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Fw: Essence of Paradise 05.04.2002 [Expression]

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  • Polly
    ESSENCE of PARADISE Light and Love is the Pure Essence of our being. Life is to be an adventure in Paradise. Enjoy It While You Can! Baba Kundi
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2002
      Light and Love is the Pure Essence of our being.
      Life is to be an adventure in Paradise.
      Enjoy It While You Can!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Word For Today: "EXPRESSION"
      1 a : an act, process, or instance of representing in a medium (as words) : UTTERANCE <freedom of expression>  b (1) : something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes something else <this gift is an expression of my admiration for you> (2) : a significant word or phrase (3) : a mathematical or logical symbol or a meaningful combination of symbols (4) : the detectable effect of a gene;  also   : EXPRESSIVITY 1
      2 a : a mode, means, or use of significant representation or symbolism;  especially   : felicitous or vivid indication or depiction of mood or sentiment <read the poem with expression>  b (1) : the quality or fact of being expressive (2) : facial aspect or vocal intonation as indicative of feeling
      3 : an act or product of pressing out

      The master was known to favor action over withdrawal. But he always insisted on "Enlightened" action.

      The disciples wanted to know what "Enlightened" meant.  Did it mean "right-intentioned"?

      "Oh no," said the Master. "Think how right-intentioned the monkey is when he lifts a fish from the river to save it from the watery grave."
      Anthony de Mello, S.J.
      MORSEL:   The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
      Marcel Proust
      v   v   v
      * This is made possible in part by Scott Reeves.
      Create A Beauty-Full Life, One Day At A Time!
      Love, Respect, Cherish and Support 'All' Life!
      Minister Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala

      Meditation for this 2002-05-04
      "If you truly want to take up the path of good you must be aware that you will not be able to escape attack from evil. In other words evil must hate you and fight you, and if, despite its attacks, you continue in the same divine direction, it is proof that you already have elevated yourself and are elevating yourself higher still. Why does evil hate you? Because you have not sided with it. Otherwise evil would be protecting you, mollycoddling you, rocking you to sleep so that you stay under its influence a little while longer. If, on the other hand, you escape its clutches, if you refuse to put yourself in its service, then you arouse its hatred. But it is in fact thanks to this hatred that you will go far. Evil has shown itself relentless and merciless to all the great initiates and those who were able to interpret the situation could see in it a clear sign. Because only those who have been hated by evil to the very last are worthy of receiving the supreme Initiation. Those who did not understand, of course, said: 'Oh, the poor soul; how unkind fate has been to him.' But those who knew, rejoiced and said: 'He is destined to reach great heights.'"
      Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


      Special Note: I want all to know that what I share is what I believe SPIRIT is speaking to my heart in one way or another. If it resonates with your Spirit embrace it and allow it to assist in ushering you deeper into your very own Divine reality. I am not preaching to you or teaching you, I am simply sharing with you because I Love You and know that we are one. Light and Love!




      Who we are and what we are is of the utmost importance. We were created unique individuals, one of a kind. It is said that we are born knowing nothing, and we come into this world as sinners. It is also said that as we live our life we will learn that which we need to survive and evolve into the Spiritual beings that we are called to be. I truly believe that we all are one with The DIVINE (MOTHER-FATHER GODDESS/GOD). This means that we are all whole/complete without a blemish. We are not born into this world a sinner, tarnished goods. We are born into this world in the likeness and image of The DIVINE. We are Creators from the Spiritual Realm who choose to be born in physical form to experience an existence governed by free will. With that as our reality we find ourselves in a state of recall or you can call it a state of remembrance. We are not actually learning anything new, we are remembering that which is already in us. We are one with The DIVINE however that does not make us The DIVINE (GOD). 


      In this physical existence our biological parents came together and co-created us. When we were born we became both our mother and father because the two of them came together and created us with the Divine Help of SPIRIT. That made us a part of both of them. So we are now physically both our mother and father, yet at the same time we are our individual selves. Even thought that is our reality we are not an never will totally be our parents. Our physical make-up is a part of our parents making us one with them on the physical plain. It is the same thing when it comes down to our relationship with The DIVINE. We are a part of The DIVINE because we come out of The DIVINE and that makes us Divine. However we are only a small part of The DIVINE, we are not in totality The DIVINE. Yet we have been blessed with many of the creative abilities and powers of The DIVINE, however we are only a part and not the whole.


      I believe that it is of the utmost importance that we get to the place of fully comprehending this liberating truth. When we fully come into the light of this reality we are free to totally be who we truly are. That is when we start to see life and others in a different light. That is when we start to accelerate our re-call/remembrance. We are not learning what we need to do, we are remembering what we need to do as we work through our state of forgetfulness. Even during this time of remembrance we are still creating the world around us. We do not consciously create at all times, but we are still creating none the less. As we consciously re-call more of our true reality/Divine Nature our creations will take on a new form and so will we.


      We must seek Divine help as we step fully into our true self. We must ask for assistance from The DIVINE and also from those in the Spirit Realm who await our request for help. It is said that we have not because we ask not. At this point on the Path of Spiritual Awakening we need assistance from The SOURCE and from those Spiritual Beings who are fully conscious Spiritually who are there for the purpose of assisting us. We can assist each other to a degree, but that assistance can only take us to a certain level of awareness.


      I know to some this may seem far fetched, but if you think back a few years you will see that most of your present beliefs were at on time thought to be far fetched as well. New ways of thinking and doing things do not always come easy. We are extremely guarded when it comes down to letting go of the old and letting new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, and believing come in. That is not a bad thing, it is simply a safe guard we have build into ourselves as protection. However, it is not good to be totally closed to new ways of doing and seeing things because they are different from what we have been taught in the past. We are all consciously being transformed into our true selves, and once we have reached the point of total re-call there will be no need for us to remain here on this physical plain. We will translate back into the Spirit Realm and we may even start to assist those remaining on the physical plain in remembrance of their true Divinity. 


      As we travel through this journey called life we must express ourselves fully, even if part of what we express is incorrect. Doing that is the only way we will come to know our errors so we can correct them. We must fully open our eyes and ears and not be afraid of that which is different. We must be open to see and hear all things that cross our path, and before we throw that which is different away we must seek Divine direction and understanding so that we will act in line with SPIRIT. We may be surprised what we receive once we totally open up to SPIRIT.


      Express Yourself And Step Into Your True Reality!


      Minister Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © 2002

      I Receive The Divine Gift That Of Self That Is Within Me.
      I AM Who I AM, And I AM Enjoying Every Single Minute Of Life!
      Baba Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala
      Copyright © 2002

      Peace, Love, and Light To All of Creation!
      Create A Beauty-Full and Prosperous Life,
      One Day At A Time!

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