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Fw: [Sophia] "God Is Breathing Us" by Eric Ashford [from the Old Archives]

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  • Polly
    God Is Breathing Us. Eric Ashford Sep 10, 2001 05:47 PDT Everything breathes. To breathe is to pray, yet it is a prayer that we rarely use consciously. To
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      God Is Breathing Us. Eric Ashford
      Sep 10, 2001 05:47 PDT

      Everything breathes. To breathe is to pray, yet it is a
      prayer that we rarely use consciously. To breathe
      consciously is the key to the mastery of life. Our breath is
      love in the act of creation.

      In actuality, God is breathing us and we are breathing God.

      When we become more aware of the breath we become
      more centered in our divine awareness. To become
      conscious of our life, our prayers must be reborn within our
      breath. All things breathe, for they are imbued with life.
      When we breathe consciously we awaken to the breath of
      love itself..........

      The heart is subtle. It is the subtle instrument of divine
      awakening, it brings balance and harmony to both inner
      and outer worlds.

      The universe expands and contracts. It breathes, and as it is
      with the outer, so it is with the inner. Consciousness must
      contract in order to expand. This is the very nature of
      breathe. It draws within to the heart of God, before it can
      be released again.

      There is a subtle way, to live at the center of our breath. We
      no longer focus on the breath cycle itself. We breathe
      naturally, yet remain touching the heart of the breath. We
      can then start to bring more awareness to the subtle feelings
      that arise in the heart. To bring out what is not apparent to
      the intellect, yet transpires from the heart as it calls to us
      for healing.

      The heart is intuitive. These intuitions and subtle feelings
      are always there, yet we are often not aware of them
      because our attention is elsewhere. We can only see
      subtleties when we are aware of their presence. Breath is
      the rhythm of life and the vehicle of light. It can either be
      dense or fine. By keeping our attention lightly upon our
      normal breathing, we carry on the process of inner

      By keeping in touch with our breathe we stay more centered
      within simplified awareness. We need only ask quietly for it
      to reveal itself, as we go about our daily business, and
      without any more influence from us, the heart begins to
      purify our thoughts, we learn to listen to its voice by resting
      gently upon our ordinary breath.

      This is constant prayer, and it is such an obvious secret, we
      often over look it.

      Breath is your secret love affair with God. Her breath in
      you, is Her personal expression of Herself. Why do people
      kiss mouth to mouth? Is it not to feel the breath of
      otherness in someone else? It is both a disclosing and a
      tasting of hunger. The mouth is also inherently a weapon
      and a opening. When it opens to receive a kiss, it is an
      accepting of the breath of love, and so becomes the physical
      threshold of the spiritual heart.

      God kisses you with every breath. Return that kiss with
      loving awareness.



      Copyright 2001 by Eric J. Ashford

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