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Dear Parents

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  • Lisa
    Dear Parents By Valerie Thea Vandermeer Bless you for the path you have chosen. Your challenges are great and many. Your rewards will be deep. You will be
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      Dear Parents

      By Valerie Thea Vandermeer

      Bless you for the path you have chosen. Your challenges are great and many. Your rewards will be deep. You will be misunderstood by others, yet your courage and integrity will be the greatest gifts you can give your children. For in trusting your own wisdom and walking your own truth in the world, you will be a shining model for your children to emulate.

      This is the core of our work then ... to do our own spiritual homework so that our children experience us living in right relationship.

      Your children were born acutely aware and extraordinarily wise. They chose you to parent them. Remember that. They chose you -- and they chose well. You must now put aside all the ideas you have about being a parent and simply “be” one. Parenting, all parenting, is not about doing something, it’s about being. It’s a state of vibration.

      Highly aware children feel vibration – the entire universe pulses and hums with aliveness and our children experience this phenomenon, each in their own way. Some see colors and auras, some can hear other’s thoughts, some have healing abilities, inner vision, or prophetic abilities. Some are simply aware of their deep connection to humanity with an uncanny knack for expressing it in a way that touches people’s hearts. Whatever you call it, these are utterly human attributes. Everyone has the potential to experience and express all these phenomena. But most don’t. To understand our children we must recognize and accept that there is a difference between undeveloped potential and actualized abilities.

      It is very popular in spiritual circles to say that these children aren’t different or special -- that all children are endowed with these abilities simply by virtue of their humanity. This is essentially true. But it misses a vital point. All children are born with this potential, but not all children express these abilities. And there are differing degrees of these abilities. Just as every child can learn to play a simple tune on the piano, very few of those children will play concertos by age five. Every child experiences intuition and moments of deep knowing, magical play friends, and seeing rainbow colors floating around people. Yet, very few of those children will articulate deeply spiritual principles by age five. Highly aware children are different. Acknowledge them. Honor their sacred gifts. This is our path to becoming better caretakers of all earth’s children.

      Breathe deeply, pay attention, listen to your words, feel your body. Be in the now. You must disentangle yourself from the neurological webbing that traps us like marionettes in unconscious patterns of reactive behavior. Our children feel and sense and often act out our underlying emotional issues. They quite literally “pick up” the vibration and model it for us. For us. Watch your child’s behavior and quietly ask yourself, “What part of me feels this way?” Listen deeply for the answer. We can learn who we really are by watching our children closely. We can choose who we want to become. Teach your children that it’s safe to change, by changing and challenging yourself.

      Remember that each day, each moment, is new and ripe with unlimited potential to grow and learn together. Be responsive to the moment. Experience the truth of your deepest being with your child. Don’t listen to yesterday’s echoes. Draw forth the unfolding moment with more than just your eyes and ears. Slow down. Receive it through all your senses, multi-dimensionally. You cannot live as others do. Be in your life with your child.

      Our children are each unique, individual and wholly complete in their own right. In our desperation to understand, to make sense with the mind, we give them labels. We try to identify them and group them together by characteristics. Psychic, Indigo, Blue Ray … on and on we go. Even seemingly positive or prestigious labels such as these are still limiting ideas. Our children, and all humans, are limitless beings blessed with absolute transformational potential. We forget how very powerful we are. Our children are here to remind us. They remind us that ideas are rooted in memories of the past and conjecture about the future. Our children live in the present. We must gather ourselves and meet them where they are.

      We see our children’s brilliance -- their deep inner knowing and conviction. They are “hard-wired” for the unfolding of every-day wisdom and they follow truth where it leads them. Mirror this. Trust your own inner whisperings and follow your heart’s direction. Inside each of us is a template, a pattern of faith and power and the potential of who we are and how we will appear in the world. We know who we are supposed to be. It is deeply embedded in the tissues of our bodies and imprinted on our souls. Truly listen and you can hear the sounds of inner wisdom, feel its vibration.  When we contradict this inner guidance it’s as though we are playing two disharmonic notes on an instrument. The sound is distressing to our children. They hear this sad song everywhere around them as they move through a world filled with people who have lost connection to themselves. Let them hear your soul singing.

      Let yourself fail. Do it openly with grace and self forgiveness. Summon your courage and allow your children to really see you unmasked. Parenting a highly aware child demands total integrity. There is simply no other way. They can feel when the truth is not being told and it is deeply upsetting, even debilitating to them. What a gift you give when you acknowledge your own behaviors, name them clearly, and affirm how you plan to change. This is the way we teach our children how to grow.

      Embrace your authentic self and share who you are freely. Teach your children to do the same. We must respect and nurture the highly evolved sensitivities and unique intelligences of our children. Their anomalous and idiosyncratic behaviors reflect the emergence of traits more supportive of the human species than our current culturally accepted behaviors. Humanity is changing and they are a vital part of that shift. This is what they are meant to do, their purpose, a fundamental reason for their being present on the planet – to think deeply on that which has meaning, recognize truth, and stand apart in uniqueness.

      Follow your children. They will lead you to other highly aware children -- and then you will see magic. In their encounters, we witness human beings in authentic relationship full of bliss and joy. Watch them play and you will see them literally embodying the greatest principles of life’s truths: We are all connected, we are ultimately empowered, we have all the answers within, we are safe in our bodies, we all resonate to unconditional love and acceptance, we are all perfect just as we are. Our children blossom and breathe, open and shine, in the presence of one another. They are manifesting heaven on earth as they dance and play.

       As parents, we are blessed to gather round them as their caretakers and share our amazing journeys with one another. Hold hands, share tears, feel joy. Tell our stories. We are meant to be together. When we are together, deep healing occurs. Find each other.

       What can we do to parent our highly aware children? We do not need to help them uncover who they are, for they have not forgotten. We do not need to teach them metaphysical principles, for they are those principles made manifest. Our call then as highly aware parents is to be fully present, dynamically responsive, intuitively awakened, and wholly open to these children as our teacher/learners. Support them in the emergence into this dimension of physical form with love, consideration and attention. Provide them with tools to help them relate to this world and her people.  Love them unconditionally, wholly, completely.  Tell them they belong here, on this earth, at this time. And learn to trust that they are certainly leading us somewhere.

      Copyright 2002 Valerie Thea Vandermeer. All rights reserved.   http://www.earth-walk.net/dear_parents.htm


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