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Re: [lovingpurelove] Re: Spiritual Experiences

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  • Polly Menendez
    Dear Adriana, A very intriguing and delightful story. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings dear one. Love, Polly ... From: Adriana
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 16, 2002
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      Dear Adriana,

      A very intriguing and delightful story. Thank you for sharing with
      Blessings dear one.

      Love, Polly

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      Thank you for sharing about your experience, Polly~
      In exchange, I'll also share one of my true stories...don't know how
      spiritual it is, but it's a funny one indeed : )

      <<*>>It was a couple of years ago, a fine morning, and I had to go
      to the
      post office. As a foreigner living in Japan, this can sometimes be a
      accomplishment, especially when I have to demonstrate my
      japanese writing.:-) As I was putting my papers in order, I noticed
      that at
      the other end of my table the teenager daughter of a very good
      friend was
      also filling out some forms. A man was standing by her side and
      things to her, because she was nodding from time to time and writing
      in the
      spaces that he was pointing his finger at.
      I felt a powerful smell come my way from the direction of the man,
      like exotic flowers mixed with red wine, and noticed that his words
      kind of blurred, sometimes understandable, sometimes not quite. Oh,
      thought, some relative of the girl, and having had a glass of
      something too,
      so early in the morning ...lol...
      I said hello to the girl, and the man also looked at me, and said,
      in his
      blurred voice: "oh, wow, look at this, what a beauty do I see!" I
      inwards, in a way glad to be called a beauty at my (middle)age, and
      feeling some understanding for the wine that had put the words on
      this man's
      However, to discourage further advances, I tried to appear as
      serious as I
      could, whispered a polite "thank you, sir", and continued with my
      In the meantime, my little friend finished what she was doing and
      left the
      PO, and the man started moving among other people, laughing and
      with everybody, even with the people who just got in. He even went
      the area that is reserved only for the PO workers, who were also
      talking and
      laughing with him.

      Huh? I thought...now this IS a bit weird, since this man does not
      wear a
      badge, a uniform, but just some baggy clothes, of some
      color...now why does everybody seem to know him???
      As I stood near the counter, I noticed from the corner of my eye
      that he was
      standing nearby too, and looking straight at me. I looked straight
      into his
      eyes and I got almost dizzy, they were so deep, so magnetic, and
      so... so
      gentle !!!
      He said: "Gee...you ARE really so beautiful...I need to remember
      your name,
      and please do call on me if you have any problems with the language
      or the
      people, because my job here is to help". With as much as a glance in
      direction of the PO worker to whom I had just given my papers, he
      took some
      kind of a notebook out of his pocket, and wrote something in it. My
      name I
      guess, that he apparently saw on my papers.
      I said "thanks, but I'm ok, really I think I can manage", and he
      smiled, and went away, out through the front door.
      I thought - oh boy, the world is full of all kinds of interesting
      and this one was Surely one of them!!! And then I forgot all about
      it until
      a few days later, when I met my friend and her daughter, and had the
      idea to
      ask her if the guy who had helped was a relative, or a PO worker...
      Imagine my surprise when the kid said that she never met - nor spoke
      to -
      nor was ever helped that day - by any man in that post office.
      Which made me think that perhaps I saw an angel person in that
      place, and
      sure thing, whenever I have some trouble, I always seem to find an
      answer in
      there, even though I haven't seen that man again...


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