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  • Polly
    Also, to understand more of how this greatest realization could happen for me, it helps to look at my life experiences prior, of which no one can really know.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004
      Also, to understand more of how this greatest realization could happen for me, it helps to look at my life experiences prior, of which no one can really know.  I was young in 1968, only 21, and my ONLY interest was in loving God, and knowing all about God.  I must have heard that yogis knew how to do that, and it was to ask to be merged in God.  So this is what I did, all my desire was placed in merging with God.  And then one night it happened at a gathering.  What God asked me through the heart I will not devulge to you, but I answered by making the total commitment, and that is the surrender of self, or laying down your life. 
      Times have changed.  Life in the year 2004 is very promising that we, as loving and more aware beings, are seeking to create heaven on earth. The whole spiritual experience for everyone seems more aware and more loving. I never dreamed we could manifest our divine selves together and create our heaven on earth back in 1968, so our love, our hope, our light is brighter, that our awareness of God is helping us every step of the way.  So I do not think I would be seeking to lay down my life right now, but I see life as everlasting, and that I am always a part of it.
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      One suggestion Patti, is to not let other people define for you the meanings of the Master's wisdom and truth, but to seek for yourself.  I think you've probably heard that before, given as wisdom from the Buddha.  Acquaint yourself with their wisdom and apply it to yourself through endeavor.  If you want to let go of yourself for greater experience, you will.  In the meantime, be thankful for the wisdom and love you already hold.

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