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    Calling all of you special people here today: I did get on-line earlier today, when I was clearing out my messages and reading those that had come in during
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
      Calling all of you special people here today:

      I did get on-line earlier today, when I was clearing out my messages and reading
      those that had come in during the night and early morning, in an effort to make
      room for more messages and to have space to send these out. However, I still
      have not had time to all of my messages, especially those that have come in
      today, because I was a little late getting up today due to having a migraine
      that woke me up in the middle of the night, resulting in my having to get up
      the night to take a pain pill to get it ease. Consequently, my day started kind
      of late. Then, for some reason it has been a little hard for me to get back
      on-line because of all the distractions and other things I had to do so far

      But I do want to say that after finding out today when my neighbor could go to
      see "The Passion of the Christ" with me, I just finished purchasing tickets
      on-line for a showing on Thursday--the first time she could go--through
      fandango.com. It was my first experience with going that route, and while I
      thought it would be an easy process, I have to say that it was just a little
      nerve-racking and very frustrating.

      First of all, when I opened my account with them today and tried to purchase
      tickets at my preferred movie theater, I was told that I could not purchase
      tickets on-line for that theater, but that I needed to reserve them by
      telephone. So I did that instead. Then when I got through on the phone, I was
      told that I could not reserve them there either. So I had to change theaters,
      which I did, and which I set up on-line. However, after entering all my data, I
      was told to wait while the order was processed and then a voice came on telling
      me that the order had failed and that I needed to go on line to complete the

      I then got back on-line, going through everything all over again again, entering
      all the data again, and then when it was time for the order to processed, I was
      advised that it was a duplicate order. So then I had to go through everything
      again and remove everything I had just done until, finally, believe it or not, I
      was able to get a receipt for the purchase of two senior tickets to see this
      movie in Thursday afternoon.

      Now I know you may find this hard to believe, but doing all of this and finally
      being able to see verification that I had indeed purchased the tickets (which I
      will be picking up just prior to show-time on Thursday) took way over an hour,
      closer to an hour and a half. Suffice it to say, if this much energy and effort
      is required in purchasing tickets on-line, I don't think I will be purchasing
      tickets in this way very often. However, after all is said and done, at least I
      have my tickets and a set time to go see this movie that so many people are
      talking about, and that is all that is really important, isn't it?

      Now for the Angel Wisdom words for today which are are "Imagination Shift."

      "An Angelic Reminder: It is my conviction that slight shifts in imagination
      have more impact on living than major efforts at change.----Thomas Moore"

      "We receive images, mental pictures, and thoughts all day long. Thinking and
      imagining are voluntary actions. We create our psychological experiences by the
      way we are thinking, and we take them a step further in the way we use our
      imaginations. We have the choice of perspectives. As Joseph V. Bailey, author
      of 'The Serenity Principle,' puts it, "If you focus on the smashed bug on the
      windshield of your car, you will definitely miss the scenery and likely have an
      accident. Wisdom is like looking through the windshield, not at it." If we can
      remember and fully realize that we are thinkers in charge of our thoughts and
      captains of our perspectives, then we will be able to make slight shifts in our
      imaginations that will gentle reposition us to receive a glimpse of heaven.

      "If you want to have a more imaginative response to life, you must be willing to
      accept that your thoughts are your creation and not be attached to them. Too
      many thoughts means not enough insights. Insights are seeded in our
      imaginations, and when we allow our minds to have quiet time, the seeds will
      begin to germinate and our insights will grow. Insights bring change without
      the effort of changing.

      "An Angelic Reflection: I will choose my perspective and begin to notice th4e
      angels in the beautiful scenery of life."

      Then the words from The Daily Word for today are: "first step," with the
      statement or affirmation for today being: 'Divine wisdom in me is my guide and
      my reassurance.'

      Today's Message: "It is often said that the first step in creating a positive
      change in life is acknowledging that a change is needed. However, because I
      live from a spiritual awareness, my first step is allowing divine wisdom within
      me to guide my choices. God then gentle shows me where a constructive change
      may be needed in my career, relationship or daily habits.

      "How blessed I am to be divinely guided and reassured as I create a more
      fulfilling life experience for myself.

      "As I cooperate withe God, the one presence and power in my life, I overcome
      negative habits and challenging situations. I give the glory to who is my life
      and my all---my reason for being, my assurance in the present, and my hope for
      the future.

      "'How precious is your steadfast love, O God! All people may take refuge in the
      shadow of your wings.'----Psalm 36:7"

      And for the words for today from my "Angelic Reflections" booklet, "'Angel' is
      the only word in the language which can never be worn out.----Victor Hugo"

      Then from my "An Angel A Day Meditation" booklet, "Angels sometimes block our
      path because we are heading in the wrong direction. Rather than assuming you
      know what God's will is, stop and ask Him for wisdom. Is God trying to point
      out another direction for you? Have the sense of Balaam's donkey to stand still
      and listen."

      Now from my "Hold That Thought" booklet for today, "Some of us are reluctant to
      recall our past because we are afraid of painful memories. But as each illness
      brings a gift if we will just look for it, so each painful memory comes bearing
      a peace offering. Do not fear. The past asks only to be remembered."

      And finally, today's message from my "Peace Is Flowing like a Gentle River"
      booklet, "Something deep in all of us yearns for God's beauty, and we can find
      it no matter where we are.----Sue Monk Kidd."

      I don't know about all of you but, for me, once again, all of the angels have
      come through with some wonderful, eye-opening, heart-felt messages, messages I
      intend to listen to and heed because I always feel that I can use all the help I
      can get, to make my life run more smoothly, especially if that help is from the
      angels around me.

      To each of you, have a very special and wonderful afternoon, a stress-free
      evening, and a sleep-filled night.

      May your life always touched by
      love and may you always feel the
      presence of God and His angels in
      your life.

      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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