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*~Spiritually Speaking~* March 2004 Celestial Timings Pt. I

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    March 2004 Celestial Timings By Carolyn Brent Redefining Forgiveness in the New Paradigm: Moving from Conflict to Co-operation
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004

      March 2004 Celestial Timings

      By Carolyn Brent


      Redefining Forgiveness in the New Paradigm:
      Moving from Conflict to Co-operation

      All forgiveness is self-forgiveness.
      Your [experience of] the world is the result
      of your combined state of thought and feeling -

      [your arena] of consciousness.  [Since your experience of the] world is a result
      of your state of consciousness,
      then if you hate anyone, you are disliking a part of yourself.
      -Raymond Charles Barker


      Forgiveness does not mean, "What you did is okay to me."
      It simply means, I am no longer willing to
      carry around pain in response to your actions".
      -Doreen Virtue

      Forgiveness is my choice to release such pain,
      even though the memory of its occasion remains.
      Forgiveness changes the way I feel
      about the past in my present experience.

       In releasing pain occasioned by other's mistreatment, I do not condone the mistreatment.
      Nor in releasing pain occasioned by misfortune, do I deny the misfortune.

      Though I may continue to remember my past mistreatment
      or misfortune, and to persist in restoring justice and harmony where harm has occurred,
      I no longer allow the pain of past mistreatment and misfortune to define my present experience.

      Forgiveness empowers reconciliation where estrangement has prevailed. Forgiveness empowers reunion where
      hostility has prevailed. Forgiveness empowers our acceptance of others where non-acceptance has prevailed…

       Forgiveness is the release of all hope for a better past.
       -Author Unknown

      I am now choosing a new relationship
      to the influence of painful past experience,
      by allowing the pain to be O.K.
      while I cease to indulge in it.

      The past is in reality a current thought. Since we can change thoughts and, thereby,
      change our experience of reality, we can, in fact, change our experience of the past.
      This is a principle role of forgiveness, changing the way the past shows up
      in our present experience of reality.
       -Ed Preston

      Forgiveness is the movement from working against
      one another at cross-purposes (win-lose conflict)
      to working together (win-win co-operation).
      Wherever there is conflict, non-forgiveness abides.
      Wherever there is co-operation –
      working together rather than at cross-purposes – considerable forgiveness has occurred

      to make this possible.


      The emotional and mental energy that I formerly invested
      in keeping past pain alive is now available to my
      greater aliveness in the present moment….and so it is. 


      Forgiveness is the path of those who would realize the harmonizing wholeness of their being.

      The Weekly Guide to Choosing Forgiveness




      When I felt the inspiration to look more deeply into forgiveness for the March Timings I had no idea the theme would be playing out so strongly in the collective experience with all the energy around Mel Gibson’s movie the Passion of Christ. At this writing I have not yet seen the movie but based on what’s being said in the media and the main message of forgiveness that Christ embodied it seems especially timely to be looking into this now. If you are alive you probably will have, or have had, some hurtful or wounding experience to forgive. Every culture, every race, every human being has experienced some kind of wounding that requires an act of forgiveness for true healing to occur. Forgiving ourselves and others helps us move beyond the effects of the wounds and transforms them into the medicine we carry. From this empowered place it is possible to live Heaven on Earth in a world structured by the principles of forgiveness, wholeness, cooperation, and love.



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