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  • Polly Menendez
    THE EVERLIFE SANCTUARY Welcome to the third part of the Inner Chamber - the Sanctuary. Here you have come face to face with the blessings-field that dwells
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2002

      Welcome to the third part of the Inner Chamber — the Sanctuary. Here you have come face to face with the “blessings-field” that dwells within you — the Supreme Treasure of Everlasting Life. Inscribed in an objective form by Nichiren in 13th century Japan and distributed among his followers, the Supreme Treasure mandala reflected the definition of the storehouse of blessings as depicted in the Lotus Sutra.

      Nichiren offered that this object of veneration mirrored the enlightened identity hidden within one’s core self, and, as such, one who chanted before it would evoke that immortal identity to manifest in the mortal arena of one’s daily life. According to Nichiren, the all-encompassing mirror of eternal blessings hidden within every mortal being contained all the wisdom, joy and peace in the cosmos. As his mandala mirrored life’s enlightened essence, its veneration, he insisted, would cause your wishes, desires, dreams and hopes to emerge. Moreover, as this mandala constituted the essence of the Lotus Sutra and the wisdom contained in all the doctrines of Buddhism, it defined the “eternal cluster” of all potentials, powers, laws of existence, all causes, all lifetimes, all contents of the universe, as well as all that is yet to be.

      How can such a limitless expanse exist within you? Buddhism contends that your life extends far beyond the boundaries of your skin-shell. The Lotus Sutra reveals that at the core of your existence is a Supreme Treasure — a fountainhead of limitless blessings — that defines the full scope, nature and essence of your total identity or whole self. Having entered this sanctuary you now stand inside the storehouse of blessings.


      see more at Everlife Buddhist Education Center, http://www.everlife.org/sanctuary.htm


      and the Prayers section states:

      After reciting the sutra (see Changing Room) and repeatedly chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo (see Gateway) , it is time to face the Supreme Treasure in your life and:

      • give thanks to the forces of the universe that help sustain existence,

      • acknowledge the scope, nature and essence of the Supreme Treasure (of Everlasting Life),

      • praise all who ever contributed to the survival and perpetuation of Buddhism's eternal legacy, and, as such, have enabled its blessings to exist in this day and age,

      • vow to help all humanity find its way to fulfillment,

      • reflect upon matters of utmost importance to you at this time and express your innermost wishes, whatever they may be,

      • pray for the enlightenment of family members and loved ones who have passed on, ancestors, lost loves, former friends and admired persons,

      • call forth the wondrous power of Everlasting Life to bless humanity and all living beings, whatever their circumstances, wherever they may exist.



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