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Fw: Indigo Children in the Middle East / A Call to Prayer

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  • Polly Menendez
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      Subject: Indigo Children in the Middle East / A Call to Prayer

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      (Please help spread this vigil by passing to everyone on your list)

      Join us in "Praying Peace" with the Indigo Children in the Middle
      April 20th, 6pm New York Time, 11pm UK, 8am April 21 in Sydney

      A Letter from Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden and James Twyman:

      We have all been distressed by the escalating violence in the Middle
      East. Every day we hear stories of suicide bombings, tanks
      entire villages, and the rising death toll. Most of us feel
      wanting to do something to help, but having no idea how.

      We believe that prayer is the most powerful force in the Universe,
      that we can use this power to shape a world based on compassion and
      rather than conflict and war. It has been proven over and over. Many
      you have participated in other World-Wide prayer vigils we have
      sponsored in the past, and you have seen the dramatic results.
      one example: On November 13, 1998, war ships were preparing to
      launch an
      assault against the Iraqi people. Later that night millions of
      people in
      at least 80 countries stopped what they were doing for ten minutes
      "Pray Peace" for that terrible situation. Little did we know that at
      same moment people gathered to pray, President Clinton ordered the
      bombing to begin. The jets were in the air and the missiles were
      ready. But then something happened that no one expected. Twice that
      night President Clinton gave stand down orders and called the jets
      to the ships. To this day no one knows exactly what happened, but it
      as if the bombs could not fall with the force of so many people
      and sending their feelings of peace. At least for one night no bombs
      fell and no one died.

      It's time to activate the same initiative for the Middle East.

      Many of you are aware of the role the children are playing in making
      global transition into the New World. We believe that the adults
      had their chance, and yet the struggle for power goes on. There are
      thousands of Indigo and Psychic Children in the Middle East, but
      need our help to activate their influence. It may not be the
      influence most of us are accustomed to, but one that is far more
      If we can send a wave a healing Light to the Children of the Middle
      with the expressed purpose of activating their Spirits, we believe
      will have a powerful effect on the whole region. They are the ones
      may be able to end the violence, but only if given the chance.

      Here's what we are asking, and please pass this email to everyone
      can. On April 20th, 6pm New York time, we ask that you join with as
      people as you can and do three things.

      1. "Feel" the emotion of peace prevailing in the Middle East. This
      where the real magic is.
      2. Imagine Israeli and Palestinian children responding to this call,
      using the power of their spirits to activate the healing energy grid
      that will bring peace to everyone in that region.
      3. Sing a song that we all know: "Let There be Peace on Earth."
      has a power that cannot be denied, and this song says it all. (words
      bottom of page)

      That's it. Imagine if millions respond to this request. We believe
      it may activate their souls to create the peace that evades the
      politicians. It's the children we need to encourage now, and the
      rest of
      us will surely follow.

      >From James Twyman:
      There has been so much talk lately about the Indigo and Psychic
      Children, and the role they have to play in creating a New World
      on the ideals of compassion and love. But sometimes we forgot our
      responsibility in helping them. We need to powerfully choose this
      and work together in making it a reality. Mass prayer is one of the
      ways to do this. It simply works. Please help activate the Children
      the Middle East by joining millions of people in holding this
      The Children will save the world, but we must take the first step.

      >From Gregg Braden:
      Perhaps now, more than at any time in our history, the choices that
      make in our lives, have lasting effects, and global consequences,
      will extend for hundreds of generations into our future. In light
      the escalating global tensions, focused locally in the Middle East,
      recent studies offer new hope, and renewed credibility to our most
      cherished traditions suggesting that we may "do something" about the
      seemingly unending cycles of violence, and future of our world.

      Statistics have shown that a specific number of people, joined in a
      focused, unified consciousness of non-denominational mass prayer*,
      produce effects that extend well beyond the room or building where
      prayer has occurred. These studies add to a growing body of evidence
      suggesting that focusing our feelings as if our prayers have already
      been answered, has a predictable and measurable effect on the
      quality of
      life during the time of the prayer.

      In this instance, these findings invite us to feel appreciation and
      gratitude for peace, as if the peace in our world already exists,
      give thanks for that peace. In this way, we open the door for even
      greater amounts of peace to be present.

      Scientists suspect that the relationship between mass prayer and the
      effect of those prayers is due to a phenomenon known as the field
      of consciousness. It is this field effect that becomes available for
      children of the world to "tap into". Additionally, those making the
      policies that affect the future and direction of our world are
      linked to
      precisely the same prayer fields that we will access during our
      and may benefit to the degree that they choose, even without direct

      I invite you to join us for an empowering moment of unity, peace,
      and possibility. Through our time together, we offer the power of
      and peace to our children, and our world, both present and future.

      Many thanks in advance for your willingness to make our world a

      >From Doreen Virtue:
      Since the time of Pythagorus, we've known that music can provide a
      healing component for bodies. Scientific studies ever since have
      the healing effect that music has on mental and physical health.
      And a
      channeled chapter on "Music" in my new book, "Messages from Your
      discusses how the molecules of music wrap us in a protective blanket
      that deflect away negative energies. Now, we're going to use this
      knowledge to reveal a powerful healing in the Middle East. Imagine
      power of millions of children singing in innocent, angelic voices
      simultaneously. Now, imagine those voices joined by millions of
      with pure intentions of peace. Please ask your children to sing "Let
      There be Peace on Earth" with us on April 20 (April 21 in
      We need each and every voice!

      "Let There Be Peace on Earth"
      Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Let there be
      on earth, the peace that was meant to be. With God as Creator,
      all are we. Let us walk with each other in perfect Harmony. Let
      begin with me, let this be the moment now. With every breath I take,
      this be my joyous vow: To take each moment and live each moment in
      eternally. Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!


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