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To Share Celestial Wisdom Message with You Today along with Other Angel Messages

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  • angelpjg1@comcast.net
    Calling all you special people once again: The card I drew for myself today was Fulfillment. In this forum, this card means: to realize one s potentials
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004
      Calling all you special people once again:

      The card I drew for myself today was "Fulfillment." In this forum, this card
      means: "to realize one's potentials or ambitions; to meet requirements;
      satisfy; complete achievement."

      Card Message: "When you choose this card, know that the energy is right for you
      to carry out your plans. Finish a project that will reap rewards.

      "This positive outcome signals that this is a great time to manifest your

      "A prophecy may come to fruition. The promise is attainable. It's been
      predestined and the time is at hand.

      "Perhaps there is a need to fill in those empty spaces in your life. Often you
      feel them most in your heart. Love is a perfect filler. Love and approve of
      yourself first. (You know, it is always said by psychologists and psychiatrists
      that a person cannot truly love another person until they love themselves first.
      After all, one of the last commandments is "Thy shalt love thy neighbor as
      thyself"--not more than yourself like some of us sometimes do." These are just
      some thoughts that came to my mind as I writing these words and I wanted to
      share them with all of you.)

      "What role are you now playing in your own life? How are you fulfilling your
      destiny? Are you fulfilling your dreams or are you fulfilling someone else's
      dreams? Recognize what you need to do and a door will open for you, during this
      time of positive change.

      "This card can simply be a validation of the fullness you already feel in your
      life. Just use it as a delightful reminder.

      "This card says yet, you can accomplish it, have it all, be successful. It
      really is your choice."

      And for the card I drew for the group today, it was the card on "Healing." In
      this forum, this card means: "a process in which cure is effected; to grow
      sound; to make healthy, sound or whole; restore to health; free from grief or

      Card Message: "Healing influences and energies are around you. Draw on them to
      make yourself whole. They can be called on to heal any aspect of your life.

      "Are you truly ready to heal the situation? Look at this from all levels. What
      fears come up for you? How is this situation or relationship serving you? Know
      that you are supported and can move past blockages into wholeness. The choice
      in this is yours and yours alone.

      "This is a good time to let go of the past and allow healing energies to restore
      you to your perfect pattern.

      "It is time to set things right. Timing is of the utmost importance.

      "Restore and revitalize the helpful influences that are available to you now.
      Take full advantage of them. Do whatever is needed to honor yourself.

      "Release grief and troubles; let go and allow the Universe to support you now.

      "Don't forget to call on the Healing Angels to help you whenever their help is
      needed. They are powerful helpers just waiting to help you."

      How wonderful are those words today, especially for any of us in the group who
      are going through traumatic situations in our lives, like those who have
      recently lost friends and loved one. I don't know about you, but I find these
      words to be very comforting. And if you are one of the group members who is in
      need of any kind of comfort, I hope these words speak to you as well.

      Now for today's message from my "Angelic Reflections" booklet, "Angels are like
      snowflakes; each one is special and unique."

      From my "An Angel A Day Meditation" booklet, the message for today is: "When
      God is at work through his angels, directly through His Holy Spirit, or through
      us, doesn't really mater. What matters is that God loves us and finds an
      infinite number of ways to reassure us of that love daily."

      From my "Hold that Thought booklet, the message for today is: "Trusting an
      outside power to help make our dreams come true can be threatening, especially
      if you are used to being in control---or rather, used to the illusion of being
      in control. Today, be willing to believe a companion Spirit is leading you
      every step of the way on your journey through life."

      And finally, from my "Peace Is Flowing like a Gentle River" booklet for today,
      "God still draws near to us in the ordinary, commonplace, everyday experiences
      and places... He comes in surprising way.----Henry Gariepy"

      Once again, I find these words for today all to be wonderful and so very
      insightful. I just hope that at least some of you on this group also find them
      to be useful to you today.

      To each of you special and wonderful people, do have a very special day, filled
      with whatever you need to make it good for you.
      May your life always be touched by
      love and may you always feel the
      presence of God and His angels in
      your life.

      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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