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Re: << lovingpurelove >> Fwd: Action Needed Immediately to Protect Rodi Alvarado (US residents only)

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  • Polly
    Dear Ulla, I m certain we are all grateful that you are consistent about taking action. I m grateful you sent this one because I had not re-subscribed with
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
      Dear Ulla, 
      I'm certain we are all grateful that you are consistent about taking action.  I'm grateful you sent this one because I had not re-subscribed with Amnesty after changing my email address.  -----And you've been on my heart and mind to thank you for the nice letter you wrote the other day to help form a bridge of communication, although I hope I had built one myself with the explanations offered.  It is probably certain that no one experiences exactly the same, and I also realize that we are multi-tasking on different levels (or realms) of reality, which may very well fall in line with your multi-verse ideas.  Any way, we all owe you thanks and gratitude for your version of forming new bonds between us.  And I pay special deference to your closing sentiment, and return my gratitude for the love and the light that you have brought into my life and our lives. 
      Love, Polly 
      Ulla wrote:
      Thanking you for your contributions to my life and those of others.

      With love,
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