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  • Carol L. Gustafson
    This came into another group---thought someone might enjoy it---Carol ... PORTALS OF DESTINY THE UNIVERSAL MERKABA by Aluna Joy Yaxk in Many people on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2002
      This came into another group---thought someone might enjoy it---Carol

      by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

      Many people on the metaphysical path are stretching themselves to
      encompass a broader collective vision that embraces the realities of
      Earth with the knowledge of the universe. Within this is the desire to
      re-establish contact with our cosmic brothers and sisters in other
      dimensions and realities.
      The ancient Maya's way to bridge from the Earth with the universe is
      through the use of time portals. By knowledge and use of the cycles of
      time, the Maya could connect with and even travel to other dimensions
      with ease on a single and properly applied breath. The galactic
      activation portals discovered by Dr Jos� Arguelles in his work, the
      Mayan Factor, are one way to access these other dimensions. By
      resonating with galactic activation portal days, better known as Gaps,
      we can also link and merge with cosmic wisdom and universe frequencies.
      When we use these days, we develop broader perspectives, making the
      differences between human viewpoints less important as the bigger
      picture emerges. Linking with universal truth helps one become aligned
      with the galactic whole, re-activating latent inner knowledge laying
      hidden within our DNA.
      There are 52 portal days in the sacred 260 day Mayan calendar called
      Tzolk'in. The magnified energy of a portal day is generated by an
      integration of two cycles merging to create an accelerated frequency.
      These two cycles are the Pleiadian cycle, the "Tzolk'in," and a
      reflection of moon cycles the Mayas call "Tun Uc" reflected in
      mathematics of 28. The pattern revealed by the 52 Gap days resembles our
      DNA and the actual pattern the moon makes across our sky in 28 - 29 �
      On the Tzolk'in chart provided is the placement of the portal days
      within the 260 faces of the Creator. On the left side of the Tzolk'in
      chart, the portal days transduce energy or information coming from the
      Source into the physical world. This is also our history. This is a
      space or time when all information that has been received begins to make
      The pattern made by the portal days on the right side of the Tzolk'in is
      energy and information returning to the cosmos. This is a space or time
      we reach out for new information and frequencies. We know here we are
      receiving information, but find it difficult to realize it in a manifest
      physical way. Describing what we receive is difficult, but we will be
      able to articulate the remembrances when we again return to the left
      side of the Tzolk'in cycle.
      If we view the Tzolk'in as a living, breathing, creative pattern of all
      manifested reality within the portal days, we can see the in-breath of
      cosmic knowledge and out-breath of expression returning to the Creator.
      This is why at times we feel things coming in, but can't express them.
      Then one day, out of the ethers, we can articulate the vision in perfect
      Here is an interesting twist. Again look at the Tzolk'in chart on its
      side. In the center, where the two patterns merge, a diamond pattern is
      created, made up of a pyramid drawing energy from the Source, and
      another pyramid anchoring the energy into the Earth. This central
      diamond pattern is the merging of the Earth and the Cosmos. It is the
      integration of the past and the future, or a merging of received
      information and expressed knowledge. This is the universal Mer-ka-ba.
      I have experienced this universal mer-ka-ba during an overnight stay at
      the temple of the SUN, in Palenque, Mexico. Of course, at the time I had
      not a clue what it was, but the evening was so profound that afterwards
      I continued to dig for its meaning. During that evening, in deep
      meditation, I was shown a huge pyramid shape coming from Earth and
      another coming down from the universe. When the two pyramid shapes
      partially connected, I was placed inside the central diamond shape. In
      this space I experienced the music of the spheres. You could almost hear
      it, yet sound was unhearable. I saw the timeless history of the universe
      with spiraling cycling patterns of life itself. The howler monkeys
      wailed with this energy. It was obvious they had experienced it before.
      The experience was beyond words for quite some time. Later, I began to
      put the pieces together, and thanks to Drunvalo Melchizedek's works with
      sacred geometry, I began to understand what I experienced that night.
      What I saw in the Palenque vision was the universal Mer-ka-ba, but the
      link between Earth and the cosmos was not complete. The pyramids were
      not fully connecting. Only a small diamond shape was in the center. It
      had not merged into a full double star tetrahedron. This is directly
      linked to our Earth being out of sync with the universal harmonic
      cycles. This is why we are still straining to remember what we have
      forgotten. This is why we have been temporally cut off from complete
      universal truth.
      The vision also explains the accelerated public interest in the Mayan
      cycles. With the daily use of Tzolk'in cycle (the Pleiades) merged with
      the Haab cycle (the Earth), humanity can help Mother Earth align with
      the universal whole. When we fully merge the universe's and Earth's
      tetrahedral pyramids, we will activate the universal Mer-ka-ba.
      Instantly we will be awakened with full use of our natural human
      abilities such as universal telepathy, instant manifestation,
      synchronicity, and time travel.
      In the month of April we will have 11 opportunities to work with portal
      days. It has been my experience that portal days are dimensional
      intersections that facilitate the receptivity of cosmic knowledge. If
      you work with the energy of portal days, you can accelerate your
      transformation and awakening by being open to receive cosmic knowledge
      on these days.
      Here is a quick simple exercise to help you link with the cosmos. It is
      preferable to do this outside standing on the earth and barefoot under
      the stars. Stand with back straight. Become aware of yourself. Become
      aware of the universe. Now envision yourself inside a brilliant
      tetrahedral pyramid of transparent light. All you can see are the
      straight edges of the triangle form. See your spinal column as the core
      days/mystic column of the sacred calendar. Envision your arms and legs
      as the portal days on the Tzolk'in chart. Your head is the capstone of
      the pyramid. Make the boundaries of the pyramid grow and grow until you
      are as tall as the tallest tree, then the tallest mountain and now your
      head is reaching the boundaries of Earth's atmosphere. You are inside
      the Earth based tetrahedral pyramid. This pyramid contains the
      frequencies of life on earth, its history and influences of its
      Now look up and see an upside down, brilliantly transparent, cosmic
      tetrahedral pyramid descending to you. This tetrahedral pyramid contains
      wisdom, truth and pure radiant light of the universe. Stretch your arms
      up to the stars making an upside down triangle above you. This makes a
      place for this cosmic pyramid to merge with the Earth based tetrahedral
      Consciously pull this tetrahedral pyramid to you. Pull it to you until
      the apex of the cosmic pyramid is touching the top of the Earth's
      tetrahedral pyramid (your crown chakra). Slowly pull the cosmic
      tetrahedron into your being until the top point of the Universal pyramid
      descends past your feet, into the earth, and down to the Earth's core.
      You have now anchored the universal frequencies with Earth's frequencies
      within your human body. In this space, realize you are a cosmic being.
      You always have been. You are a child of the universe but somewhere you
      just forgot. Affirm you remember the wisdom of the universe and that all
      natural states of being human are fully restored.
      In this cosmic state of awareness take some time to listen with your
      cosmic ears. Listen to the song of the stars and Moon. Be aware that you
      are not alone on Earth or in the universe. Be open to the presence of
      your cosmic brothers and sisters. These are the ones who star seeded
      you. They are your family and they miss you as much as you miss them.
      Listen to their message. Now go beyond all personality, and listen to
      the song of the universe. This song cannot be sung by one being. It can
      only be sung by the collective whole. It is indescribable, nearly
      audible and when you experience it you will hear and feel the frequency
      of the universal whole.
      Remember, you are an irreplaceable part of this song. Your cosmic
      brothers and sisters are here to guide you and it is your responsibility
      to re-anchor the universal light of truth and wisdom to the Earth plane
      again. This is why we are here. Now radiate outward the light you truly
      are and being to walk in this knowledge.
      This simple exercise can be done at sunrise or sunset, under the moon in
      its different phases, or under the stars, or even looking out a window.
      When you have practiced this enough, it only needs to take a few seconds
      to stay in sync with the universe. It is as simple as looking up and
      realizing we are children of the universe. This is an exceptionally
      brilliant projection to anchor into our hearts!

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