespells, one of each color which creates a 52-day period of time (13 x 4) in which the powers of the 4 wavespells cumulatively work together to bring specific lessons and initiations. Within each Tzolkin, there are 5 castles of time, 52 X 5 = 260 days.)


      Blue Crystal Storm Year Calendars (July 26, 2004 - July 25, 2005)
      can now be ordered from our website: www.13moon.com

      Order NOW and reserve your copies!

      We expect to have them in hand from the printer by Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere, that is!) in plenty of time for the 13-Moon New Year, gregorian July 26!


      Thanks to the concerted efforts of Bennie LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone tribe of Wyoming, a Massive Medicine Wheel Ceremony will take place at 19 + 1 sacred sites on May 8, 2004, spanning a 600-mile radius.

      This ceremony is a true blessing for our Mother Earth, as it is in direct response to the sharply distressing changes in both land and animals at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. These changes are becoming even more ominous right now, Bennie says, and they have motivated him into this direct action which is now available for us all to participate in.

      "The Earth is drastically out of balance now," Bennie LeBeau says. "This Medicine Wheel ceremony will strive to re-set the basic tone -- or vibrational pattern -- of the West, and by extension help to re-attune the whole of the earth."

      The Grand Teton peaks in Wyoming -- The Four Grandmothers Standing Tall -- will serve as the center of this Medicine Wheel. The long spine of the Rocky Mountains runs roughly North and South in the Wheel; and the circumferance reaches from California deep into America's heartland. Simultaneous prayer ceremonies at other sacred sites around world will help to re-attune the web of subtle energy pathways that envelop planet earth.

      If you would like to participate, or are just curious about how the Wheel is taking shape, check the list of Locations and Contacts: http://www.chiron-communications.com/medwheelsites.html

      Original story detailing the event: http://www.chiron-communications.com/communique%209-2.html


      According to the Dreamspell calendar, the date of the Massive Medicine Wheel occurs on a "Spectral Sun" Day, On the 7th day of the "Spectral Moon," during the last few moons of the "Spectral Wizard Year."

      In other words, that is 3x's the power of Spectral: Dissolve, Release, Liberate!
      This is a fascinating synchronicity as the power of Spectral is also always GUIDED BY ITS OWN POWER DOUBLED!

      Spectral energy can be thought of as a positive and necessary force of destruction or liberation so as to make way for a higher universal order to dawn.

      May this powerful Spectral force empower all participants in this Medicine Wheel to weild their powers of prayer and ceremony to assist in dissolving and releasing the environmental stresses, discord, and negativity that has accumulated in this region of the Earth, helping Liberate our Mother Earth into a higher vibration of balance that supports the healthy endurance of the Web of Life!


      On this auspicious day, during the Dog Wavespell, my prayer is this:

      Through the sincerity and unity of our Human Hearts, may the Enlightenment of the Yellow Sun vibration shine its divine guidance that we may multi-dimensionally assist our Mother Earth in dissolving the burdens and energetic toxins that threaten to unleash their negative wrathful force of destruction, that in concert with one another, we may function as conscious acupuncture needles in service to our living planet, paving the way for a higher consciousness of peace, honor, and Right Action to root in this sacred region.
      A Ho Mitakuye Oysin - We Are All Related!


      By phone from Nevada this week, Bennie LeBeau, organize of the unprecedented May 8 Medicine Wheel, said he was disappointed. He said that the special use permit he got from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming (for Schwabacher Landing, near the Teton Point Overlook and Glacier Point) is not the permit he asked for.

      Bennie said the permit restricts the ceremony to the daylight hours of May 8, ending at 5 PM, long before the Sun sets. He said the permit also prevents them from "disturbing the peace," which he understands to mean no drums at the ceremony. "That permit's not right," Bennie said. "We need to be in there before May 8 to set up and to be ready to start well before sunrise, and then later to clean up." He asked people to fax the Grand Teton National Park to ask that they grant him the time necessary for the ceremony, and the right to sound the ceremonial drums.


      "Please fax a respectful request to the administrators of these parks,"
      Bennie said, "Send a fax now..."

      National Parks Service contacts:
      Grand Teton National Park
      Fax (307) 739-3438 - Web comments: http://www.nps.gov/grte/pphtml/contact.html

      Yellowstone National Park
      Fax: 1-307-344-2005
      E-mail: Rosemary_Sucec@...

      Further in the realm of drums, Bennie says he has been in contact with the Elders of the Otomi Nation, Temoaya, Toluca, Mexico. They are the sponsors of a recent 8,000 Drums Ceremony. The Otomi elders would like to attend the May 8 Medicine Wheel at Grand Teton National Park, and to offer a Condor-Eagle blessing. However, they do not have the resources to travel. Bennie is asking anyone with extra frequent flier miles who would like to donate to bring up three or more elders, to contact him through his Teton-Rainbow web site:


      Bennie LeBeau will remains on the road until just before May 8, when he will return to the Grand Teton region in Wyoming for the ce=emony. He could still use help with his gas and cell phone bills. If you would like to help, please see Bennie LeBeau's Home Page http://www.Teton-rainbows.com/


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      On behalf of our own lives, and the lives of all who we affect, as consistently as possible, may we all strive to choose LOVE over fear!!!
      Eden Sky - Red Self-Existing Skywalker
      Born in the Dog Wavespell!

      PS: Thank you for participating in this ever-widening global community of natural time day-keepers! Please share this "Wavespell emailer" with anyone who might be interested. New kin can sign up for these updates at our website www.13moon.com

      "Is a calendar something more than a tool for scheduling the payment of debts (calends), or is it an instrument of synchronization?"
      - Dr. Jose Arguelles


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      Q: What are some personal benefits of following the 13-Moon calendar?

      A: Magnified awareness, sense of inner guidance, deepened harmony with the flow of life and the peace of one's own true rhythms, heightened sense of telepathy, increased experience of synchronicity and alignment, participation with a global family of awakening, entrainment of one's bio-magnetic field and electro-chemical circuitry with that of the Earth's and Beyond, conscious connection of our hearts with Nature's hand of balance.

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