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Monday through Wednesday, April 29 -May 1st

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    Cyrus the Astrologer is offline while enjoying a three week fast and retreat, integrating the energy of the Wesak full moon this past Friday. He is using the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2002
      Cyrus the Astrologer is offline  while enjoying a three week fast and retreat, integrating the energy of the Wesak full moon this past Friday.  He is using the Jasmuheen technology of living on the light. He sends his love and blessings.
      The Thirteen Moon Calendar of Peace
      Power of FLOWERING Action of
      Harmonic 56: Electric Input
      Inform Flowering of Service
      (harmonic: four cosmic root race cooperative time cell code; five time cells coded with one each of thirteen galactic tones create the 65 harmonics of the Book of Kin; in inverse relation to each other, 65 harmonics create the code of the Harmonic Index, occult partners and quartets)
      Planetary Moon 26 (4/29 Monday)
      13 Imix(ee' meesh) Kin 221: Red Cosmic Dragon
      Earth Family: Cardinal  Chakra: Vissudha (Throat)

      I endure in order to nurture
      Transcending being
      I seal the input of birth
      With the cosmic tone of presence
      I am guided by the power of life force
      White Wind Wavespell 18
      Power of  Spirit
      (wavespell: time template and synchronization module based on thirteen galactic tones)
      Planetary Moon 27 (4/30 Tuesday)
      1 Ik(eek) Kin 222: White Magnetic Wind(GAP)
      Earth Family: Core  Chakra: Anahata (Heart)

      I unify in order to communicate
      Attracting breath
      I seal the input of spirit
      With the magnetic tone of purpose
      I am guided by my own power doubled
      I am a galactic activation portal-enter me(galactic activation portals: gateways to galactic consciousness; 52 galactic gateways in thirteen sets of paired occult kin called quartets; the sum of the tones of the thirteen quartets is 364, or thirteen moons; as the pattern on the Harmonic Index it is known as 'the loom of the thirteen moons'.)

      Planetary Moon 28 (5/1 Wednesday)
      2 Akbal(ak' bahl) Kin 223: Blue Lunar Night
      Earth Family: Signal   Chakra: Manipura (Solar Plexus)

      I polarize in order to dream
      Stabilizing intuition
      I seal the input of abundance
      With the lunar tone of challenge
      I am guided by the power of vision
      Planet Holon: Timeship Earth 2013
      The Timeship is a radial galactic fifth force 'radio' station. The broadcast lattice of the Timeship is maintained by cooperation of the fourth-dimensional planetary kin.
      The polar kin(Sun, Serpent, Dog, Eagle) generate from the north pole;
      the cardinal kin(Dragon, World-Bridger, Monkey, Warrior) transmit from the median north;
      the core kin(Wind, Hand, Human, Earth) energize from the equator;
      the signal kin(Night, Star, SkyWalker, Mirror) protect from the median south;
      the gateway kin(Seed, Moon, Wizard, Storm) climax at the south pole.
      Call of the Earth Families
      Polar kin sound the chromatics
      Cardinal kin establish the genesis
      Core kin mine the tunnels
      Signal kin unravel the mysteries
      Gateway kin open the portals
      Which is your family?
      Which is your way?
                                            --from the Dreamspell by Jose Arguelles

      Dreamspell information courtesy of the Foundation for the Law of Time
      Official website for the World 13-Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement
      One Time One Earth One People


      As Salaam Alaikum
      Yellow Planetary Star/Kin 88
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