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10 Aries The Angels of Victorious Magnetism

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    CloudEight Stationery, Enchantment: The Art of Jim Warren, Only At Night 10 degrees Aries The Angels of Victorious Magnetism Also known as The Angels of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2002
      CloudEight Stationery, Enchantment: The Art of Jim Warren, "Only At Night"


      10 degrees Aries

      The Angels of Victorious Magnetism

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Tabori’


      We focus on victorious emotions. Emotional energy is magnetic and attracts realities into manifestation on the physical plane of existence. Emotions ‘give birth’ to the physical plane, and are the Divine Feminine Force in action.

      During the past decades scientists have discovered that emotions create the field of energy that determines the behavior of waves and particles in quantum physics.

      A warrior who manifests victory for Love is taught by us to magnetically draw forth new conditions onto the earth through the mastery of strong feeling.

      To do this, we inspire and guide the warrior into states of high inspiration and intuition, which is the meaning of the letter T of our name. The letter T vibrates to the musical note of F, and has a warm brownish black light shining from a tiny sun in the head that fills all of space and time, inwardly and outwardly, through the fire element of Will. With each outward breath this radiance shines through the pores of the skin over the right kidney and fills the outer universe. With each inward breath this radiance comes from the outer universe and fills the body through the pores of the skin. This divine virtue, when meditated on sufficiently, attunes a person to create emotional states that are appropriate for each situation.

      We then offer attunement with complete wisdom and enlightenment, which is the letter A, the second letter in our name. With this attunement, a marvelous state of ease fills the warrior’s consciousness of time and space. A beautiful light blue color is seen radiating from a tiny sun in the lungs filling everywhere and the musical note of G vibrates in the web of life. This meditation stimulates the mind to produce neuropeptides from the pineal gland that make possible telepathic access to Universal Mind and to individual minds. It also makes possible control over the spirits of the air. With each outward breath this consciousness radiates through the pores of the skin over the lungs and fills the outer universe. With each inward breath it comes back in through the pores of the skin and fills the body.

      The next state of our influence is the understanding of polarity and Universal Life. This is the letter B of our name and this divine virtue has a light violet color shining from a tiny sun in the legs and a feeling of weight. Its musical note is A. In this meditation, a warrior of love realizes the necessity for polarity in order for time and space and freewill to exist. With each outward breath, this radiance passes through the pores os the skin of the right eyeball and fills outer space. With each inbreath it comes back in and fills the entire body. This virtue makes possible an unconditional state of LOVE, which judges not, but instead embraces all beings and all states of consciousness equally. This is the deeper meaning behind the ancient wisdom that: "God’s love is like the sun, it shines equally on the good and the bad alike." This virtue gives control over both will and feeling in all spheres and planes, and therefore the power to change any fate.

      Once this state of unconditional love and acceptance is mastered, we then go into the meditation of justice and harmony, which is represented in the Cosmic Language by the letter O of our name. The virtue of Divine Justice has an ultramarine blue light, which is why the Archangel Michael is known by this color, and the musical note that it has is C. It fills all of time and space with the sensation of weight, which is the earth element of manifestation on the physical plane. With the outbreath this radiance passes through the pores of the skin over the throat and windpipe area and fills the outer universe. With each inbreath it comes back in and fills the body. Divine Justice is the essence of all Divine Laws, which are summarized in The Law of One, which states that:

      "We are all one," and

      that for justice to be served, only the highest good of all

      can ever be allowed to manifest, for when one is harmed, all are harmed, and when one is helped, all are helped….."

      The essence of Justice is HARMONY, success, and satisfaction for all sentient beings.

      A lovewarrior who is in this state of meditation and awareness is then introduced by us to the virtue of Freedom and Independence, the virtue of following inner guidance. In this state, which is represented by the letter R of our name, complete intuitive attunement to Divine Providence is perfected so that a person has sovereignity free of control from any other influence other than Divine Providence Itself. This virtue has a beautiful glowing golden light shining from a tiny sun in the lung that fills all time and space with a sense of ease. It passes through the pores of the skin of the left side of the nose with each breath. This light brings forth the musical note of C. A warrior who has perfected this meditation is given important assignments to carry out from the highest levels of consciousness.

      Finally, the mastery of cause and effect is perfected. This virtue, represented by the letter I, rings the musical note of G and a light opal light that shines from a tiny sun in the leg region. It shines throughout all time and space inner and outer. It creates the sense of weight, for it is of the earth element of manifestation, passing through the pores of the skin over the left kidney.

      The particular key that we teach with each of these meditations is to FEEL them. Once these feelings are mastered and can be called up at will, not only will the emotions of other people be magnetized, but also mastery over the water principle of the earth is attained. Water responds to emotion. The beings of the water element, called ‘undines’ by the ancients, gladly associate and cooperate with a ‘Tabori’ warrior of Love.

      Because of such masterful control of emotions and alliance with the undines, a ‘Tabori’ Warrior of Love can calm a rough sea, and control rain and storms.

      Here is one of our stories:

      Late one evening while sitting on the culvert at the beginning of a wharf, a girl named Shori hugged her knees while deep in thought. The sea were getting rougher and the winds were threatening.

      Her town was in crisis. An earthquake had devastated the delicate social fabric of family and friends last year. Everyone had lapsed into a seemingly endless sadness.

      She could see it in their eyes. Even the birds did not sing with their usual happiness that summer, and the butterflies had not returned in the numbers that they usually did.

      Now there was more heavy stormy weather coming off the sea, and the fishing boats were too far out to make it back to safety in time.

      Her gentle heart was breaking, for she knew that the town could not take more tragedy.

      Closing her eyes, she prayed to the Angels of ‘Tabori’.

      Suddenly, the spiritual presence of her great great grandfather appeared beside her. He had been a ‘Tabori’ Warrior of Love, and now his powerful spirit was here to guide her through the meditation that would reverse the storm on the sea, and help heal the storm of grief and despair within the souls of the towns’ people.

      Closing his eyes, her great great grandfather filled his consciousness with the feeling of high inspiration. Shori felt his power drawing her in, and soon she also was soaring on the wings of feeling. She felt one with Divine Providence and she felt her mind merge with the Mind of Universal Consciousness.

      She felt as if she were a lofty seagull, gliding high above the town. From this high vantage point she could see into the private lives of each person below.

      With the feeling of high inspiration, she was amazed to see that in each household the tragedy of the earthquake had actually had liberating effects of great importance.

      There was Chen Li gathering her medicinal flowers to save them from the storm. Though she had lost her husband and her mother, she had blossomed in the newfound responsibilities of being head of household, and taking care of the small children by herself.

      Shori saw that the spirits of the mother and husband were happy, and that they had accomplished everything on earth that they had come to do, prior to their passing. Chen Li’s mother had been spared the excruciating suffering and pain of a long and debilitating illness, and her death had been merciful and swift. Her husband, who had loved her very much, had also been very stern and controlling, and under his influence Chen Li had been afraid to express her true feelings or develop any of her innate talents. Now she was respected and admired by all, for she had proven to have wonderful skills that brought prosperity to herself and beauty and health to the village.

      In case after case, Shori saw that what had at first appeared to her to be terrible had actually opened new doorways into something wonderful. She began to understand why the word of God said to love everything equally, and to give thanks for all things.

      Then her great great grandfather guided her through the feelings of celestial harmony and fierce independence of a warrior’s free will, unwaveringly committing to follow inner guidance. Finally he telepathically taught her the laws of cause and effect.

      At the end of this time, Shori was ready.

      With her great great grandfather’s help, she attuned to the Angels of ‘Tabori’ and filled her emotions with the feelings of infinite, unconditional love, with harmony, with high inspiration, and with wisdom. Her feelings became so powerful, that the undines of the sea telepathically came under her spell.

      When she felt their attention, Shori willed them to feel the feelings that she was feeling.

      Within three minutes, the sun broke through the clouds and the winds changed direction.

      Within an hour, the storm had completely broken up and the sea was calm.

      When the storm did not come, the people of the village took it as a sign that good luck had returned!

      Each person felt their hearts uplifted and a spring of happiness return to their steps.

      When the fishing boats returned later the next night, there was peace among the people. The feeling of "déjà vu" felt very ancient, as if they were living in a time many centuries earlier.

      The great great grandfather’s spirit smiled. With his hand upon the head of his great great grandaughter, he and the angels of ‘Tabori’ initiated her formally into the ancient lineage of ‘Tabori’ Warriors, and they knew that her powers of feeling would grow and grow until the entire country and the sea would be under her protection and guidance.

      The stars twinkled brightly that night, and in the morning, strange blue roses were found blooming on the temple grounds.

      The newly discovered bush was covered in the most delicate blossoms of the purest ultramarine blue imagineable. People traveled from miles around to marvel at its strange loveliness.

      Before long, careful cuttings from it were taking root in sacred places all across the island.

      Shori called it the Great Great Grandfather ‘Tabori’ Rose.



      Note: When this message was first published a year ago, a reader sent me a picture of a living blue rose that actually exists. It was exactly a pure ultramarine blue.


      Use Rapid Eye Movement [REM] while surfing feelings that come up. Feelings change when they are felt. Negative ones process toward healing and positive ones get more positive. Rapid Eye Movement or REM is the eye movement that the body does automatically in dreaming.

      Emotional processing uses many of the same neurological states as dreaming, and could be termed "a waking dream". REM is moving the eyes back and forth, right to left and back again, over and over, at any speed that is comfortable, while reliving the memories or just feeling any feelings. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FEELINGS and any insights, memories, or thoughts that arise, let the eye movement be absentminded and automatic, don’t pay attention to it, otherwise it won’t work.

      Eye movement shifts the emotional-thought energy back and forth from one brain hemisphere to the other and allows it to process naturally. Emotions are magnetic energy, the Divine Feminine, and attract realities into physical manifestation. To heal our physical world, we must heal our emotions. Bypassing, denying, or suppressing feelings makes them go underground into the subconscious and the tissues of the body store them as tension. Even though painful feelings are unconscious at this stage, they still magnetically attract. In their unconscious state, it is difficult to heal them, which is why it is so important to process them by letting them flow and be felt, and thereby change, when they spontaneously come up.

      If you feel good, enjoy the feelings. Only process negative feelings when they spontaneously come up on their own.

      This is a major paradigm shift for our culture and times. To acknowledge feelings with unconditional all encompassing love, to feel them without acting out destructively, and to understand that their nature is to stay pure and healthy by flowing, like water; is to finally understand and embrace the Divine Feminine Magnetic Nature that gives birth to heaven on earth.


      The First Law

      The Law of One

      In order to facilitate remembrance of The Law of One, which protects everyone in all situations, it is recommended to

      memorize it so well that you can say it in your dreams.

      Be sure to think about each line of this law until you feel that you understand it. If you need to reword it slightly in order to resonate with it better, this is recommended as long as the original meaning is kept intact.

      For instance, a Christian might say, "One with the Christ." A Muslim " One with Allah, or one with Mohammed." A Buddhist,"One with Buddha", etc….If you wish to replace the word ‘omniscient’ with ‘all-knowing’, ‘’omnipresent’ with ‘everywhere present’, and ‘omnipotent’ with ‘all-powerful’, the meaning stays the same. I have found over the years that I change the wording slightly every now and then to reflect my present state of understanding of it.


      The first law.



      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM; [I am one with all beings, all masters, saints, and prophets, with angels and all enlightened beings throughout time and space and beyond, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and all loving],

      I ask that ONLY that which is THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED

      Happen here and now, as well as through all space and time.

      I am deeply grateful that this is already happening here and now.

      So be it.



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      To new subscribers:

      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world’s religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host and the angels who work with them. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

      Each letter of the name represents a particular divine virtue, and each virtue has a sound, a musical note, a color, a sensation, a part of the body that is formed by the virtue. The way to "speak " this ancient language is to be aware of the virtues of each letter using all of these aspects. This requires wholebrain thinking that uses all four brainwaves at the same time: Delta-pure being, Theta-deep inward thought, Alpha-feeling and emotion, and Beta-the five senses, logic, and memory.

      When a human being uses the ancient language in this way, a sine wave is created in consicousness that strikes a sympathetic resonance with the larger universe. The smaller sine wave nests in a larger one and this virtue manifests both in the person doing the meditation and in the outer world.

      [Even if a person uses only a part of this meditation at first, such as only the visualizations and the meaning, so some extent the sine wave of a divine virtue is manifested and creates exciting changes. With practice, the other aspects can be added.]

      Each degree of the zodiac is an attunement with a different aspect of life.

      By looking at each of your planets and important points in your natal astrological chart, you can figure which divine virtues are your unique signature of divine qualities.

      Look at the fixed stars that are aspecting the planets and points of a natal chart for the star assisted portions of a persons DESTINY in this lifetime.


      The meditation for each letter is the same as the meditation for all the other letters and their virtues. If, in this current message, the colors, sensations, and musical note are not given, please refer to previous messages in which they are. Also refer to 12 Aquarius, The Angels of ‘Hatuny’, also known as The Angels of The Cosmic Language.


      For this example, we are using the letter "A" [soft A, as in ahhhhh], which is the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment. It is customary to "speak" the letter silently in the mind, instead of outloud, for the purpose of meditation.


      See, or imagine, yourself as a tiny dot in your solar plexus with the rest of the body as an infinite
      swirling universe all around you. Imagine a tiny sun, in the color of the virtue, shining from the part of the body that represents the element of the virtue, in this case, in the lungs, shining forth, filling the whole body.



      Fire letters are a sun in the cranial sphere.

      Air letters are a sun in the lungs.

      Water letters are a sun in the abdomen.

      Earth letters are a sun in the leg region.



      WILL and intend to invoke the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment within your being. The strength and purity of your will determines the creative POWER of this meditation.

      Add to this the clear imagination of the color shining forth from the area of the body that is formed
      by the virtue. In this case, the light blue sun shining from the lungs.


      Meditate on the meaning of the virtue with your intellect, in a Theta brainwave state of deep inward thought. In this case, the letter A, meditate on the virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, on the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. Focus and concentrate on this long enough for clear insights and concepts to form. This is the BLUEPRINT, OR MOLD for creating with this virtue.


      Hear the musical note inwardly, in this case G.


      Now FEEL yourself having mastery of wisdom and enlightenment. Feel yourself having perfect clairvoyance, clairaudience, eloquence, artistic gifts, and the power of levitation. The intensity of your FEELING determines the attractive POWER of your meditation to manifest in form.


      Now add to this a strong imagined sensation of the element, in this case a sensation of ease, filling the
      body. See yourself having perfect dominion over the beings of the air, over storms, wind, and breeze.

      When you breathe out, see all of this radiating through the pores of the skin over the body part, in this case the lungs, and filling all of outer space. When you breathe in, see this radiating in through the pores of the skin and filling the entire body.

      By performing this meditation with a vivid imagination and strong feeling, such a strong
      connection is made between universal mind and individual mind, that
      they become one.

      "I and the Father are one."



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