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18 Taurus The Angels of Mental and Emotional Mastery

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    18 degrees Taurus The Angels of Mental and Emotional Mastery Also known as The Angels of ‘Magelucha’ Beloved, When a son or daughter of God has reached a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2002

      18 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Mental and Emotional Mastery

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Magelucha’


      When a son or daughter of God has reached a high state of maturity and harmlessness, we begin to inspire great powers of mind and feeling, so great in fact, that the elements of the air and the elements of the water obey them.

      With mastery of mind and feeling comes mastery of the beings of air and water. Many miracles are accomplished through this mastery, and miracles indeed are in order, not only to birth heaven on earth, but also to maintain it.

      Mastery of air and water requires mastery of mind and emotion.

      In the old paradigm, mastery connoted a sense of restraint, CONTROLLING both in the sense of holding back emotional expression and not allowing certain thoughts into consciousness. In this sense, the spiritual master had power over where he directed attention, i.e., away from

      thoughts which are debilitating and away from emotions which are weakening.

      The emotions and thoughts to be allowed were those which were uplifting.

      The negative feelings and thoughts, once stopped, were stored in the subconscious and in the body tissue, creating tension and an underlying feeling of stress and discomfort. On an unconscious level then, these thoughts and feelings continued to create and attract negative situations that vibrated to them.

      In many traditional, notably oriental, cultures, emotions were strictly curtailed;

      for example, allowing behavioral release of emotions such as crying or anger was immediately and totally squelched and seen as a sure sign of weakness and lack of mastery. In these cultures where absolute

      suppression of anger was demanded, people had not reached the point of understanding that negative emotions could be DIRECTED in a beneficial way, a way that would create healing for the person experiencing them.

      Although the traditional notions of mastery still have relevance for the seeker of enlightenment in the present day, the idea that mastery only means stopping or holding back expression of emotional energy is too limiting considering the true nature of emotions. The essential nature of emotions is to flow, like water.

      Using a martial arts analogy, emotional mastery is more like aikido, which requires flowing with the available energy of the "opponent", or negative emotional energy, to advantage. To continue the analogy, optimal application of emotional mastery is not like some forms of karate, which require aggressively attacking, ‘forcing the issue’, to overcome the opponent, or maliciously unleashing negative emotional energy.

      To flow freely does not mean continuing to flow unlimitedly, into destructive acting out. It does mean DIRECTING the flow in a beneficial way.

      In the paradigm which reflects God’s Original and Perfect Will of Love manifesting in practical ways, the controlling of thought and emotion begins with this type of mastery, and builds upon it. Control is used selectively, to allow the negative emotion to flow ENERGETICALLY and INWARDLY, in a way that encourages healing insights and emotional changes to arise. These insights are changes in the thoughts about the situation that caused the anger. The emotions flow and evolve safely without being allowed to be acted out in a destructive way.


      It is quite understandable in these ancient traditions, because of the close historical connection between the flaring up of the emotion of anger and violently acting out to maliciously harm the perceived ‘enemy’, that mastery as restraint became the law.

      When not masterfully directed and safely contained, indeed, strong emotions can tend to escalate and trigger others. The ‘hothead’ who lost control of his emotions did threaten the safety and integrity of everyone’s way of life. Allowing anger, for example, to "flow" was definitely foolish and dangerous when no distinction was made between release, versus acting out, of emotion.

      Mastery in the larger sense involves selectively blocking the expression of some emotions; for example, remaining totally in emotional control is necessary within an inappropriate situational context such as a grocery store. In contrast, freely allowing the unimpeded spontaneous expression of unpleasant emotions is healing in a therapeutic or private situation in which no damage to others is done. Limiting

      the expression of the strong ‘negative’ emotion like anger to a previously

      defined, safe container makes all the difference between a healing outcome

      and a chaotic or dangerous result.

      Even more at the crux of the issue of selective mastery would be the example of expressing anger by pounding a pillow but stopping short of hurting self or destroying property. This latter instance could be considered ‘controlled loss of control’, a prime example of the right use of mastery of emotional release—choosing to allow the nondestructive flow of emotion, while totally suppressing destructive acting out, once the flow of emotion is underway. When emotions flow to completion, they change, become purified, and ultimately transcendent—

      if no physical or property damage is permitted.

      In traditional cultures the notion of "loving all emotions", and selectively directing their flow would have appeared to be a confusing impossibility. Early childhood, negative feelings were indeed overwhelming, scary and not to be played with.

      The new paradigm of emotional expression teaches a new attitude and methodology which awaken enlightenment through the emotions.

      When painful feelings of childhood are embraced with unconditional love and allowed to flow safely into healing and resolution, mastery of the emotional nature is attained.

      Since thoughts and feelings are interconnected, controlling one affects the other. As early childhood feelings are purified and healed, the mind also goes through transformation and healing.

      Once the original negative feelings and thoughts are healed, the original childlike connection with grace, mercy, enlightenment, and the splendor and majesty of God, returns in full force.

      That is why it was said, "Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of God."


      Many people avoid painful feelings. They do everything, all of their lives to avoid feeling the darkest recesses of their souls. A common fearful fantasy of doing this is

      " I will never be the same again after going into my deepest and most fearful emotions;

      I will never return {to the way I was before}".

      We are here to tell you that only by walking bravely into the valley of the shadow of death, and facing and feeling these dreadful and fearful emotions, that healing and enlightenment can come.

      "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

      This is partly what is meant by emotional maturity. After a person has faced their darkest fears and allowed them to heal, they will never cause harm to any sentient creature, for they have learned the importance of harmlessness on an extremely deep personal level.

      When true harmlessness is attained, the beings of the air and of the waters respond to the intuitive will, thought, and enlightened emotions that flow through a child of God.

      As the dark polarity of feelings are mastered, then the other emotional polarity is attained through the enlightened use of Will. This is the absorption of the will, thoughts and the feelings in the divine virtues of the letters of our name, ‘Magelucha’.

      As the emotional nature heals, so does the mind. Dark and fearful thoughts heal along with the dark and fearful feelings that go with them.

      The beauty of healing emotions is that the process allows the psyche to spontaneously remember the original thoughts of heaven in all of their purity. This is part of the second birth.

      "Ye must be born again."

      The combination of healing the mind through emotional transformation and meditation on the qualities of Divine Consciousness gives mental maturity. By meditating on the magnetic power of feeling, the letter M, wisdom and enlightenment, the letter A, grace and mercy, the letter G, the omnipresence of Divine Life, the letter E, along with the splendor and majesty of God, letter L, and the divine virtue of the act of creation and its karma, which is the letter U of our name, in clarity and perfect purity, letter Ch, complete control over the air spirits is attained, letter A.

      As a son or daughter of God becomes more mature they become more childlike.

      Those who are most powerful on earth are the most harmless because they are mature.


      M…As perfect master of feelings, sensations, and vital energy in self and others, we direct passionate energy


      A…into various artistic talents, clairvoyance and miraculous abilities.


      G…We do this to bring happiness, wealth, and satisfaction in having abundance.


      E…We help manifest ideas into reality using clairaudience,


      L… and bringing health, vitality, beauty, and youthfulness into manifestation through the form of medicines and youthening treatments.


      U… We do this with the associated ability to transfer consciousness and evoke trance states.


      Ch… We are gifted with perfect clarity and insight into the true original essence of everything in its purest forms


      A…in order to bestow wisdom and enlightenment.




      Email for emotional healing techniques. Specify Plain Text or HTML.

      Note to new readers. The angel messages build on each other. Go to


      or any of the other sites listed below

      to read previous ones.


      The First Law


      The Law of One


      In order to facilitate remembrance of The Law of One, which protects everyone in all situations, it is recommended to

      memorize it so well that you can say it in your dreams.


      Be sure to think about each line of this law until you feel that you understand it. If you need to reword it slightly in order to resonate with it better, this is recommended as long as the original meaning is kept intact.


      For instance, a Christian might say, "One with the Christ." A Muslim " One with Allah, or one with Mohammed." A Buddhist,"One with Buddha", etc….If you wish to replace the word ‘omniscient’ with ‘all-knowing’, ‘’omnipresent’ with ‘everywhere present’, and ‘omnipotent’ with ‘all-powerful’, the meaning stays the same. I have found over the years that I change the wording slightly every now and then to reflect my present state of understanding of it.





      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM; [I am one with all beings, all masters, saints, and prophets, with angels and all enlightened beings throughout time and space and beyond, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and all loving],

      I ask that ONLY that which is THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED

      Happen here and now, as well as through all space and time.

      I am deeply grateful that this is happening.

      So be it.





      Use Rapid Eye Movement [REM] while surfing feelings that come up. Feelings change when they are felt. Negative ones process toward healing and positive ones get more positive. Rapid Eye Movement or REM is the eye movement that the body does automatically in dreaming.


      Emotional processing uses many of the same neurological states as dreaming, and could be termed "a waking dream". REM is moving the eyes back and forth, right to left and back again, over and over, at any speed that is comfortable, while reliving the memories or just feeling any feelings. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FEELINGS and any insights, memories, or thoughts that arise, let the eye movement be absentminded and automatic, don’t pay attention to it.


      Eye movement shifts the emotional-thought energy back and forth from one brain hemisphere to the other and allows it to process naturally. Emotions are magnetic energy, the Divine Feminine, and attract realities into physical manifestation. To heal our physical world, we must heal our emotions. Bypassing, denying, or suppressing feelings makes them go underground into the subconscious and the tissues of the body store them as tension. Even though painful feelings are unconscious at this stage, they still magnetically attract. In their unconscious state, it is difficult to heal them, which is why it is so important to process them by letting them flow and be felt, and thereby change, when they spontaneously come up.


      If you feel good, enjoy the feelings. Only process negative feelings when they spontaneously come up on their own.


      This is a major paradigm shift for our culture and times. To acknowledge feelings with unconditional all encompassing love, to feel them without acting out destructively, and to understand that their nature is to stay pure and healthy by flowing, like water; is to finally understand and embrace the Divine Feminine Magnetic Nature that gives birth to heaven on earth.


      In cases where the negative feelings are overwhelming, a special session of finding the original wounding event and reliving it to process all the emotions may be necessary. Email for more information.


      To new subscribers: What these messages are all about, and how to effectively meditate on the divine virtue of each letter.


      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world’s religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host and the angels who work with them. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

      Each letter of the name represents a particular divine virtue, and each virtue has a sound, a musical note, a color, a sensation, a part of the body that is formed by the virtue. The way to "speak " this ancient language is to be aware of the virtues of each letter using all of these aspects. This requires wholebrain thinking that uses all four brainwaves at the same time: Delta-pure being, Theta-deep inward thought, Alpha-feeling and emotion, and Beta-the five senses, logic, and memory. [Email for a copy of the Tibetan Exercise of Paradox to facilitate skill in doing four things at once.]

      When a human being uses the ancient language in this way, a sine wave is created in consciousness that strikes a sympathetic resonance with the larger universe. The smaller sine wave nests in a larger one and this virtue manifests both in the person doing the meditation and in the outer world.

      [Even if a person uses only a part of this meditation at first, such as only the visualizations and the meaning, so some extent the sine wave of a divine virtue is manifested and creates exciting changes. With practice, the other aspects can be added.]

      Each degree of the zodiac is an attunement with a different aspect of life.

      By looking at each of your planets and important points in your natal astrological chart, you can figure which divine virtues are your unique signature of divine qualities.

      Look at the fixed stars that are aspecting the planets and points of a natal chart for the star assisted portions of a persons DESTINY in this lifetime.


      The meditation for each letter is the same as the meditation for all the other letters and their virtues. If, in this current message, the colors, sensations, and musical note are not given, please refer to previous messages in which they are. Also refer to 12 Aquarius, The Angels of ‘Hatuny’, also known as The Angels of The Cosmic Language.

      For this example, we are using the letter "A" [soft A, as in ahhhhh], which is the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment. It is customary to "speak" the letter in its proper musical note silently in the mind, instead of outloud, for the purpose of meditation.

      All meditations are based on the AS ABOVE, SO BELOW law. As you create the wholebrain four-level awareness of a divine virtue in your body, which is made in the likeness of God, you simultaneously create this awareness in the outer universe. The four-level awareness of any divine virtue means that you WILL it, you UNDERSTAND it, you FEEL it, and you SENSE it.


      See, or imagine, yourself as a tiny dot in your solar plexus with the rest of the body as galaxies and
      swirling universes all around you. Imagine a tiny sun, in the color of the virtue, shining from the part of the body that represents the element of the virtue. In this case, for letter A, [soft A], a tiny light blue sun shining in the lung area, shining forth and filling the whole body. Since the letter A is an air element virtue, its sun is located in the lung area, as are all air element virtues.

      Here is the way to know where to place the sun of a virtue.


      Fire letters are a sun in the cranial sphere.

      Air letters are a sun in the lungs.

      Water letters are a sun in the abdomen.

      Earth letters are a sun in the leg region.


      WILL and intend to invoke the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment within your being. The strength and purity of your will determines the creative POWER of this meditation.


      Add to this the clear imagination of the color shining forth from the area of the body that is formed
      by the virtue. In this case, the light blue sun shining from the lungs.


      Meditate on the meaning of the virtue with your intellect, in a Theta brainwave state of deep inward thought. In this case, the letter A, meditate on the virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, on the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. Focus and concentrate on this long enough for clear insights and concepts to form. This is the BLUEPRINT, OR MOLD for creating with this virtue.


      Hear the musical note inwardly, in this case G.


      Now FEEL yourself having mastery of wisdom and enlightenment. Feel yourself having perfect clairvoyance, clairaudience, eloquence, artistic gifts, and the power of levitation. The intensity of your FEELING determines the attractive POWER of your meditation to manifest in form.


      Now add to this a strong imagined sensation of the element, in this case a sensation of ease, filling the
      body. See yourself having perfect dominion over the beings of the air, over storms, wind, and breeze.


      When you breathe out, see all of this radiating through the pores of the skin over the body part, in this case the lungs, and filling all of outer space. When you breathe in, see this radiating in through the pores of the skin and filling the entire body.

      By performing this meditation with a vivid imagination and strong feeling, such a strong
      connection is made between universal mind and individual mind, that
      they become one.

      "I and the Father are one."




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