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Fw: Weather for 1 February 2004

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  • Polly
    Celestial Weather 1 Feb 2004 - 7 Feb 2004 Week of February 1st, 2004 Week as a Whole: We live in Lord Neptune s house during this week that begins with the Sun
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      Celestial Weather
      1 Feb 2004 - 7 Feb 2004

      Week of February 1st, 2004

      Week as a Whole:

      We live in Lord Neptune's house during this week that begins with the Sun
      aligned with Neptune and ends on a Full Moon with Neptune still involved.
      Like the waters that unite the world, Neptune events often unify us into
      groups sharing a common experience. So we have a major Muslim pilgrimage
      the U.S. high media worship of sports and commerce - the Super Bowl.
      united in time and image. Since even the fear of a bomb or crashing 747
      unifies us, we now have renewed terror alerts.

      Because of the breakdown of boundaries suggested by Sun-Neptune, we need to
      balance this with discrimination about where we locate. Since we have less
      armor protecting us from outside influences at this time, we need to monitor
      the food we eat in all its forms: people, places, media, music, air, and, of
      course, food and drink. Our imaginations are illuminated by the light of
      Sun and as people act out their unconscious urges a mild carnival atmosphere
      may be sensed. We all have greater than usual access to non-ordinary
      realities. Perhaps the most common form of this will be vivid and
      dreams. For some of us, more may happen when sleeping than waking.

      Before Monday's Sun - Neptune alignment, Venus makes a square angle to Pluto
      early on Sunday. This happens every year and marks a time for interpersonal
      house cleaning. Some aspect of our personal life or something we value is
      left behind as we evolve out of our old selves into another level. Pluto
      requires commitment so any relationship that's ho-hum or questionable may
      reveal itself as a waste of time and energy. Some of us may feel pressured
      the intensity; this is not a time for casual flirtation. This is a chance
      leave behind feelings and situations that have become routine or rote.

      Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus Tuesday. We should feel this a day or
      before Tuesday. As he does this Mars is also moving into a sixty-degree
      with Uranus. This combo brings a clever use of resources, a problematic and
      stubborn persistence in the pursuit of ideals, and a potentially dangerous
      head-down charging into situations. If you see some foot pawing and
      get ready to run for cover. Do not taunt.

      The Full Moon (http://www.celestialweather.com/images/020104.jpg) occurs
      early Friday morning (EST) in the sign of Leo the Lion. This Full Moon
      presents the task of balancing the warm and personal energy of Leo with the
      cool distance of Aquarius. We may encounter contests of will and feel the
      need for self-expression. We need to balance how we give and receive love.
      The Sun (still very near Neptune at 7 o'clock) and Moon (at 1 o'clock) in
      chart for the U.S. are in horoscope areas related to money and business.
      U.S. chart reflects continued focus on foreign affairs, the courts, and
      uncomfortable facts interfering with our ability to make political choices.
      However, people in the U.S. will make a choice this week and stick to it -
      Mars in Taurus style.

      Leo and Aquarius are "fixed" signs and at their worst are proud,
      rigid, bossy, and impervious to the needs of others. At their best they're
      noble, loving, idealistic, and creative. This Full Moon may find some of us
      oscillating between the two extremes. Cultivating flexibility and
      responsiveness is an excellent strategy to counteract the fixed nature of
      energy. A little humility wouldn't hurt either.

      Also on Friday, Mercury moves into Aquarius where he can sparkle. He's still
      linked with Venus who will also change signs next Sunday moving into Aries.
      This is an internal shift from earth and water into air and fire. Our inner
      lives are going to get much livelier if somewhat less practical. Venus
      from Pisces to Aries should be noticeable as a refocusing from interest in
      others to interest in oneself. Sacrifice turning to self-interest.

      Long Range Forecast:

      April 19th - A Solar Eclipse on the last degree of Aries should spark ideas
      how to complete unfinished business.

      May 17th - Both Neptune and Venus stand still and begin retrograde or
      motion. Mars accelerates energy with Uranus, all within 12 hours.
      Imaginations soar, inspirations happen, and revolution is in the air.

      Daily Forecasts

      Sunday 1 Feb 2004

      Deep dreams with heavy themes may be followed by a frank exchange of
      views in the early (PST) afternoon. Use care on the roads. Some people may
      chemically insulate themselves from Neptune's skin peeling and then drive

      Monday 2 Feb 2004

      More of the same, but the evening turns serious as the Cancer Moon joins
      Saturn. This is visible in the night sky around 8:30pm/11:30pm. Mars
      Aries can create pressure to act or jump to conclusions. Continue to be
      alert when driving.

      Tuesday 3 Feb 2004

      A good day to practice discrimination in location with the Cancer Moon
      to Jupiter in Virgo.

      Wednesday 4 Feb 2004

      We're a little tongue-tied this morning when the Moon goes Void at
      9:52am/12:52pm. She stays Void until 4:50pm/7:50pm when she enters Leo and
      immediately makes a right angle to Mars. After a drifty day, expect a swift
      burst of energy this evening especially in response to external stimulus.

      Thursday 5 Feb 2004

      All day the Moon is moving to pass opposite to Neptune and we're back in
      dreamland. Avoid gossip and rumor juicy though it may be. The evening may
      spent in the cuckoo's nest. It's a wonderful night for theater, be it live
      film. Lose your edges in the dark cave.

      Friday 6 Feb 2004

      The Full Moon happens just after 12:00am/3:00am followed 90 minutes later by
      Mars linking with Uranus. A walk on the wild side is needed at some time in
      everyone's life. Get home before 9:38am/12:38pm when the Moon goes Void.
      Time to chill and recuperate.

      Saturday 7 Feb 2004

      Overnight (U.S.) the Moon has entered Virgo and sanity returns. We're even
      more grounded this afternoon when the Moon again links to Saturn. Nurture
      home life and find pleasure in work and service.

      Visit the Celestial Weather Web Site at http://www.celestialweather.com
      Copyright 2004 Rich Humbert
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