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Farm Sanctary/Urgent Rescue Case & Spirit at work

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  • Kay Levin
    Hello all, I wanted to share this. On February 18th a message came through this group about 25 cattle that needed homes. It was posted for US only. I live
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Hello all,
      I wanted to share this. 
      On February 18th a message came through this group about 25 cattle that needed homes.  It was posted for "US" only.  I live in a subdivision so there is no way I could stick a cow in my backyard, but I managed to send the email to my office and forwarded it before I left to go be with my Mom in the hospital that day.  Today was my first day back.
      The day before I received a call from a woman in one of our California offices.  She was inquiring how to structure a transaction that I am familiar with.  I was even a little bit irritated when I learned she was asking for herself and it would be an employee loan because I was very busy at the time.  During the course of the conversation (and because I am in Mortgage - specialty -construction on raw land) she informed me that she had in excess of 10 acres and had a few horses.  I had never spoken with her before (we have over 2000 employees across the country now) and after the call, I forgot about it.  However, when I received the email about the cows the next morning, she immediately popped into my head.  Hence, I forwarded it to work and then sent it to her from there.  I had her name from where I had listened to the voice mail the day before.  It took me a while to get through all my emails at work this morning, but the very next day she had sent me this:
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      Hi Kay,
      Hey Thanks for the info, I have already called Susie at the Farm Sanctuary and faxed her an application.  I figure I can give at least 3 of them a good home...it is $100 per cow to adopt.  So She will look over my application and hopefully put me on the list for these cattle and she said she could use me for horse adoption also.
      Take care,
      So even in the midst of and in-between 3 consent calls with the hospital, in a quick flick of the send button neat things happen.  It just reminds me that God/Goddess/Spirit/Source is in every nano-second of time and space.  I am blessed that even in the flurry of the physical plane I "heard" and took action without even thinking twice.  I just did it.
      For the highest good of all.
      Blessed be,
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