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To Share Angel Wisdom Message, The Daily Word Information and Other Angel Messages for Today

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    Hello everyone this sort of dreary, cool, rainy day (or at least that is what the weather is here): For today, the Angelic Wisdom word is: Trees. An Angel
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
      Hello everyone this sort of dreary, cool, rainy day (or at least that is what
      the weather is here):

      For today, the Angelic Wisdom word is: 'Trees.'

      "An Angel Reminder: A tree gives freely and generously.

      "Trees are magical and spiritual symbols. The tree of life and the tree of
      knowledge are bridges between heaven and earth, with the branches reaching high
      to the heavens, and the roots traveling deep within the earth. Without trees,
      life on earth would be barren and uninhabitable. Trees filter our air; the
      roots secure the topsoil we grow our food in; we use trees to built our homes;
      trees shade us from the hot sun and provide wind breakers;we burn trees for fuel
      to cook with and keep us warm; and many foods, medicines and countless other
      useful items that we take for granted come from trees, such as paper. Have you
      ever noticed how children are naturally drawn to play in and around trees? Did
      you have a favorite tree as a child? Make it a point to start appreciating
      trees, if you do not already--this will truly enrich your life.

      "Trees have guardian spirits, and we can learn many things form sitting quietly
      near a tree and communicating with its energy. Tree spirits an have their
      favorite human, just as we can choose our favorite tree. Find a tree that you
      are free to enjoy, and get to know it. To greet your tree, stand back so that
      it is in full view and take your eyes to the top of the tree, a admiring the
      space where heaven meets the earth. Then look at the details of your tree, the
      beauty of its branches, the strength of its roots. Trees can teach us about
      strength, dignity, peace and giving.

      "An Angelic Reflection: I will honor the trees and thank them for the strength
      and peace that they bring to human life."

      Next, for the information from The Daily Word for today. The word to think
      about contemplate on is: 'Joy.' And the affirmation statement is: "Enveloped
      in an awareness of God, I experience a joy of the soul"

      Today's Message: "The joy I feel while sitting on a dock on a warm day (which
      reminds me of the old song: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay), dangling my feet
      in cool water, while releasing pent-up energy, during a brisk walk, or while
      eating an ice cream cone is wonderful, but temporary.

      "No joy compares to that of being quiet and letting myself be totally enveloped
      in an awareness of God. This is a celebration of wholeness and holiness that
      satisfies my soul.

      "A sacred celebration of my joy continues even after I have gone about my
      activities. Like a familiar song, joy continues to play in my thoughts and
      uplifts my soul with gladness. One I invite joy like this into my life, such
      joy becomes a part of all that I do, enriching my activities with meaning.

      "'Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,
      'O righteous,
      'and should for joy, all you upright
      'in heart!'----Psalm 32:11"

      Now, for the message from my 'Angelic Reflections' booklet for today, "When we
      suffer, angels wrap their wings around us, to comfort and protect us and give us
      time to heal. When we are stronger, angels unfold their wings and set ups free,
      ready to experience life again." (I don't know why but these words gave me a
      lot of comfort today. I guess I always thought I was alone when I was
      suffering, until I called on the angels myself. It is very comforting to know
      that sometimes when they know we need them, they come to comfort us whether we
      call on them or not!)

      Then, for the message from my 'An Angel A Day Meditation' booklet, "Because the
      angels love us, they want to see us reconciled to the source of all joy, to God
      Himself. The angels themselves are rejoicing over us, the one sinner who

      Then, for the message from my 'Hold That Thought' booklet for today, "Passion is
      the muse of authenticity. It is the primordial, pulsating energy that infuses
      all of life, the luminous presence made known with every beat of our hearts."

      And, finally, the message from my 'Peace Is Flowing like a Gentle River' booklet
      for today is: "I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of
      life which are the real ones after all.'---Laura Ingalls Wilder (Remember that
      'Little House on the Prairie' was supposedly the story of her and her family!)

      Don't you all find wonderful words from all resources today? I know I did, and
      my wish is that at least some of you think the same way I do.

      For now, have a very special rest of the afternoon, a joy-filled evening with
      your family, friends and loved ones, and a very blessed, sleep-filled night.
      May your life always be touched by
      love and may you always feel the
      guiding presence of God and His
      angels in your life.

      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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