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Moments of Wonder

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    This wonderful piece below, today s Eman8tions, moved me so. Recently I have been so aware of how affected I am by the small things of nature, especially how
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      This wonderful piece below, today's Eman8tions, moved me so.  Recently I have been so aware of how affected I am by the small things of nature, especially how the effects of Light expose deep beauty to the senses.
      This past week it has been the deep yellow blossoms on the Prickly Pear cactus that bravely decided to take up residence next to my driveway a few years ago.  Yesterday, before the rain storms moved in, it was the effect of the high clouds against the brilliant blue of the sky.  I have had moments of being close to tears from the glory of the color of fuchsia in bougainvillea against a white wall.  ~ Judith Marie
      A friend and I were watching the beautiful spring blooming of a pair
      of tulip trees in a nearby park. Against the barren panorama of the
      leafless trees that filled the park, the tulip trees were spectacular
      in their arresting beauty and majesty. Their purple crimson
      vividness, brightness, and vitality was arresting.

      We thought that perhaps in our maturity we were somehow more
      appreciative of the beauty than when we were children.

      That was a strange thought, given that we recognize the gift of
      wonder and amazement that is given to the very young.

      But here we were, amazed, bedazzled, stopped in our tracks by the
      stark and amazing beauty of the tulip trees blooming. Not only that,
      just prior, the brilliant yellow of a patch of forsythia had stunned
      us into silence and awe. And some huge white blossomed creatures had
      risen before us to put us in a wondering springtime meditation.

      Then we realized that children are experiencing constant wonder and
      amazement. They go from one to the next, delighted by so many things
      it is almost meaningless in a Zen kind of way.

      But for us now, the meanings of things has become precious and deep.
      We are in awe, reflecting upon the simple beauty of the spring
      blossoms amidst the tragedy of man's inhumanity to man, the blindness
      of modern values, that we are stopped in wonder as the rest of the
      world rushes by. So many things we think and feel that add poignance
      and sweetness, making it a profound experience beyond what we had
      experienced as children.

      This was the rich awe of the life experience by those who had had a
      lot of it.

      We are truly blessed by the depth of our lives, especially if we have
      come to the place where we finally open to the fullest appreciation
      of the divine flowing in all things.

      Copyright © 2004  by John MacEnulty
      3/30/2004, St. Louis, MO
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