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Fw: [Hafiz] Of Course Things Like That Can Happen

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  • Polly
    Of Course Things Like That Can Happen Once God made love to a great saint Who had a hairy belly. Of course things like that can happen! And it was a surprise
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2002
      Of Course Things Like That Can Happen

      Once God made love to a great saint
      Who had a hairy belly.

      Of course things like that can happen!

      And it was a surprise
      Only to the novice on the path
      When the saint's stomach began to swell
      Just like a woman's.

      Weeks went by, then months.
      The saint's cheeks
      Turned into beautiful roses.
      He became like a young bride
      Who was carrying a holy child,
      And his gratitude was speechless.
      But his eyes shone
      Like two planets making love.

      The town began to stand outside his house
      At night,

      For it had come to the attention of the faithful
      That as the moon passed by on its round,
      It would sometimes bend over and kiss the roof!

      Of course things like that can happen.

      Life went on
      Amidst the other ten thousand wonders:
      Whiskers and weeds and trees and charming babies
      Kept emerging.
      People and cattle and bees worked side by side,
      All sweetly humming,
      And, come lunch,
      All dined on the same Mysterious
      Divine manna of nourishing Love -
      Disguised in a thousand shapes, colors and forms.

      Galaxies gave away their ingenious ideas
      And told us of their private body functions.
      So man, too,
      Eats, burps and excretes more worlds.

      How is it that invisible thoughts can lift heavy matter
      And build cities and armies and altars?

      All contain a Hidden Strategy
      To be transformed again
      Into Divine Music and Love and Light!

      The sun rolls through
      The sky meadows every day,
      And a billion cells run
      To the top of a leaf to scream and applaud
      And smash things in their joy.

      Of course things like that can happen.

      Rivers stay up all night and chant;
      Luminous fish jump out of the water
      Spitting emeralds at all talk of Heaven
      Being anywhere else but -- Right Here!

      Clouds pull each other's pants down
      And point and laugh.

      O my dear,
      Of course things like that can happen.

      For all is written within the Mind
      To help and instruct the dervish
      In dance and romance and prayer.

      The stars get clearly drunk
      And crazy at night
      And throw themselves
      Across the sky.

      Only an insane being or compound
      Is not going mad with excitement
      At this Wonderful Performance by God!

      And still,
      Light stretches its arms
      Open ever more
      And shouts to you, because you are His lover,
      To forget your harsh actions of the past
      And just Dance!

      Look! Angels and flowers
      Are playing hooky in graveyards,
      Laughing and rolling naked on cool stones.

      Why go to sleep tonight
      Exhausted from the folly of ignorance,

      When even the Beloved is Drunk
      And is doing wonderful, ecstatic somersaults
      And is giving wild lessons between the sheets
      And between His handstands
      All up and down the Tavern floor and ceiling!

      Indeed, things like that can happen.

      A few days
      Before the delivery of God's baby,
      The saint had to visit a city close by
      Where few knew him.

      He was walking unnoticed past a mosque,
      And the shouts of God's lovers
      Happened to fill the air, calling,

      "Allah, Allah! Where are you?
      Where are You, Beautiful One?"

      And the child in the womb of the Master
      Could not remain silent and shouted back,
      In an astounding voice,

      "I am Here!
      I am Here -- dear world!"

      The crowd in the mosque became frantic,
      And they picked up shoes, clubs and stones.
      You know what then happened -
      The story became grim.

      But the moon cannot hold a grudge.
      It still stops by some nights
      And leans over this gentle earth, as over a crib,
      And gives a full, wet kiss.

      For the moon knows
      That God is always amorous -

      He will never stop making Love,

      For the Truth has been Divinely Conceived
      Deeply within each of us.

      O Hafiz,
      Look at the Splendor of God's Grace:
      The Sun has been planted in a thousand furrows
      Across every soul's brow.

      Of course, my dear,
      Everything God and I say
      Can Happen!

      ("I Heard God Laughing -- Renderings of Hafiz"  by Daniel Ladinsky)
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