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  • David Fiske
    Someone elsewhere queried my use of the word feminine.in my essay on Internal Alchemy Here was my reponse. Love David The word feminine is in some ways
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 25, 2004
      Someone elsewhere queried my use of the word feminine.in my essay on
      Internal Alchemy Here was my reponse.
      Love David

      The word feminine is in some ways outdated in how I see Taoism and
      its internal arts. For we try to reconcile and balance the opposites
      eg masculine and feminine. In the moves while we stretch forward
      with one hand we push back with the other or as we stretch up with
      the head we also sink into the feet. "Up down same time" Master Moy
      would so often say.

      I have now discovered that energy can spread up the spine at exactly
      the same time as energy goes down. In this way in a happily Taoist
      image all gets rounded and the practice becomes less linear and more
      circular or spirally.

      I read a narrow discussion elsewhere on cultural identity, which
      like gender identity can lead to a narrowing of the focus. I
      interjected: "Some years ago I read an interesting fact viz, It
      posed a question; "What are the chances that today you will breathe
      in a molecule that Julius Caesar once breathed out?"

      The answer was a surprising 98%.

      On this basis one can say the same for molecules of any Indian
      Saint or any of those who brought glory to the Indian
      culture or vice versa anyone who brought disrepute to any culture.

      It makes one query exactly how deep is one's cultural identity
      doesn't it? Or perhaps how valid is it in getting to REALLY know
      One's Self?"

      We learn in Tai Chi that the move is Yin outside Yang inside. So I
      teach my students that while soft on the outside to feel a body of
      light inside that is a spirit warrior and very resolute. Even that
      is not the complete picture for while you are giving you are
      receiving and while you receiving you are giving. Yin or Yang it is
      all One.

      It is a good way to try to live.

      On my website under topics you will find an article extolling the
      virtues of Japanese Tea.
      Chinese, Japanese, so what if these were often martial art rivals.
      There is too much that separates us so let's focus on what unifies
      the good we all have inside.

      Love, David
    • David Fiske
      If I may on another site these questions came up and the post is relevant here too. Thank you for your questions Eryu. As a woman yes your exeriences are most
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 29, 2004
        If I may on another site these questions came up and the post is
        relevant here too.

        Thank you for your questions Eryu.

        As a woman yes your exeriences are most likely very different from
        mine.I would hope that as the world balances its energies more of
        the feminine will get expressed socially. This will happen as our
        masculine dominated societies embrace their feminine.

        You write,"As for the gender thing, I have some reservations about
        that. It is one thing to explore androgyny (or whatever you may wish
        to call it)in a spiritual, psychological or internal sense but quite
        another to extrapolate that into the external or social arena."

        My encouragement to balance the feminine and masculine has nothing
        to do with
        bi sexualism. Just to get that out of the way. Nevertheless
        sexually, if we are honest, there is a scale from extreme male to
        extreme woman and most of us are somewhere along that range.

        I have long wondered whether some people's uncertain sexual identity
        came from past lives of being now a man then a woman and perhaps
        eventually getting a little mixed up. I think you can balance the
        maculine and feminine and yet express your sexuality according to
        your "equipment" if you understand my meaning.

        I am thinking of a post on sensuality and sensuality as a stepping
        stone to spirituality.

        However as you become balanced inside you will express that balance
        in your behaviour, in all your behaviour.

        I know about injustices to women, and female rage at men. My first
        wife subcribed to Ms magazine. This is in in the early 70's. Every
        month it came I got my dose from her of just being a man in a man's
        world. I read Kate Millet and Germaine Greer and had my eyes opened.

        You write ;"As there are still quite marked inequalities in the
        world, our respective experiences are likely to be quite diverse. It
        seems important to recognise those differences and not merely to
        dismiss them.

        I would be interested to hear your experience and your wisdom on this

        Wisdom? Thank you. You are too polite.

        My partner now is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Moreover
        she got her undergraduate degree in Aviation Engineering studying
        with the French Airforce as that was the only place to study this in
        France. I think there were three female students in the whole
        College. So I know from her what it must be like to be female in a
        male dominated world.

        I am basically a househusband. I do all the shopping.of the cooking.
        I often make sure she has a lunch to take to work. I buy the
        Christmas and Birthday presents, and send the cards. I take the
        children to the doctor and check their lunches. I chainsaw the wood
        and split it. I organise the garbage. I fold her camisoles and
        panties after a wash. She comes home to a hot dinner. This morning I
        unblocked the toilet. Her students know me as the wonderful husband
        of Genevieve Dumas!

        In my School, which on one, hand is a martial art school I read
        poetry (Emily Dickinson, Rilke, Rumi, Pablo Neruda etc) to my
        students. I often cry openly when I am moved. I also teach them how
        to dispose of an opponent with a blow. Life is a wholeness, and
        needs to be embraced wholely. I hug men and women there. I once wore
        an ear ring and made them myself out of found bird feathers. I no
        longer have a pony tail (what a relief to have done that and the ear
        ring thing and got it out of the way). I come out of soppy films
        blowing my nose.

        The balanced person has a wider range of responses than the
        imbalanced. A macho man can only respond (react) in a macho way, and
        vice versa for an excessively feminine woman. There are few things
        so laughable and tragic or difficult to deal with than a man or a
        woman who are so stuck in a one dimensional role.

        Thirty years ago I had a model friend who always dressed strikingly
        and then complained when men noticed her.She once took her shirt off
        (bare breasted) while we sat next to lake and got furious when a
        motor boat made rapid turn for the guys to take another look. I
        asked her what she had expected. I had no trouble swimming nude with
        her or being perturbed by her taking a good look! Generally
        speaking, balanced behaiour should evoke balanced responses but, of
        course, we are not yet living in an ideal world. Nor does Genevieve
        think I am ideal either. But I try!

        Does this answer your question? What about you? What are your
        experiences and what wisdom do you have to share?

        Love, David
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