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To Share Angel Wisdom Message, the Daily Word Message and Other Angels Message for Todayhte

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    Calling all my special friends here once again: Once again my neighbor called me very early and asked me if I wanted to go to the grocery store, the post
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Calling all my special friends here once again:

      Once again my neighbor called me very early and asked me if I wanted to go to
      the grocery store, the post office and out to eat breakfast, even before I had
      gotten up, so I was gone for a good while this morning, meaning it was up into
      the afternoon before I could even get on-line to delete old messages and make
      room for new ones.

      For today, the angel wisdom words for today are: "On Behalf." I really think
      this is an interesting idea; we just have to be sure that we are doing things on
      behalf of the right person or thing.

      "An Angel Reminder: We are here on behalf of God.

      "Many of us live to help others. We want our lives to inspire love in others.
      To think about how we help ourselves and others, we can consider what we do on
      behalf of others. What qualities do we put forth and represent in our lives?
      When we do something on behalf of another we can think of ourselves as being
      half of it. That means we do not sacrifice ourselves or hurt ourselves to help
      another. It means we become part of the help and receive help in the process.

      "think of the knowledge and the qualities cultivated in your own life that could
      be used on behalf of others. Think of how the angels give love on behalf of us.
      What can we do today on behalf of the angels?

      "An Angelic Reflection: I will do what I do on behalf of God and His angels.

      From the Daily Word for today, the word to think about is: "Grace." To me that
      word always reminds me of God, because I cannot think of Grace without thinking
      of either 'God's grace' or 'by the grace of God' is the reason that something is
      happening or taking place in our lives.

      "The statement or affirmation for today is: "I am healthy, wise, and loving."

      "The transforming powers of God's grace is bringing about wonder in my life.

      "By the race of God, I am healthy and whole. The healing and restoration of my
      body are evident in how I look and feel, but there is also revitalization going
      on quietly and unceasingly within my cells.

      "By the grace of God, I am wise and capable. Knowing that God never puts any
      limitations on me, I keep my thoughts positive as I move forward in
      accomplishing my goals.

      "By the grace of God, I am loved and loving. God loves me and has created
      within me a reservoir of love. Giving love is its own reward, because the more
      love I give, the more love I receive.

      "'Happy are people to whom such blessings fall;
      'happy are the people whose God is the Lord.'---Psalm 144-15"

      And now for the angel message from my "Angelic Reflections" booklet for today,
      "Be an angel to someone today. Give without asking for anything in return.
      Help without hindering. Care without controlling. Listen without lecturing.
      Love without limiting." (Aren't these wonderful things for us to think about
      doing, not only today but every day!!)

      And then from my "An Angel A Day Meditation" booklet, the message for today is:
      "The angel of the Lord asked him, 'Why have you beaten your donkey these three
      times? I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one
      before me. The donkey saw me and turned away from me these three times. If she
      had not turned away, I would most certainly have killed you by now...'--Numbers

      "Next from my "Hold That Thought" booklet for today, "Believe it or not, you
      have lived many lives; and each has left indelible marks on your soul:
      childhood, early career, marriages, perhaps life alone. Each life's legacy is
      moments of contentment, things we've loved that when recalled, reveal glimmers
      of our true selves."

      And finally, from my "Peace Is Flowing like a Gentle River" booklet for today,
      "It is the first mild day of March, Each minute sweeter than before....There is
      a blessing in the air.'----William Wordsworth"

      On this first day of March, even though there is no sign of spring here yet
      because we once again have cloudy, rainy, dreary, grey weather, at least it is
      the first of March, and even with the weather so dreary outside, I know that
      Spring is not far behind, and to me, that is a real joy to think about.

      May your life always be touched by
      love and may you always feel the
      presence of God and His angels in
      your life.

      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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